Tuesday, May 29, 2012

May 28th Letter

> > So yeah there I was. I think I gave you a slight mistake on my > adress:) At the end it's 1ss, but if you sent one I think I will still > get it:-). That's awesome that you guys are going to the graves! I > Love hearing from you huys:) I got the letter with my card, and a > letter from Kell at a Mission Meeting:-) So mom can activate my card? > I think I'm going to try and send off letters every other week or so, > so yeah:) This week was Amazing. Thank you for The Prayers from > everyone, they have done more than you can Imagine. This week has been > super hard. We get Flogged all the time. haha. But I have never felt > my Testimony so vunerable, but so strong. People challenge what you > belive, so you have to think. "What do I believe?" I can't even > explain how hard it has been, but how Amazing. It's not the work, it's > knowing you really can't do this on your own. Elder Zundel, and I were > having a really hard time one night. And we just felt really weird, > like we didn't have The Spirit. So we went into this Forested area, > and Pleaded our hearts out to God for like an hour. And we just talked > about The Lord, and how He has helped us. The Spirit was so strong. A > lot of tears were shed:-) But right as we left the forest place a man > was walking by it on the outside, and we stopped to talk to him, and > he asked us what we were doing, we told him we were Praying to God. We > then were able to talk to him about The Restoration of The Gospel of > Jesus Christ. It was wonderful. He was from Nigeria!:-) This week we > have made a Vision to find 3 Elect people being prepared by The Lord, > so we are going to work really hard. Prayer is so much more powerful > than we think. I think of all the places in the world where people are > Praying for me, and The Work that I am blessed to be in, and I know > everything will be alright. It's So Beautiful guys, I think a lot more > now about The Temple Sariah. We are so Blessed, It's sad to see the > world not having The Blessings of The Gospel. It has actually been > pretty hot here the last week. Which is bad in multiple > ways.............. Because I swet like a million gallons, and no one > wears clothes! We have to avoid the parks when it is warm.... It's > crazy how much people go there. Imagine all of Ogden city all crammed > at Friendship park, that's what is's like!! > that is so cool about Brandon.... I really want his adress. I think > about the boys a lot. It helps on the tough times:-) Please do send me > his adress. But yeah, Leicester is pretty big. The ward is really > great. I Love the Abley's, and The Mitchell's SO much! The parents of > the Mitchell's are going to Alpine Utah in a few weeks:) Oh! McKell > would Love how a lot of the members ride horses over here!!!! It's > pretty awesome. The English are really funny, you can pretty much say > anything you want as long as you say "Bless them" after! hahahahaha. > Like you could say "Oh that little charles. Ugliest little boy, bless > him" And everybody would be fine with it! THat was kind of a weird > example but thats what it's like! > > What else do they do? Like if something as awesome they will say > that's well good! or well fun! And if someone is rich or preppy or > wahtever they are posh. Leicester is kind of dirty like how jordan > said italy was in some places haha. But they have some Beautiful > Parks, Especially with the sunset. That is awesome with the koots! > Sister Smith really is so Amazing. I learned so much from her in The > MTC. > So I don't know if you got my letter, but I can play the Guitar, and > did at The MTC. And I could here, but i'm just waiting for the new > President in case he has different regulations. But Sariah, could you > send me like the worshipful Jon Foreman, and Ruth, and stuff? They are > good with that:-) Just the soft stuff though:-) So yeah, Life is good. > I don't mind living in the city too much. We are right in the center. > I like to hear the street musicians:) And talking to everyone is fun > too. We talked to this Muslim guy, and it's interesting how close our > beliefs are but at the same time how different. Jesus Christ is The > Son of God, The Saviour, and Redeemer of The world. He is the reason > why there is Hope in this work. Again, Thanks for The Prayers. I Love > you guys so much. Tell Preston that I miss him and that being Baptised > is so wonderful and I wish I could be there for him. He is making an > Incredible step. I Love The Simplicity of Life here as a Missionary. > Well I better go. Have fun. True Love:-)

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