Tuesday, January 7, 2014

November 25th Email

So Just take a bit out of that silver sandwhich Good to hear from all of you! Thanksgiving is this week!!! Woot waf grall gizards! i am excited, we have a lday feeding all The Missionaries and also not just that in the morning we are being fed pancakes by a part member family! Sooooooo Pretty excited about that one! So Kaden's papers are in?????? I am sooo Excited about that!!! Keep me updated for sure! I have had some weird Missionary dreams lately haha. Just teaching people and stuff and then getting refferals from people back home, pretty crazy:) Sooooo our investigators are doing waaaay good! I Love them! One is getting Baptised on the 8th still and another will be just after the new year. I Love them loads! I am trying to think what else has happened this week? We went on a few exchanges, and when we up in a Mountain kind of area doing some finding there was snow in the Mountain above the village we were in and I was Lovin' it! Also have seen some Hawks and that has been way cool! So do they call it no shave november over there or MOvember? Cuase they call it movember over here and I was just wondering. We have really embraced it over here and my beard is looking really great. Just kidding haha. I shave everyday! I just see lots of Moustaches and it is a bit funny. So I have been thinking about my Mission and how THE Mission in it's entirety has changed so much from the age change. There has been a lot more Pressure to be Effective, and Mature and I have seen The Work go forward so much. It is Amazing how The Lord has helped us out so much, I can't really explain what the difference is. The Atmosphere has just changed for the better. Oh and I was feeling The Spirit when you were telling me more about The Phillipines and how The Temples and Churches were being used. Isaiah saw all of this, where the Stakes of Zion are The Refuge. It is crazy how real all the words of the Scriptures are. I better get going! I Love you, and Hope you have an Amazing week! the Church Is True, The Book is Blue:) Love, Elder Wilson

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