Tuesday, January 7, 2014

January 6th Email

Hello!!! That is Amazing to hear about Kaden!!!!! I Love it. Also, When is he leaving?????????????? So our investigator wasn't Baptised this week. I think he will be Baptised in the coming weeks and also another investigator is preparing for Baptism. They are such good guys! That's good to hear the new year's stuff went well, it was alright for us! Just did an ultra sumo clean on the flat and it is lookin' real nice! (We Keep it Clean:) This week we taught a lot of lessons which was Great! But it is one of those weeks that you are glad are behind you haha. We are Lovin' Life though:) This coming week should be good, except for the next few weeks we got a lot of meetings and a lot of driving. It's all The Work of The Lord though so it's good:) Their has been SOOOO MUCH RAIN here!! It is flooding and has been crazy, people think we are psycho for being out in the rain so much! But I Love it, and luckily we were able to be teaching a lot this week:) I am not sure on what else to say, I hope dad's B Day was Good. I wasn't able to write you a letter last p day but I am going to write one today. Sorry it will get there late. Glad you liked The PKG. It is awesome with the calendar because I have been practically to or right by all those places. I Love you guys a lot. And My Testimony is Growing, I am trying and Learning to stay Close To The Spirit, I think we say or think little things that we think are not dulling to The Spirit but are. So I am trying to eliminate this from my life so that I can Have The Spirit with me more. I Still Believe in Hard Work, and Obedience. It's God's work we are about, and Through Jesus Christ we can Help others. I Love you. Elder Wilson

December 30th Email

Hello!!!! Well it was Great to talk to all of your faces:) I am Pretty much WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYY Excited that I am going to be an Uncle Again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is going to be Amazing! Things are good here! One of our investigators should Hopefully be Baptised this week, but there are a few Complications so Prayer would be Great that things can go through. We will be Teaching him this afternoon and will see what happens. Also another investigator is on another Baptism Date for the 19th of January! I believe he can make it this time, and also yesterday we went by a former Investigator named and taught her, she wants to be Baptised on the 15th of February! She has cancer So we are Praying a lot for her too. SO things are good, Loving life! Hey Dad you have a good Birthday ok?!???? Well I Love you guys a lot. Have a Good New years Celebration!:) We will be in our flat from 6PM New years eve to 1PM on New years! That is gonna be a rough one, I think that is the longest I will have been stuck in the flat my whole Mission! So yep I will be going a bit stir crazy but oh well:) I have been Reading about The Experiences of Job, and He speaks about how he is trying to Find God but can't find Him but then Bears Testimony that he knows that he will come Forth "Golden" that makes me think of all The Jon Foreman songs about Searching for God and also Relient K's Song "THe Lining is Silver":) I Felt The Spirit thinking and making those connections:) God Bless you guys! Love you. Elder Wilson

December 23rd Email

Hey Everybody Ok so I am not entirely sure what time I will be skyping but it will be right around three o'clock in the afternoon my time. I think that is around 7 or 8 for you. I don't have too long to write today because we have to drive to Birmingham to pick up everyone's packages... So Basically we are being good ol' Santa claus which is pretty cool:) The week was good, we taught some awesome people, and found some really cool people too! There was a lot who were interested but just kept saying they were too busy until after the holidays. But I felt really good about the week. I was able to play guitar for the ward party and stuff so that was way fun! We also made some cookies for the people's here and I Loved that, it was some good stuff. So something you guys should try is Bangers and Mash! It is Mashed Potatoes, Sausages, but big one's... Sausages are different here... And then Green beans or Brussel Sprouts or whatever. and then gravy. It is sooooo good! I think Elder Barker and I are going to make it for the Missionaries in Swansea on Christmas. So I am Excited:) Oh so we aren't able to watch a movie this year! Which I actually feel pretty good about, Christmas will be really nice:) I am super Excited to talk to you! It will be some good stuff. So yeah around 3 in the afternoon in Wales is when I will be calling so look out for Elder Wilson' about! I Love you guys, and I want you to know that I am gaining a more and more sure Testimony of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. I Love President Packer's talk from Conference on how The Scripture's are the key to Spiritual Protection. I have gained a Testimony of that, I get my Strength from them. I Love you and will talk to you soon! Love, Elder Wilson

