Monday, December 3, 2012

December 3rd Email

As always, Loved the letters and pictures! I am listening to The Devotional right now, and the Music is making me cry:-) This morning I was reading my Journal entries from a year ago and I read about that big storm:-) I have started on a new journal by the way! So Grandpa should like that too, I have actually become really attatched to doing it too. I try to keep The Experiences that I have, and have had Sacred so I store my thoughts and feelings in there. This week has been nothing short and is Worthy in all definitions of a wonderful Adventure:-) There has been crazy Experiences. Our one investigator will still probably get Baptised, her dad is not happy at all that she is getting Baptised. And he is everything to her so this is really hard. I have come to learn that men can be really stubborn haha. Our recent convert is doing great, she got her Dream job this morning working hand on hand with Deaf Children, teaching them. So that is really Exciting!!! Stu has had a rough week but I think things will start turning around more and more. I think I will be playing my guitar and singing at the Mission Christmas party:-) That will be fun! And..... Hmmm.... The ward is really good here, there is an older guy who is kind of like a biker and he is in a band by profession and plays stuff like zz top hahaha. I haven't heard him but they say he is pretty good:-) And yeah I know what the crazy rain is like haha. It's foggy a lot too:-) Apparently it is supposed to be the coldest, and snowiest winter that England has had in a hundred years! So we shall see what happens. It has been really cold this week, but myseriously dry... Like there was all blue skies yesterday! Feels like the last time I saw that was when i first got here!:-) So this is the last week before transfers again... That is way way crazy! Elder Thorup might be leaving but we will see. Ha mabye I'll be leaving who knows! things are good, I have been feeling The Spirit really Strongly this last week. The Plan of Salvation has been Manifested more to me I guess. I Love The Gospel, and I Love our Master, and King, Jesus Christ. I am here for Him, and so people can come to Christ. Life is so Wonderful here:-) I Love you guys! Have an Amazing week. Thanks for Everything. All my Love, Elder Wilson

