Monday, May 21, 2012

May 8th Email (3rd letter from the MTC)

So yes. I will not be calling............................................ Tomorrow! But on Sunday! :-) I might Email you what time in a bit. But I know I will be calling sometime from 1 to 5 here. so yeah :-) It would make me super happy if you guys invited Kell over :-) It has been an Amazing week this week. I have felt The Spirit so much. So many Missionaries here have changed my life. I will have to tell you guys about them, Please remind me to tell you about Elder Achielle from Chile, And Elder Rosero we had such an Amazing Experience on sunday. There are people from ALL over the world! I haven't read your guys email yet but I will soon:-) So I'm learning more than I have ever before. This week i have just learned that the only way to help someone to Come Unto Christ is to get them feeling The Spirit. "True Doctrine understood Changes Behaviour." So if they understand with their hearts they will change. We went to manchester on friday and went proselyting. Me and Elder Sedillo talked to a lot of peoplem, and there was a ton of nice people. We got a guy, and a couple who will be hearing from The Missionaries:-) And we handed out a lot of pass along cards. But there was definitely a ton of people who weren't happy with us being there. And some people would make fun of us, but it's all good:-) To be honest, I would say it is an honor to take flak for the church, and for what is good in the world. And by the way... Jordan was right about europe. We saw some pretty bad stuff there. I kept thinking "Elder, Were not in The MTC anymore!" :-) haha. SO I just got the news that i'm calling at 900 hours your time. I'm assuming that's 9? But anyway, we saw some pretty scary stuff. But I hope that some people could Feel The Spirit, one of the ladies we talked to was from poland, and she was the cutest little old lady just out feeding the pidgeons:-) On sunday we went on a church tour. Wow, you guys. Mom needs to go on it, she would absolutely Love it. They showed us where some of the presidents lived in preston. and i guess one time there was legions of evil spirits that were trying to atack them while they were in the apartment at night. The Spirit Testified to me that that is why when i got set apart I was told that i would have Guardian Angels protecting me, and the area i'm in and with Mom being able to bless me with Prayer. We also went to Gordon B. Hinckley's flat where he got the "Forget yourself and go to work" letter. That;'s where I felt The Spirit So Strong. He dedicated his life to The Lord on that night. And so did i on sunday night. I'm giving my life to Heavenlt Father. I keep thinking of the words to the switchfoot song I last listened to. "until i die, i'll sing these songs. on the shores of babylon" Thats what we are doing! We have to stay strong in EVERY aspect. I better go. God lives, and I'm sp happy right now. Thank you could never be enought. I Love you guys.
They served traditional food one night, Ty said it was amazing
Ty does love food though..
Mom loved this picture
Because they are 'out in the field' the England MTC has the great opportunity to go out and talk to people while in the MTC, something that doesn't happen in the Provo MTC
A group picture of all of the missionaries in Ty's group
A Devotional by Elder Donaldson and Elder Herbertson, area leaders in the Church
At the devotional
Another Devotional with Elder and Sister Evans the Executive Director of the Missionary Department
Classtime It was really wonderful to talk to Tyler on Mother's Day. It was amazing to see the huge growth that he has undergone in just a few short weeks!

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