December 16th Email

Hello!!!! It was a crazy week!! Transfers, Mission Christmas Party and all that jazz. But it was really good!! Our recent convert is so good! We are going to take him Finding with us this week!! This coming week since we have more time to work I am really excited for it! I have a massive desire to go and Find some more people so It is going to be a really good week:) Oh I am still in Swansea:) WOOOOOOOOTTT!!! I Love it here so much. So it is wack that Christmas is so soon, I was thinking that the other day and was like what the cuss. Com si com sa. So The Christmas party thing at the Mission was awesome, I saw Sister Merrill there! She is in Harborne now! One of my old area's!! So that is pretty wonderful. It was way good being at the Christmas Mission event knowing that I am not a Lone Soldier in The Work of Salvation. So I had an experience yesterday that I felt I should share. I was Blessing The Sacrament. I have pased The Sacrament often but only Occasionally have I Blessed it on My Mission. Yesterday I had The Chance to Bless The Sacrament, and I was shocked at the tenderness I was using as I was Tearing The Bread piece by piece. I use to do that every week, without much of a thought of Jesus. There were thoughts of Repentance, and Devotion but I saw Him as I was Preparing The Sacrament Yesterday. It was Him in The Bread, that others ate, and it was Him in the Water They Drank. The Bread of Life, The Water Of Life rang in my mind. I Saw Him Buried on a white Cloth. The Sacrament is important, I Remembered Him. And I Hope to do that always. I am Loving Life! Oh also a funny experience I think dad would like so we were helping Clean up the Chapel and as I was cleaning I was singing and then I heard some giggling and it was a little kid in the ward who was laughing cause I was singing and I hadn't realised what I was singing. I don't even know what the song is called but I was singing "Chang Chang Chang!" It made me think of dad, It was prettty Hilarious:) So hopefully you all feel better and have a good week! That is awesome to hear about the ward party. Well I Love you very much. I am so Happy being a Missionary, I know that The Work we do is Good, and True:) God Bless you! Love, Elder Wilson