November 26th Email

Hey guys! I am using a new way for the email, so I hope this comes through... All systems are go for the Skype thing and stuff in Alaska. President said Aye Aye! :-) He is so good! He is doing this new thing where we have a Mission newsletter, So I am super Excited about it. He Wrote an article in it talking about Music:-) How all of us as Missionaries combine our Skills, Interests, talents Etc. To make a Symphony:-) So Lincoln is going be making some big noise!!:-) (But Beauitful, you know how I do) :-) I am glad to hear the funerals went well. Bishop Tesch really did make everyone feel so special. That is such an Amazing abilty to have. Thanksgiving was good. We ate at a recent convert's and our investigator who is getting Baptised. It was a lot of fun.We got INSANELY wet this week! So it was great, it was pretty cold. I Loved it:-) So you won't believe who we started teaching. One of our investigators Husband.... He has a complete change of Heart. We had a lesson with him on Saturday, It went crystal clear. Slicker than snot on a door knob (tell gramps about that one). He is going to be reading The Book of Mormon. Good guy. So yeah I got a violin ha. I am still crazy. The tough part is finding the time haha. But yeah it's good, I am picking it up slowly:-) So in Gospel Principles yesterday we watched "Between Heaven and Earth" It is a bunch of Scholars of Theology, and Ancient Scriptural history Etc. It was Amazing. It got me thinking a ton about the word "Vicarious" To do for others what they can not do for themselves. That is Temple Worship to the nuts and bolts of it. I feel like in following our example of Jesus we need to remember that. When He said that we need to take daily up our crosses, maybe that is a part of what it meant. He did for us what we would be hopelessly, and helplessly lost without. I Love how you guys said it's the little things that gary, and deann did that made up their Greatness. The Atonement wasn't one big thing. It was a lot of little moments into one. And It's the little moments, what we think and do when no one knows are the molecules that make our integrity. Just like one of The Apostles said something like "Moments are the molecules that make up Eternity" :-) Sorry about that, just a random tangent. It was just super good. I like how people go to The Temple here, because it is so far away a lot of times they will go away for the weekend or like 5 days or so. Then each day they will go to Multiple Sessions, I have heard it is a completely different experience:-) I don't know if you guys could do something like that? But it was a crazy week:-) It is so wet here, I think I am starting to grow some gills or something. Lincoln is really good, I feel like I can breathe a lot more here. There are farm fields everywhere. They have The Christmas market next week which I guess is like a Massive thing in europe and I'm here!:-) Sariah would LOVE The city centre here. There is road called Steep hill (It actually is super steep) And It's a very narrow road lined with small little antique shops that look like they are form medieval times, and the roads around that area are still cobblestone. When you think of Old England, it's what it looks like:-) We didn't have a lot of time to find this week which was kind of a downer because of flat tires, and travel time and stuff. So that was a bit of a downer. President Rasmussen is doing some Fantastic things. Teaching us to find By The Spirit, use The Members. Some Amazing things will be happening. We had a lesson with this sort of less-active guy who is a returned Missionary. And he feels like you can't really ever know if God is there, or if we really do have A Saviour. I have thought a lot about that this week too. I think it's almost inevitable, and probably essential to our earthly experience to have those moments of doubt. Where we feel we are in the dark, and alone. But I thought of the song "Awakening" From Switchfoot (Always relating to music...) Where you kind of have those small moments in your life that are like when the people pinch themselves when they are in a dream to wake up. Tender Mercies of The Lord reminding why we are here. I'm not sure if that makes sense. But I Know that you can know The Truth. God doesn't lie. James 1:5. Sorry if that didn't make any sense haha:-) I Believe with all my heart that I am a Missionary for Christ's church today as it was primitively, and in it's latter day way today. It's the same Doctrines, The Same Faith. I would Love to hear your guys thoughts on that too:-) So Elder Thorup got a new backpack today so I bought his old one off him becasue that bag that i got was dying and it was smelly. But we were in this outdoor shop and they had all this equipment and stuff, it just made me want to go backpacking haha. Every P-day I always joke with Elder Thorup and tell him I want to go to Scotland:-) But it's worldly and all that jazz for now so I'm alright:-) Danielle is doing really good. Nicola wants to learn about Patriarchal Blessings so I am uber excited to talk to her about that:-) And her, and Stu want us over for dinner sometime! They have a son named James, and he saw my Scriptures and saw that it said James on it. So me, and him have a pretty cool attatchment to eachother:-) He has minor autism but is on of the nicest kids I have ever met. Nicola called us the other day, and asked us "Do you know what The District is?" We told her it's what we watch to help us be better Missionaries. The She told us that James keeps watching them! A ten year old boy is watching The District!:-) He wants to go on a Mission. Ahhhhhhhh Life is SO GOOOOD!!! By The way, Definetly going baldy locks haha. It's cool though, you got embrace what you got:-) I am definitely smiling. There are tough times, but the best wouldn't be good enough if you didn't have the bad days too:-) I Love England, It's Amazing here. I have also given a lot of thought to how I am in The Breeding ground of The Restoration really. All of those events leading to that morning of Joseph Smith asking for Truth. I do Believe in Christ. I Really do Believe that I was called of God to serve here for Specific reasons. Not only for the now, but also the later. I am grateful for the oppurtunity to Serve Him. Not many get the chance to bear The Name of Christ. I am Grateful for you guys. Thanks for showing me the Path of Righteousness. Teaching me how to be Honorable. I am so Grateful that we went to church every sunday not just when we felt like it. Anyway, I best get going. Have an Amazing week. I Love you an awful lot. With Love, Elder Wilson

