Thursday, May 31, 2012


We just got an email from Ty's mission with some wonderful pictures on them and had to share!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

May 28th Letter

> > So yeah there I was. I think I gave you a slight mistake on my > adress:) At the end it's 1ss, but if you sent one I think I will still > get it:-). That's awesome that you guys are going to the graves! I > Love hearing from you huys:) I got the letter with my card, and a > letter from Kell at a Mission Meeting:-) So mom can activate my card? > I think I'm going to try and send off letters every other week or so, > so yeah:) This week was Amazing. Thank you for The Prayers from > everyone, they have done more than you can Imagine. This week has been > super hard. We get Flogged all the time. haha. But I have never felt > my Testimony so vunerable, but so strong. People challenge what you > belive, so you have to think. "What do I believe?" I can't even > explain how hard it has been, but how Amazing. It's not the work, it's > knowing you really can't do this on your own. Elder Zundel, and I were > having a really hard time one night. And we just felt really weird, > like we didn't have The Spirit. So we went into this Forested area, > and Pleaded our hearts out to God for like an hour. And we just talked > about The Lord, and how He has helped us. The Spirit was so strong. A > lot of tears were shed:-) But right as we left the forest place a man > was walking by it on the outside, and we stopped to talk to him, and > he asked us what we were doing, we told him we were Praying to God. We > then were able to talk to him about The Restoration of The Gospel of > Jesus Christ. It was wonderful. He was from Nigeria!:-) This week we > have made a Vision to find 3 Elect people being prepared by The Lord, > so we are going to work really hard. Prayer is so much more powerful > than we think. I think of all the places in the world where people are > Praying for me, and The Work that I am blessed to be in, and I know > everything will be alright. It's So Beautiful guys, I think a lot more > now about The Temple Sariah. We are so Blessed, It's sad to see the > world not having The Blessings of The Gospel. It has actually been > pretty hot here the last week. Which is bad in multiple > ways.............. Because I swet like a million gallons, and no one > wears clothes! We have to avoid the parks when it is warm.... It's > crazy how much people go there. Imagine all of Ogden city all crammed > at Friendship park, that's what is's like!! > that is so cool about Brandon.... I really want his adress. I think > about the boys a lot. It helps on the tough times:-) Please do send me > his adress. But yeah, Leicester is pretty big. The ward is really > great. I Love the Abley's, and The Mitchell's SO much! The parents of > the Mitchell's are going to Alpine Utah in a few weeks:) Oh! McKell > would Love how a lot of the members ride horses over here!!!! It's > pretty awesome. The English are really funny, you can pretty much say > anything you want as long as you say "Bless them" after! hahahahaha. > Like you could say "Oh that little charles. Ugliest little boy, bless > him" And everybody would be fine with it! THat was kind of a weird > example but thats what it's like! > > What else do they do? Like if something as awesome they will say > that's well good! or well fun! And if someone is rich or preppy or > wahtever they are posh. Leicester is kind of dirty like how jordan > said italy was in some places haha. But they have some Beautiful > Parks, Especially with the sunset. That is awesome with the koots! > Sister Smith really is so Amazing. I learned so much from her in The > MTC. > So I don't know if you got my letter, but I can play the Guitar, and > did at The MTC. And I could here, but i'm just waiting for the new > President in case he has different regulations. But Sariah, could you > send me like the worshipful Jon Foreman, and Ruth, and stuff? They are > good with that:-) Just the soft stuff though:-) So yeah, Life is good. > I don't mind living in the city too much. We are right in the center. > I like to hear the street musicians:) And talking to everyone is fun > too. We talked to this Muslim guy, and it's interesting how close our > beliefs are but at the same time how different. Jesus Christ is The > Son of God, The Saviour, and Redeemer of The world. He is the reason > why there is Hope in this work. Again, Thanks for The Prayers. I Love > you guys so much. Tell Preston that I miss him and that being Baptised > is so wonderful and I wish I could be there for him. He is making an > Incredible step. I Love The Simplicity of Life here as a Missionary. > Well I better go. Have fun. True Love:-)