December 9th Email

Hello, I don't have too much time to email today because we had to go to NEwcastle Emlyn for a District P Day and got back later than anticipated and we only have like 50 minutes left of P Day!! The week was Fantastic, one of our investigators was Baptised, and LOVED it! He wants to serve a Mission! We are teaching him, and two other investigators right after this so that will be way Amazing! We get THE DODGE CALL tonight! It is INSANE that we are here again, I feel like I was just saying that yesterday!! Gah!!!!!! We are Loving Life, and I Love serving in Swansea. After The Baptism yesterday a lot of us from the ward went and sang at a rest home and sang Christmas songs:) All the Missionaries had our own part and I Played the guitar and we sang Primary Christmas songs. Twas a good gag. For the end of it and older scottish man played the bag pipes, I am not just saying this but that was probably one of the most Spiritual experiences I have ever had. He started with Praise to The man melody (Of Course) Then moved into old Scottish and Welsh Folk songs, to see the life that entered the room was such a surreal moment. It was so loud, oh my goodness it was so good! And our investigators were singing with us as well! You should also know this, The Scotsman was indeed wearing The Kilt:) So one of our investigators is getting Baptised right after Dad's Birthday! I am so Excited!!! Life is so good, but I am so tired! This coming week is going to be super super busy. Especially if I am packing my bags tomorrow, I would be pretty sad if I had to leave but I would also be excited for a new Adventure. So Craziness... Elder Jones goes home tomorrow. That is so weird, he was the one I served ages in Leicester with and then served again with him here. It is so weird because he has just been there my whole Mission, I feel like everything I learned about how to be a good Missionary was from him. I am going to miss him an awful lot. He goes back to Virginia but will be going to BYU in like a month or so! It is so wack! I am excited for you guys to meet him, he is one of the funniest people ever but cares so much about people. We had some of the best of times. Anyway enough of the sadness! I am Loving life and we have the Christmas Mission Dillio goin' down so that will be fun! I think I am singing Silent Night in a duet there so that should be pretty interesting. That is awesome that you got some snow, and I hope you all get feeling Better!! Hopefully we will be getting Snow here! The Swansea area is the wettest place in the UK but because it is right on the coast it never gets too much snow but everyone is telling us that it is going to be a bad winter! It is so weird when something major happens and it is all over the news. It always comes up to us knocking on a door or something, I always think those experiences are cool. I took a look at My Mission memories this morning, and I have such a good life here. I am so fond of all of the places I have served, and they are all so very different from each other accompanied by the myriads of Memories laced into them. I feel that I am learning about what is Important, I want people to accept The Gospel of Jesus Christ because of the Happiness and The Great Escape of it all. I Believe above everything else I have learned is that People are what matter, and that Jesus really did do what He says He did and what The Scriptures, and Prophets all say. He Truly is The Son of God, and The Prince of Peace. He is Jesus The Christ. And I teach so many times in the first lesson that "God is our Loving Heavenly Father" But now I am beginning to get a tiny grasp of what that means and how involved he wants to be in our lives. And He asks a lot of us or so it seems because he has a Big Plan for us so yep. Life is Great, and I am flippin out cause the Dodge call is just hours away!!! I Love you guys, and I am so Thankful that you pray for me, I Pray for you too. Have a great week! Talk to you next week. Love you

December 2nd Email

Hello So It was a good week. Our investigators are rock solid!! One is getting Baptised on the 4th of January so right after dad's birthday!! And the other is getting Baptised on sunday!!! Way Excited about that. You gotsta tell me about kaden when he gets his call! I am flippin a goot over here! I wrote him a letter last week so yeah. Good to hear thanksgiving was good, it was at our house? Nice one................ I bet the food was so good. We had a ward thanksgiving party and that was pretty awesome! The rest of Thanksgiving we spent driving haha we had to help some Sisters move because another sister had to go home. So we were driving for over 10 hours it was pretty exciting.... Hmmmmm one of our other investigators is doing so good!!!! Woooooooohooooo! She says that I am getting Trasferred next week which I am hoping not but we will see. I can't believe transfers is next week it is crazy sauce! Lets see we were busy doing all sorts of stuff this week, I was on an exchange in Aberystwyth and then we had to drive Elder Farrici (The Albanian Elder) To get his Patriarchal Blessing which was a cool experience. Ummmm we had our Zone P day today which was pretty fun, but it's good to have that out of the way haha. Lets seeeeeeeee I don't know what else!!! We worked super hard, and on saturday we had ALL day to find which was rare so we found all day and it was a struggle! Usually we do pretty well finding but not on saturday! Wales was playing Rugby... haha but that is no excuse! This week is busy too but we are excited for it:) Time is running short again! I Love you guys!!! And I Have a Firm Testimony of The Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. I Know that it is True, and I want to make the most of what God has given us:) Know that I mean it when I say Thank you. Love, Elder Wilson