* The Article E. Wilson was talking about *

If we could part the veil and observe our heavenly home, we would be impressed with the cultivated minds and hearts of those who so happily live there. I imagine that our heavenly parents are exquisitely refined. In this great gospel of emulation, one of the purposes of our earthly probation is to become like them in every conceivable way so that we may be comfortable in the presence of heavenly parentage and, in the language of Enos, see their faces “with pleasure” (Enos 1:27). President Brigham Young (1801–77) said, “We are trying to be the image of those who live in heaven; we are trying to pat[t]ern after them, to look like them, to walk and talk like them.”1 I would like to peek behind the veil that temporarily separates us from our heavenly home and paint a word picture of the virtuous, lovely, and refined circumstances that exist there. I will speak of the language, literature, music, and art of heaven, as well as the immaculate appearance of heavenly beings, for I believe that in heaven we will find each of these in pure and perfected form. The nearer we get to God, the more easily our spirits are touched by refined and beautiful things. Language God speaks all languages, and He speaks them properly. He is restrained and modest of speech. When God described the grand creational process of this earth, He said in measured tones that “it was good” (Genesis 1:4). We would be disappointed if God had used “awesome” or other exaggerated phrases. Britain’s Ben Jonson said: “Language most shows a man. Speak, that I may see thee.”2 Our language reveals our thoughts, virtues, insecurities, doubts—even the homes from which we come. We will feel more comfortable in Heavenly Father’s presence if we have developed proper habits of speech. I suppose that the language of heaven, properly spoken, may approach a form of music. Did C. S. Lewis have this in mind when he wrote, “Isn’t it funny the way some combinations of words can give you—almost apart from their meaning—a thrill like music?”3 At the birth of Jesus the angels appeared and spoke, not sang, “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men” (Luke 2:14). We now try to capture that beauty in song, but the original angelic utterance was in spoken words. In his biography on Ralph Waldo Emerson, Van Wyck Brooks relates that Emerson was invited to speak at the commemoration of the 300th anniversary of the great poet Shakespeare’s birth. After proper introduction Emerson presented himself at the pulpit and then sat down. He had forgotten his notes. He preferred to say nothing rather than words not well measured. For some, it was Emerson in one of his most eloquent hours.4 Refinement in speech is more than polished elocution. It results from purity of thought and sincerity of expression. A child’s prayer on occasion may reflect the language of heaven more nearly than a Shakespearean soliloquy. Refinement in speech is reflected not only in our choice of words but also in the things we talk about. There are those who always speak of themselves; they are either insecure or proud. There are those who always speak of others; they are usually boring. There are those who speak of stirring ideas, compelling books, and inspiring doctrine; these are the few who make their mark in this world. The subjects discussed in heaven are not trifling or mundane; they are sublime beyond our most extended imagination. We will feel at home there if we are rehearsed on this earth in conversing about the refined and noble, clothing our expressions in well-measured words. Literature Is Friday evening a frenetic flight to see where the entertainment and action will be? Could our society today produce an Isaac Newton or a Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart? Can 85 channels and uncountable DVDs ever fill our insatiable appetite to be entertained? Do any unwisely become addicted to computer games or Internet surfing, thereby missing the richer experiences of great reading, conversations, and enjoyment of music? I don’t know whether our heavenly home has a television set or a DVD player, but in my mind’s imagery it surely has a grand piano and a magnificent library. There was a fine library in the home of President Gordon B. Hinckley’s (1910–2008) youth. It was not an ostentatious home, but the library contained about 1,000 volumes of the rich literature of the world, and President Hinckley spent his early years immersed in these books. To be well-read, however, it is not necessary to possess expensive collections of literature, for they are available to rich and poor alike in the libraries of the world. President David O. McKay (1873–1970) was inclined to awaken daily at 4:00 a.m., skim read up to two books, and then commence his labors at 6:00 a.m. He could quote 1,000 poems from memory. He referred to the grand masters of literature as the “minor prophets.” He was a living embodiment of the scriptural admonition to “seek ye out of the best books words of wisdom” (D&C 88:118). My wife and I recently spent four years on Church assignment in Eastern Europe. We often traveled on the Moscow underground subway, called the Metro. We noticed the bowed heads of the Russian passengers, for they were reading Tolstoy, Chekhov, Dostoyevsky, or Pushkin—and, sometimes, Mark Twain. The people were poor, but they were not obsessed with their poverty. They possessed the rich tradition of Russian literature, art, and music. President McKay noted: “As with companions so with books. We may choose those which will make us better, more intelligent, more appreciative of the good and the beautiful in the world, or we may choose the trashy, the vulgar, the obscene, which will make us feel as though we’ve been ‘wallowing in the mire.’”5 Of course, the scriptures stand paramount among good literature, for they are not founded on the opinions of men. Music If we could peek behind the heavenly veil, we would likely be inspired by the music of heaven, which is probably more glorious than any music we have heard on this earth. When some music has passed the tests of time and been cherished by the noble and refined, our failure to appreciate it is not a condemnation of grand music. The omission is within. If a young person grows up