Monday, February 25, 2013

February 25th Email

Hello! Thank you thank you thank you for the emails. Tell Kraig hi for me!!! I can't believe he is home! And that is so Exciting about The Baptism! Keep finding and finding. So many people need this. Haha Everyone needs it. SO.... I have been called to be a Trainer of a new Missionary. I am really excited about this!!! But kind of scared. Because I still feel young in the Mission to do this, and with the shorter MTC experience The Trainers have a lot more responsibility. President Rasmussen really Emphasized that at the Trainers meeting. It was funny, they said for the first time there was more sisters to be training than Elders because this is the start of all the Missionaries coming in. But it will be a really good Experience, and I will figure out tonight. It's a possibility I might be white washing into an area but most likely not because I am already brand new in this area. I will do my Very Best. The Lord Blessed us and we got four new Investigators this week! And they are really good! This guy named Simon came to church yesterday. We knocked on his door, and yeah just started teaching him. He has a sweet beard, and I am slightly jealous... But Seriously, he is someone who has been looking for Truth, and feels very confused. And I could almost literally see worries in his life melt away as we were at church. And we found this Muslim family, Then there is this Lovely older Woman from Zimbabwe, who is so nice. She came as a referral from another ward in Birmingham. This city is very Interesting. It just has like every sort person and culture you could think of. And I mean it haha. The ward is really small, but really Amazing. Listen to this, The Bishop is German and his job takes him to Israel all the time. That's two Bishops that I ahve served with that have had jobs that take them there! So I was asking him loads of questions about it yesterday:-) And he acts like brad, and sounds like him so it is way cool. THEN a member in The Bishopric is Italian! (From Northern Italy though) And do you want to know where he served his Mission?!!!?? The Boston Massachusets Mission from 1998 to 2000. So yesterday when we were at the Bishops for dinner it was crazy becasue he had a friend from portugal over. And so they were all speaking all these languages haha. It was really cool to see though. That's pretty crazy about the snow! It has been really cold here but surprisingly not too much snow or even rain! Thanks for sharing what is going on back home. I Love hearing about you guys. Especially the Pre school stories:-) I wish you guys could see President Rasmussen in action. He said so many things that really touched me at the trainers meeting. He expressed that him and Sister Rasmussen want more than anything for their Missionaries to come unto Christ themselves. And that is what we should want as Trainers. He told us that when he was little his dad would say to him "Craig, you have two ears, and one mouth, act accordingly" Something I have learned a lot is how Important it is to actually listen to people, and actually think about them. Before in my life I had a strong Testimony, but it wasn't enough I don't think. Over the last few months of my life I have been more, and more Converted to Jesus Christ. I understand slightly more why President Houtz and others Love referring to Him as The Master. The things Preach My Gospel, and The Scriptures teach are True. Because I have felt The Atonement in my life I want nothing more than other people to feel this sweet, sweet Peace. And see The Perspective that The Gospel Brings. We don't even understand The Happiness that will come from Honorably returning Home. I Love you guys. I Love being Missionary. I want to invite you guys to do what Grandpa always says. Write in your Journals. I know that when you will do it you will see The Hand of God and where it has guided you. Then you will know how to ACT when a similiar Experience comes a long. I have seen these Blessings, and there have been moments where I know I have been on The Lords Errand. I will ever be Grateful for those Oppurtunities. I need them. Thanks for being The Best. It is always said, but I wouldn''t be here if It wasn't for the lessons you taught me. Those memories have been a training ground for me, and Holy ground too. All My Love, Elder Wilson