November 11th Email

Hey Elder Wilson here (Avatar?) I was laughing pretty hard again about Scout and kit! We had a pretty good week, and we got a solid new investagator! a kid who comes teaching with us a lot has a friend and we have been asking about him a lot because he comes to our volleyball on friday nights. So the kid asked him if he wanted to learn and he did so here we are! We are teaching him!!1 Woot way awesome. So we have Elder Dyches of the seventy coming here this week so that should be awesome! And we are going to Birmingham tomorrow for Mission leadership council then on the way back we will have to stop in Merthyr tydfil for our Stake President Meeting, and that is our whole day haha. Driving and meetings which is pretty cool I guess. Then we have Zone Conference on Wednesday in Cardiff, it will be nice to go back to Cardiff:) So yeah crazy sauce but we have some good Appointments set up for this week, and will do some good finding:) We are teaching this really old guy and he is a C of E Priest and is super rich and has been all over the world! He is way cool! Oh so weirdness, So Elder Barker has been telling me that in my sleep I will tap a beat on the wall even while I am sleeping! Then the other day I was sleep Singing!! Hahaha I am so strange. But things are going well, HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHARLYSE!!!!!!!!!!!! I am excited to see some previous companions this week! Now all of the lincoln trio are in The Mission Leadership council so it will be a good laugh:) Elder Barker is way good, I have really really enjoyed serving with him. Well I Love you guys have a way good week! Oh I felt The Spirit way strong reading in Acts! And when we taught that kid's friend. Love, Elder Wilson

November 18th Email

Hello, So it was a pretty Great week, Mission leadership council, and Zone Conference were really good! Elder Dyches was really good. I just felt lifted and more Inspired. We learned a lot about planning, and then how we need to teach the Correct way. I took a lot from it! So things are good, Good to hear it is the same for you too! That was an Amazing Story about the Missionaries in the phillipines! And Elder Matheus listened to Imagine dragons before his Mission but I had never heard of them till I came over here because of ELder Matheus. I will have to listen to that song one day! Hmmmmmmmmm Our investigators are doing way good!! One wants to get Baptised on December 8th! It was so Awesome! We went over to someones house on friday to teach an investigator then he had another friend there who didn't seem to interested at all, but he was diggin it, and feeling The Spirit. We invited him to be Baptised on the 7th of Decembetr, he said of course. We Leave and twenty minutes later got a text saying he couldn't be be Baptised on the 7th.............................................. But then he said that him AND another investigator wanted to Be Baptised on the 8th together!!!!!!!! we told him that it would more than ok:) Sooooo yeah things are good, Thanksgiving next week. Oh my days that is crazy! Well I best be oooot and abooooot. Have fun, and dad get that Referral!!!:) You can do it for sure:) Preaching The Gospel is the Best. Amen! I Love you guys, and I do Know that God Answers Prayers. And His Love is Wonderful. I am Grateful to you. I Love you. Elder wilson

November 25th Email

So Just take a bit out of that silver sandwhich Good to hear from all of you! Thanksgiving is this week!!! Woot waf grall gizards! i am excited, we have a lday feeding all The Missionaries and also not just that in the morning we are being fed pancakes by a part member family! Sooooooo Pretty excited about that one! So Kaden's papers are in?????? I am sooo Excited about that!!! Keep me updated for sure! I have had some weird Missionary dreams lately haha. Just teaching people and stuff and then getting refferals from people back home, pretty crazy:) Sooooo our investigators are doing waaaay good! I Love them! One is getting Baptised on the 8th still and another will be just after the new year. I Love them loads! I am trying to think what else has happened this week? We went on a few exchanges, and when we up in a Mountain kind of area doing some finding there was snow in the Mountain above the village we were in and I was Lovin' it! Also have seen some Hawks and that has been way cool! So do they call it no shave november over there or MOvember? Cuase they call it movember over here and I was just wondering. We have really embraced it over here and my beard is looking really great. Just kidding haha. I shave everyday! I just see lots of Moustaches and it is a bit funny. So I have been thinking about my Mission and how THE Mission in it's entirety has changed so much from the age change. There has been a lot more Pressure to be Effective, and Mature and I have seen The Work go forward so much. It is Amazing how The Lord has helped us out so much, I can't really explain what the difference is. The Atmosphere has just changed for the better. Oh and I was feeling The Spirit when you were telling me more about The Phillipines and how The Temples and Churches were being used. Isaiah saw all of this, where the Stakes of Zion are The Refuge. It is crazy how real all the words of the Scriptures are. I better get going! I Love you, and Hope you have an Amazing week! the Church Is True, The Book is Blue:) Love, Elder Wilson