on a steady diet of hamburgers and french fries, he is not likely to become a gourmet. But the fault is not with fine food. He just grew up on something less. Some have grown up on a steady diet of musical french fries. This would be a good time to sift through your music library and choose primarily that which uplifts and inspires. It is part of the maturing process of your eternal journey. This would also be a fine time to learn a musical instrument or improve musical skills now partially possessed. Elder Neal A. Maxwell (1926–2004) of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles said: “We … live in a world that is too prone to the tasteless and we need to provide an opportunity to cultivate a taste for the finest music. And likewise, we’re in a world that’s so attuned to the now. We need to permit people to be more attuned to the best music of all the ages.”6 Recognizing the penetrating influence of great music, Oscar Wilde had one of his characters say, “After playing Chopin, I feel as if I had been weeping over sins that I had never committed, and mourning over tragedies that were not my own.”7 After the first performance of Messiah, Handel, responding to a compliment, said, “My lord, I should be sorry if I only entertained them—I wish to make them better.”8 Haydn “dressed in his best clothes to compose because he said he was going before his maker.”9 Some events in life are so sublime that they cannot be imagined without the companionship of beautiful music. We could not have a Christmas without carols or a general conference without sacred anthems. And there could not be a heaven without music of surpassing beauty. President Young said, “There is no music in hell, for all good music belongs to heaven.”10 It would be punishment enough to go to hell and not hear a note of music for all eternity. Art, Appearance, and Attitude What I have shared about bringing great language, literature, and music into the home may be said with equal truth of great art—perhaps tastefully displayed in our heavenly home. It may also be said of our physical appearance and manners, the order of our homes, how we offer our prayers, and how we read God’s word. I once visited briefly with the great actress Audrey Hepburn while she was making the movie My Fair Lady. She spoke of the opening scene in the movie in which she depicted a modest, unpolished flower girl. Her face had been besmirched with charcoal to make her seem part of her surroundings. “But,” she said with a twinkle in her eye, “I was wearing my perfume. Inside I still knew I was a lady.” It doesn’t take expensive perfume to make a lady, but it does require cleanliness, modesty, self-respect, and pride in one’s appearance. Many years ago an associate of mine decided he would please his wife by sharing with her a specific compliment each night as he arrived home. One night he praised her cooking. A second night he thanked her for excellence in housekeeping. A third night he acknowledged her fine influence on the children. The fourth night, before he could speak, she said, “I know what you are doing. I thank you for it. But don’t say any of those things. Just tell me you think I am beautiful.” She expressed an important need she had. Women ought to be praised for all the gifts they possess—including their attentiveness to their personal appearance—that so unselfishly add to the richness of the lives of others. We must not let ourselves go and become so casual—even sloppy—in our appearance that we distance ourselves from the beauty heaven has given us. Some flippantly say, “How I look has nothing to do with how God feels about me.” But it is possible for both earthly parents and heavenly parents to have unspoken disappointment in their offspring without diminished love. President Joseph F. Smith (1838–1918), sixth President of the Church, owned few things, but he took care of them. He was fastidious in his appearance. He pressed his dollar bills to remove the wrinkles. He allowed none but himself to pack his overnight bag. He knew where every article, nut, and bolt of the household was, and each had its place. Would this be true of the environment in which you live? Is it a house of order? Need you dust, clean, and rearrange before you invite the Spirit of the Lord into your home? President Lorenzo Snow (1814–1901) said: “The Lord does not intend that the Saints shall live always in dens and caves of the earth, but that they shall build fine houses. When the Lord comes he will not expect to meet a dirty people, but a people of refinement.”11 David Starr Jordan, former president of Stanford University, wrote: “To be vulgar is to do that which is not the best of its kind. It is to do poor things in poor ways, and to be satisfied with that. … It is vulgar to wear dirty linen when one is not engaged in dirty work. It is vulgar to like poor music, to read weak books, to feed on sensational newspapers, … to find amusement in trashy novels, to enjoy vulgar theatres, to find pleasure in cheap jokes.”12 Your Father in Heaven has sent you away from His presence to have experiences you would not have had in your heavenly home—all in preparation for the conferral of a kingdom. He doesn’t want you to lose your vision. You are children of an exalted being. You are foreordained to preside as kings and queens. You will live in a home and environment of infinite refinement and beauty, as reflected in the language, literature, music, art, and order of heaven. I close with the words of President Young: “Let us … show to the world that we have talent and taste, and prove to the heavens that our minds are set on beauty and true excellence, so that we can become worthy to enjoy the society of angels.”13 Even more, may we become worthy to enjoy the refined society of heavenly parentage, for we are of the race of the Gods, being “children of the most High” (Psalm 82:6). One of the purposes of our earthly probation is to become like our heavenly parents in every conceivable way so that we may be comfortable in their presence. The nearer we get to God, the more easily our spirits are touched by refined and beautiful things. May we become worthy to enjoy the refined society of heavenly parentage, for we are of the race of the Gods, being “children of the most High.”