February 18th Email

Hey! I am in Birmingham, in a ward called Sheldon. It was really tough leaving Lincoln. We just started having so much Blessings from The Lord. But now I am in Birmingham, we have no one to teach. And a few Less active's. My Companion is Elder Van Kerchoven, But just goes by Elder VK. (From Belgium:-) It was insanely hard leaving my Companions, and Lincoln. I felt very much attatched to that City. But a new Chapter is about to unfold in my life. And I am excited to see where it is going to go. We are going to be doing a lot of finding:-) Which is exciting! President Rasmussen has shown us this wonderful way of finding, and I have seen Miracles from it already. One of our investigators is going to be Baptised in March. She is Literally like the Scriptures say "Elect". It means so much that we were able to find her through Music. The Lord is So Amazing. I didn't know about our recent convert's kids???????????? That means so much to me. I Love that Family so so so so soooooooooo so so Much. Thats sweet that you found that guy who went here! But I don't really know what else to say. Oh, I was by myself travelling which was quite terrifying to be honest haha. But Something I would like to say is that I know that we will find people here if we are being Obedient to God's Commandments, and The Mission Rules. I have gained a Testimony of that. I Love being able to Feel The Spirit and to say what God would have me say, or do what He would have me do. It has changed my life, and I am beginning to see clearer. Oh, and I am serving near Elder Jones! Woot!!!!!!!! So things are pretty good:-) I am really excited to get to work here, you guys are the best. I have so much Love in my heart, and it feels so full as I read your Email's. I Love you so much. Have an Amazing week. Love, Elder Wilson

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

February 11th Email

Loved The emails!!! Did one of the kids say that I was a Cheeky Monkey??? I don't really know how to explain what it means haha. Cheeky means that you like to raz a little bit. So they just say cheeky monkey as a phrase. So we taught our one investigators, and it was so good. She said that when she comes to know it's True she will be Baptised, but she wouldn't set a date. She is SO cool!! When I went With The Zone Leaders on Thursday Guess where I got to go? TO a Baptismal Interview of a guy I taught with Elder Zundel, and Elder Jones!! That was SOOOOOOO Good. It felt weird being in Leicester though, but still really good. SO the thing in Stroud was really cool, Stroud is Incredibly, and unbelievably Beautiful. There was actually Mountains there! (Hills) The music arrangements were slightly cheesy but The Spirit was there and that is all that matters. So when I got back Elder Taylor, and Elder Watt asked if I remembered talking to this lady, and I couldn't remember. But She had called The Mission office and talked to one of the Ap's and asked for Elder Wilson. Me, and The Missionary Missionary Jared Williams had talked to her. So we went, and had a lesson with her on saturday and I recognized her. And it was a lady we just talked to for like a minute and I didn't think she would be interested at all. But she is really good, but really shy too. And She came to to church yesterday! And Accepted to be Baptised on MArch 30th. I am being so blessed as a Missionary. It is so crazy that we didn't have too much going on here, but President Rasmussen still knew that this place would catch fire and it really has these last few weeks. President Rasmussen is So Amazing! He is teaching us to have Christ the center of our lives. And he wants everyone in the Mission to be Obedient. So he says "No Lost Missionaries." Oh, I have been crazy sick these last few days too. They made me stay in last night which was slightly upsetting. But it's just this like random cold thing, at church I literally couldn't keep my eyelids open, But I am feeling better now. It just feels like a regular cold now though so It's all good. One of our other investigators is doing really good, apparently in relief society she basically said that she would be Baptised! She is so cool too! But we figured out that a MASSIVELY huge obstacle why she hasn't been Baptised is because her husband doesn't support her so she wanted him to see that this wasn't just something silly that she got into for the moment but that it actually means a lot to her. Last Transfer was really cool because she is REALLY Smart, and into Pagan Nature stuff. But Just randomly in the middle of the lesson Elder Taylor asked is she Believed that Jesus Christ was the Savior and she said yes. But then had a confused look on her face, and said that she didn't know why she said that but she Believed it. I am slowly learning more, and more that I am not alone in this work. It isn't just me, and two other Elders. We are getting so much help. Oh, Mom it snowed last night here too haha. Zone Conference is this week so that is pretty Exciting! I can not Believe we are already midway through Transfers. But things are going really good. I Love you guys tons. Thanks for The Prayers, They are really making Miracles. Have an Amazing week. Love, Elder Wilson