Thursday, April 26, 2012


Tyler spoke in church for the last time on the 22nd (last Sunday) he did an amazing job and in true Wilson fashion the first speaker fainted before they could speak (poor girl!) and other such chaos was to be had. Tyler spoke heartfeltly on the importance of teaching and speaking with the Spirit. (If I can find a copy of his talk I just may post it here) Then in another Wilson fashion we had everybody at my parent's house for a smorgasborg of food. I didn't get any pictures... Except one, of the food. As an explanation you should know that my dad's potato salad is famous and it was the first bowl empty, but my Dad likes to add a little design to his salad (you know show off that talent) he always makes it relative and this is what he came up with:
Here is his inspiration (the Welsh flag-part of Ty's mission)

Temple Blessings

I am still debating how I am going to work this blog. I will be posting Ty's letters and any news we hear, but if you know me I can't simply just not interject here and there. Before a prospective missionary goes on their mission they have the blessing to go to the temple, to be endowed with blessings and power from our Heavenly Father and to learn how to stay close to Him and the Spirit. Tyler's experience was naturally a powerful and deeply spiritual learning experience, but for the rest of our family it was sublime to have all of our family in the temple at one time. I love the knowledge that this isn't the end for our family, that we can be like this (one great jumbled mess!) for eternity. To learn more about temples go here!

Getting the Call

That white envelope came December the twenty first, and having had a white envelope of my own I knew that look on Tyler's face, what he was feeling. He was actually holding his future, the next two years. It is a strange and surreal emotion. As the house filled with family and friends they put their guesses down on paper. A tradition which has proven prophetic. When everyone had arrived and crammed into my parents kitchen, dining room and living room Ty started nervously tearing the envelope open, his voice was full of emotion as he read the words, 'Elder Tyler James Wilson you are hereby called to serve. There is always that moment, when the future missionary scans the letter searching for the name of their mission and that is usually when they lose it. He read the words Birmingham England Mission and naturally the room errupted with whoops and hollering of excitement. This was followed by congratulations and looking up maps, seeing where exactly Birmingham was, what the mission boundaries were. Visions of English Literature dancing in my head. Naturally Ty was just excited to go on a mission but England was such a perfect fit for him. I've put the video of his call on youtube, you can click through here.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Welcome Welcome!

Ty asked me to 'do a blog for my mission.' So welcome!