November 19th Email

Hello! That is hard to hear about Bishop Tesch, and Sister Davis. They really are Valiant souls In Christ. So..... One of our investigators was Baptised:-) It was Amazing. we talked to her Husband, and his heart is being softened. I really hope he Humbles himself and listens. The Baptism was so so so good. Another lady we are working with is getting Baptised on December 9th too. So things are going really good. I am 99.9% sure that I can Skype Cody, and Charlyse in Alaska!:-) And I am pretty sure I can Skype to you guys all at the same time:-) President Rasmussen is all about talking to your family. He always tells us to write to you guys:-) ALASKA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GAaaaAaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. One of our investigators texted us the words to u2 "Beautiful day" this morning!:-) Ummmm yeah, Thanksgiving??? So crazy. I think we will be eating at a members home:-) Oh, so I went on an exchange in Nottingham this week with Elder Boyce from guana:-) That was pretty sweet, he is a good guy. It was a pretty crazy awesome week though. President Recieved Revelation to go by Un-Baptised children over 9 in the part member families, and to pick out 5 former investigators to go by. Some Amazing things are happening. The Lord is pouring out the Blessings. There is some really good people we picked up teaching this week, so it should be really good. Oh, before i forget I think the guy who wrote that article's last name is Callister but i can't remember the rest. I am pretty sure he is a seventy as well. I really enjoyed it. I don't really know what else to say haha. Smoked turkey?? That sounds super good! Tell everyone I Love them an awful awful lot:-) Well I guess they might read this haha. Anyway, Have a very Happy Thanksgiving!!! :-) I hope it is Great for you guys. I always am Re-evaluating my self in everything. Like our Purpose is to Invite Everyone to come unto Christ. All I want is to do The Father's will. But as an Imperfect human, my pride can sometimes get in the way. Missions teach Humility:-) At least for me haha. One of my Goals is to be a Really good Companion, So I am trying my best for that. I think it's really Important to be open-minded. And to have a super good sense of Humour:-) I Love life!!!!:-) It is Amazing:-) Well, I am going to go write President an Email:-) You guys are Great, Keep it up. I Love you all so much. Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!! With Lots of Love, Elder Wilson