Sunday, May 27, 2012

May 21st Letter

I Love you guys so much!!! What a good life it is. This week was super hard, but the most rewarding week ever. Me and Elder Zundel work so hard, and are exhuasted everyday. I guess I will talk about the funny stuff first, so it's not swearing here if you say "ass" or "hell" And they don't use a lot of words that we use.... Like we were talking to this guy on the street and we told him he had an awesome moustache, and he told us he had been growing it since he was 16 and he was about 60!! But he had trimmed it (obviously) And In response I said "Wow! That's nuts!!" And having never heard a statement quite like that before, because he thought I was referring to the male genitilia... hahaha. yeah. And I keep saying pants instead of trousers! Everyone Loves my American accent here haha. Elder Zundel sometimes sounds like he is from Birmingham, and sometimes London, or Wolverhampton. (I can tell the difference between accents now) They have so many different accents! Birmingham is really weird... They talk really slow. Oh! We ate at this ladies house from Zimbabwe I think is where she is from... But we had this stuff called sudsa, It's like riceish stuff but it's compacted into a big ball and you tear a piece off with your hands and dip it into the sauce and meat, and beans! And you are SUPPOSED to eat it all with your hands! :-) She also cooked a whole fish.... When I say whole I mean WHOLE. Luckily she brought it out after I ate, but watching her eat it was crazy! They eat the eyes cooked and everything! But onto The more wonderul things. We are Teaching a lady, she is from sudan but has lived in greece. She has HUGE Faith in Christ, and is preparing to Baptised on 23 Jun. She has a really cool kid named fadi, I Love him! We are also teaching a 19 year old boy named Ashley, he LOVES to learn, and we didn't even ask him to go to both sessions of stake conference and he went to both! He asked to go with a guy in the ward. He Loves learning, and is thinking about Baptism on 23rd as well. He is HILARIOUS too!! He referred to me, and Elder Zundel as a "full american Breakfast" hahahaha i laughed so hard. But we spend most our time in lessons, riding ou bikes around town, GQing (Talking to everyone) Like we talk to EVERYONE. Most people are nice but some get super mad. We ride our bikes everwhere too. Yesterday was a Huge Tender mercy of The Lord to me. We were having companionship study, and I just felt The Spirit so strongly. Never before had I felt it like this. I felt so Amazing. And I had the biggest desire for everyone to feel it. I wish you guys could feel the Love that I feel. When I was sitting next to Ashley yesterday I kept imagining being with him at The Temple. What could possibly be more rewarding than that? Well I'm Happy guys. Oh! There are tons of chavs here! in an area called braunstone purounced brawnstin.
Ty emailed a second part to the letter.. obviously having some 'issues' this time (haha)
Sorry got kicked off. But yeah Braunstone. crazy. We are working with less actives as well. People think we get like no money for food... haha. Cause this lady who is ashley's friend. Her name is Nicola, and she gave us a billion pounds of vegetables! We made these DELICIOOUS Fajitas yesterday! Turns out I can cook pretty good:-) But I better go. The Lord is blessing this area, I feel Responsible for The work of Salvation here. And thats why we talk to everyone. Elder Zundel is the best trainer ever! I Love you guys so much. and it's all about. TRUE LOVE!!!!!!!

May 17th Letter

So....... I'm in Leicester, in the Westcotes ward!!!!!!!! It's awesome here! It's a city that tis' pretty big. But there is a nice park with lots of people with lots of dogs! And That is how I break the ice a lot of time:-) There are a ton of Africans, Indians, and Eastern Europeans! In fact, Aparrently a lot of Czech people as well!!! It's Absolutely Brilliant!;-) Everyone says cheers here:-) I got the letters from Mom and McKell, they made my day guys :-) Thank you so much. It helps me get more excited to Preach The Gospel to everyone. And...... My Companion is .......... !!!!!,,,,, !!!! ......! Elder Zundel! He is training me, how Amazing is that?? But yeah, I'm Loving it here. our flat is way awesome, they have towel warmers in the bathroom! Thanks so much to Everyone. I met a lot of Missionaries who didn't have support. My good friends mom doesn't even know he is on a Mission! Cause his parents are divorced. But he is such a solid Missionary, and I'm so happy he is here. So thank you for supporting me. I get a little discouraged sometimes, but not too much. I won't ever stop smiling:-) I'm super close to Nottingham!!!! Robin Hood!

Last Days

Leaving the MTC!
Sister Smith, Ty's teacher
Leaving for Birmingham
MTC President Walker saying goodbye
Leaving at 6:15 in the morning!!

Church History Tour

Ty while in the MTC Ty had the great opportunity to go on a Church History Tour, to see historical sites that are important to the history of the church, LDS missionaries have been in England since the early days.
Chatburn River where some of the first baptisms in England took place
Chatburn River
The Village of Downham, close to Chatburn and Preston.
The Church in Downham
The pavement over the cobblestone is one of the few modern additions in the village
More of Downham
Downtown Preston
More of Preston
The flat of the first missionaries in England
Avenham Park, in Preston
More of Avenham Park
President Hinckley's flat in Preston
Sister Walker (the MTC President's wife) is President Hinckley's daughter and she told of an experience were the then Elder Hinckley wrote home discouraged, to which his father responded, 'Forget yourself and go to work'

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Write Those Letters Yo

So I discussed this with my madre and we decided we probably shouldn't be posting Ty's address on here, so if you would like to write Elder Wilson just email me at, that way I can send you a questionaire to fill out to see if you are worthy... haha just kidding, but really send me an email and I will send that address to you!