Thursday, November 15, 2012

November 12th Email

When I read your guys Emails or letters it feels like I'm getting new air into my lungs you know?:-) I get more pumped for the work. So Cheers for that:-) This week was crazy. But really good too. We found some really good people. This sounds kind of weird, but I have been thinking a lot about The Law of Chastity lately. You can really see how much more Beautiful, and Sacred life is to people when they are Living it. I have also just felt more in tune with Life in general. Lincoln is wonderful still:-) I am pretty sure we will skype for Christmas? I have no idea how to do it though hahaha. You know me. Did you guys go Fishing?? Fishing is lame here, you have to catch and release and the fish are kinda weird anyway:-) But we live close to a few lakes, so thats some good stuff to see. Those Picures of Dad, and Cody are Priceless. Those always make my Day:-) So we got to go to that zone Conference! We had to wake up at four in the morning to get there! Wooohooo!:-) We always say Lincoln is in outer Darkness haha. But Elder Kerr came he is a hilarious Scotsman! And he Quoted Winston Churchill a lot:-) After a massive Victory in world war two in N. Africa he said "This is not the end, this is not even the beginning of the end. But perhaps, it is the end of The Beginning!" He related that to how The Missionary work is kicking off. So many times I feel like I sort of lose sight why I am here. I feel so seperate from the world. But that helped me realise, I am still apart of this world and I am doing The Best thing I possibly can for it. We Bring darkness to the Light. What is lost can be found by the Lodestar, Grace. Elder Kerr also shared a story of His grandma who was a convert, and she was Baptised in this Mission. During World war two (Again, I know!) Her mom felt the prompting that there was Bombers coming to blow up the factory right by her house and that they needed to get into the shelter. But there wan no sirens that went off or anything. It was just a quiet night. But as she felt the Prompting, Elder Kerr said this Woman Full of Love, and Compassion started yelling for the kids to get into the shelter. Minutes later bombs starting going off because a German bomber had made ith through the british defenses and a lot of people died. God is over every single detail of our lives. I Loved Grandma's letter. Thank you so much for it. Our one investigator is doing really good, but she has had a really tough life. Do you guys remember that lady on 17 miracles who leaves for Zion and gets away from her husband? This is what is happening to her. She knows that The Book of Mormon is True, and The Fullness of The Gospel Of Jesus Christ is back on the earth. She Is an Amazing woman, and she is making us stew tonight!:-) There are so many people over that are way into music! I Love it! Way Good stuff. I can not believe thanksgiving is next week already??? What the..... I didn't know that until you guys said that! And you guys got snow?!!? Gah!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hopefully we get some good snow here! Oh! Remember that one Elder's blog that i kind of stalked before my Mission.....? The one that his mom would update? He is in my District! I haven't broke it to him that i stalked him yet... hahaha. Elder Barton is a good guy though:-) I hope you guys have a great week. I will definitely as well. Please read that talk:-) It is Amazing. I Love the part where it says "There are those who always speak of themselves; they are either insecure or proud. There are those who always speak of others; they are usually boring. There are those who speak of stirring ideas, compelling books, and inspiring doctrine; these are the few who make their mark in this world." So lets make our mark, the world needs it. This is where I need to be. I know God really does live, and So does Jesus Christ. And they are shaping me who I need to be. I Love you guys so much. Thanks for being the Greatest:-) - Elder Wilson TRUE LOVE

November 5th Email

Ahhh guys. I Loved the Emails. ELECTIONS?????? It sounds like kit is so darn Cute! Good to hear about Braxton! I was hoping he could come to EBM:-) But Europe is better than nothing!:-) Ummm, That is correct about the word gutted dad, and yeah thats how you spell Lincoln. Tote in the hole is like a casserole/cake thing with crust on the top and potatoes, and cheese etc underneath with Yorkshire sausages in it. It's super good. Have you guys ever had yorkshire pudding? It's basically like a sunday dinner but they have these things that are like the crust stuff to a meat pie? I don't know how to explain it haha. But it is Amazing. Lincoln is a Gem, even though we have an hour train ride to our district meetings I Love it. The view on the ride over there is so Amazing. You guys would Love it, There is a whole bunch of birds. I saw a Falcon!!!!! It's so pretty. I am really excited to hear from Nanna!! (Grandma) :-) Oh and yeah Elder Jones is in Leicester. It's crazy, a guy who bashed a whole bunch with us and just wanted to Argue called us up like two weeks ago and told us he had studied and knew that the church was True because of The Temple, and The fact that we still believe in Covenants. So he should be getting Baptised soon:-)In Lincoln, There is that Wonderful Lady getting Baptised on november 18. She is Amazing... I know that one of the biggest reasons why I am here is not for her. There is this guy that they have been teaching for like two months. And he isn't sure if God is there, or if The Book of Mormon is True. But I went there on tuesday night, I go into his house and I see all these guitars, drums, etc. And then I just briefly told him that I Loved music. We had our lesson, then at the end he showed me the lyrics to a new mumford and sons song entitled "I will wait" and he said that is how he feels about God. That he is waiting for Him. After we left I couldn't stop thinking about him or that song. Then when we went back on Friday I think He had a banjo out!!! I told him that I was too weak sauce and I just got a Banjitar haha. But he had me play a song for him on the guitar. I chose, and decided to play "hurt" for him it touched his heart. The Spirit was in the room, and we started the lesson again. at the end of the lesson I related that I hadn't been able to stop thinking about him or that song. And that when I saw how much He Loved music I told him I saw Myself. And when I had my interview with President a few weeks ago, he basically told me I was most likely going to be staying In Leicester one more transfer. But I didn't. I came to Lincoln, and I told the guy that I felt that I was here for him. I am so grateful to God for allowing me to find, and meet these wonderful people. Giving someone like me the oppurtunity to help someone find The Gospel Path. Becuase really, Isn't it the only path if we REALLY want to be happy? I know I have so much to improve, and to learn still in The Gospel so I am humbled to know that He puts Trust in me. I want to be Worthy of His Trust. So Apparently Licoln has a super Amazing Christmas Market where a whole bunch Europeans come to:-) Halloween was good:-) It was kind of Akward because it wasn't too busy of a day so we were knocking doors and no one answered haha. But it was sweet, we had a really good lesson with a lady that day. That is so good to hear about taylor! Mission Presidents are So Amazing! President Rasmussen is So Amazing. He is picking up The Baptisms here in this Mission He has an Amazing Gift of Vision. And Dad, Please Keep up your Vision of The Missionary work there. i Love that thought. I think for Missionaries it's a lot better if you are in just one ward because you get to know the members. And obviously The Baptisms would bring these Souls unto Christ. Missionary work is so Amazing. And I would Love it if you guys kept Praying, and thinking about Finding. This is something I am trying To learn. To be A fisher of men. So Good weather over there? It has been pretty cold here:-) Oh, and Elder Thorup is from West Valley! He is a good Missionary! He is really good with people:-) We have a Zone meeting this week and a Seventy is coming to that so I am really excited about that. Those pump me up so much, i Love it. I hope you guys have a Great week, Thanks for Everything. You guys are the Best. I Love you SO SO SO Much. WIth lots of Love, Elder Wilson

October 30th Email

Our investigator didn't get baptised! But it's not because she isn't going to it's because her uncle who is a member is going to baptise her in Ireland. She is doing way Amazing though. Leicester has some Amazing people they are teaching.... But so does Lincoln!!! :-) I am with Elder Thorup, Super good guy from UTAH!! WOOT I Love Americans! Haha. But it was way hard leaving westcotes, and Elder Jones. tough days. But Linclon is a really pretty city, and is a lot smaller than Leicester. It has A MASSIVE Cathedral you can basically see from everywhere:-) BOston is right below me sariah! I LOVE this place. The flat is completely different than the other one. It's nice not getting hypothermia when you take a shower haha. They have had some Amazing people they are teaching over here too. There is a lady I just met. She was a Methodist, and wants to be baptised but her husband is way against it, The Spirit was super strong at the lesson. I think we are as far northeast that you can go in the Mission, but I got to stay in the same zone so I am well excited about that too. But Lincoln is so far away from everything... like district meetings are in nottingham which is about three hours travel time so that is kind of frustrating. Oh, I got to be in Lichfield for a day last week! By the sound of the name it sounds like a dump haha, but I actually really Loved it there. a lot. Good people there. It is weird being outside of Leicester because there is like no black people! There is a ton of Eastern Europeans in here and around Boston too though. I will miss Serving All of The Nigerian people, I Love them a lot. Oh, and lin is gone now too though. But he will make it somehow, someday. I know he will. Me, and Elder Jones have had so much crazy experiences. It is exciting coming to a new ward though, we are here to work. It's gonna be way good! That's crazy hearing about that storm. I hope people are ok. But yeah, me and Elder Thorup are going to find some Elect for sure here!:-) He is a super Loving guy. So I am way excited to Serve Him, and Serve with Him. I laughed pretty hard about the story with kit saying the goats were shooting berries!!!! That was so funny. Gah. My Emails are always all over the place haha. Oh! Dad! My first meal here was super good! Tote in the hole! Way good stuff. But the guy made gravy, but it had mustard, and mint sauce in it. Oh man... It was Powerful. The mustard here tastes more like horse raddish though, so yeah. It was so Amazing. And it was an investigstor who fed us! He is a funny guy, the window when we were cycling up to his house was steamy so he wrote with his finger "Welcome to hell" I thought it was pretty awesome. Ummm what else to say? I dunno, I am super gutted to leave Leicester but I am definitely feeling this is where I need to be and I am here to work hard! This ward is super Amazing Missionaries as well though. They are Fasting for the Missionary work this month. Oh, and this Area is MAASSSIVE!!!! You guys should see a picture of the bike I ride, It's a legend in the Mission haha. It's this tiny bike called the slammer which was made for about a ten year old kid but it was free. It was just in the little backyard area in Leicester, so I have been using it for the last Three months give or take a few. One time I was riding it and I felt like I was getting lower to the ground So I got off and to my Surprise the bar connected to the seat had bent to about a centimeter from the tire! It was pretty good stuff. I am still Lovin' Life. Smiling Loads. Living The Life. I couldn't ask for more:-) I Love you guys, I hope everything is alright, and I hope you guys are doing alright, and Smiling too:-) SO yeah I best be ooof. I Love you guys, talk to you soon!!!!! :-) TRUE LOVE- Elder WIlson