Monday, May 21, 2012

May 8th Email (3rd letter from the MTC)

So yes. I will not be calling............................................ Tomorrow! But on Sunday! :-) I might Email you what time in a bit. But I know I will be calling sometime from 1 to 5 here. so yeah :-) It would make me super happy if you guys invited Kell over :-) It has been an Amazing week this week. I have felt The Spirit so much. So many Missionaries here have changed my life. I will have to tell you guys about them, Please remind me to tell you about Elder Achielle from Chile, And Elder Rosero we had such an Amazing Experience on sunday. There are people from ALL over the world! I haven't read your guys email yet but I will soon:-) So I'm learning more than I have ever before. This week i have just learned that the only way to help someone to Come Unto Christ is to get them feeling The Spirit. "True Doctrine understood Changes Behaviour." So if they understand with their hearts they will change. We went to manchester on friday and went proselyting. Me and Elder Sedillo talked to a lot of peoplem, and there was a ton of nice people. We got a guy, and a couple who will be hearing from The Missionaries:-) And we handed out a lot of pass along cards. But there was definitely a ton of people who weren't happy with us being there. And some people would make fun of us, but it's all good:-) To be honest, I would say it is an honor to take flak for the church, and for what is good in the world. And by the way... Jordan was right about europe. We saw some pretty bad stuff there. I kept thinking "Elder, Were not in The MTC anymore!" :-) haha. SO I just got the news that i'm calling at 900 hours your time. I'm assuming that's 9? But anyway, we saw some pretty scary stuff. But I hope that some people could Feel The Spirit, one of the ladies we talked to was from poland, and she was the cutest little old lady just out feeding the pidgeons:-) On sunday we went on a church tour. Wow, you guys. Mom needs to go on it, she would absolutely Love it. They showed us where some of the presidents lived in preston. and i guess one time there was legions of evil spirits that were trying to atack them while they were in the apartment at night. The Spirit Testified to me that that is why when i got set apart I was told that i would have Guardian Angels protecting me, and the area i'm in and with Mom being able to bless me with Prayer. We also went to Gordon B. Hinckley's flat where he got the "Forget yourself and go to work" letter. That;'s where I felt The Spirit So Strong. He dedicated his life to The Lord on that night. And so did i on sunday night. I'm giving my life to Heavenlt Father. I keep thinking of the words to the switchfoot song I last listened to. "until i die, i'll sing these songs. on the shores of babylon" Thats what we are doing! We have to stay strong in EVERY aspect. I better go. God lives, and I'm sp happy right now. Thank you could never be enought. I Love you guys.
They served traditional food one night, Ty said it was amazing
Ty does love food though..
Mom loved this picture
Because they are 'out in the field' the England MTC has the great opportunity to go out and talk to people while in the MTC, something that doesn't happen in the Provo MTC
A group picture of all of the missionaries in Ty's group
A Devotional by Elder Donaldson and Elder Herbertson, area leaders in the Church
At the devotional
Another Devotional with Elder and Sister Evans the Executive Director of the Missionary Department
Classtime It was really wonderful to talk to Tyler on Mother's Day. It was amazing to see the huge growth that he has undergone in just a few short weeks!

2nd Email from the MTC

I sent a long message before, but i'm not sure if it sent. I really hope so. Please Tell me if you did! :) So I can only get, and read email from family. So I would LOVE letters!!! :-) Life is Amazing. As long as there are Souls that need saving I will be working. I Love you guys. I Know God Loves all of us. And I really Hope you got my other Email. If not, I promise next weeks will be longer and better! TRUE LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!! (For anyone who read Sister Wilson's emails... this was a common occurance)
It's Dinner Time!
Going to the Temple
Class time
*For those who haven't been to the MTC, these pictures sum up life there.

1st Letter from the MTC

Family!!!!! Hello!! I am in the England Missionary Training Centre. It's Amazing here. England is seriously so pretty. There are some funny differences I have noticed, like the cows here look different! They are bigger here! And McKell will like this. I have seen quite a few horses, I guess when it rains here they put these jacket things for them. It's pretty awesome. I have been Feeling The Spirit so strongly you guys. I Love it so much. English people are crazy! Oh! Tell jordan the chef here is italian! And we have an Italian elder too. I haven't figured out who my companion is yet though. I guess I can tell you guys this, but not any Missionaries yet beacause we haven't had our big meeting yet, but I'm going to be a zone leader i guess here:-) The MTC President is SO Amazing. He gives lots of hugs! So yeah, I'm happy. I want to be out there working hard. I Love all of you guys so much. I will write you soon? whenever They have me. My Testimony of Jesus Christ has grown a lot already. I will keep growing as I work, and follow The Spirit. Love, Elder Wilson :-)
Walking into the MTC!
MTC President Walker and Sister Walker
Nephi District, Hinckley Zone
Ty was a Zone Leader
President Walker teaching about a Missionaries Purpose
View from the Cafeteria
*Luckily at the England MTC they take bunches of pictures and post them to an online album for everyone to see, it was so very nice (and helped with missing him) to see it uploaded daily, little blessings!!*