October 22nd Email

I hope you guys had a good week! sOme exciting things this week for you guys. The work is going great, Our Chinese investigator has to leave so I don't think we will have enough time to get him prepared to be baptised. I will miss him a lot. he is such a cool guy, he made us chinese food on saturday, and showed us basically like the chinese version of enya!! One of our investigators is getting Baptised!!!!!!!! Woot!!!!!!!! She is so ready for the Gospel. We met this sweet black guy who came to church with us on sunday, I don't think he even knows about The Book Of Mormon yet hahahahahahaha. But He felt The Spirit really strong, but had to go with his friend to take him to work after sacrament. Only one more week in the transfer... i can't believe that. Elder jones is still the man! I laughed pretty hard about Grandma's nickname for rusty! how did you like your birthday mom??????????????? I Love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and yeah, that is a way good song i heard it before i left. So i have been obsessed with studying the topic of light, or The Light of Christ. how light gives life to everything. I don't really know how to explain it, it's just super cool read doctrine and covenants 88 haha. I also have been thinking about Jesus as The Shepherd. I want to take care of the sheep that have been bestowed upon me to take care of. To know them by name, to be willing to do anything for them. I think I might actually stay one more transfer here haha. But I am not as certain this time as I was last transfer so we will see. So what is your guys favorite aspect of the Gospel? We have an investigator who has a lot of really good questions like why do we have bodies, and why did we have to leave God's presence. I am learning The Power of love, like when these people we are teaching are struggling, I'm struggling. I am trying to be where they are. To go down to where they are and with The Atonement bring them back up. we are being so blessed. I love you guys so much. TRUE LOVE

Monday, October 1, 2012

October 1st Email

Hello Family!!!!! :-) I found it quite Amusing that mom went down that slide:-) Wish I could have seen it!!! :-) Twas a good week. Got to go to nottingham again for a Zone meeting. I learned a ton there! Sounds like you guys are doing good:-) Can I have Caden's adress next week or something? I have been wanting to write that guy a letter! And Sariah, Have you heard anything from Jared from work? I am EXTREMELY Excited in waiting for General Conference. I have so many questions in my heart. Lately I have been thinking a lot about The Scripture "Be ye clean that bear the vessels of The Lord" I just keep imagining myself as a ship relying Completely on The Lord's Wind. The work was a bit slow this week, but it should be picking up this week. We recieved Revelation to work with Uni Students. It's close to our flat, so we don't waste time cycling and Uni Students are so much more open-minded. I am really excited for this, we are trying to become Masters of Ch. 8 in Preach My Gospel (Use time Wisely) That is essential to the work. For some reason I have a ton of Energy today... Study time was a struggle hahaha. That is well good to hear about BYU!!!!!! Right after I read that Elder sims was reading his parents email and was like "BYU Beat Hawaii!" It was awesome:-) Ummmm yeah. England rocks! I was noticing That the anniversary of William Tyndal's martyrdom falls on The saturday conference so I wonder if someone will speak on it. The last area Elder jones served in had the his monument there. It's called swindon right by stone henge. It is just right outside the boundaries. Oh something funny about our flat. Our Shower DOESN'T have hot water!!!!!!!! I FREEZE Every morning!!!! hahahaha. Good stuff. And This morning we had cookies and milk for Breakfast:-) The Gospel is becoming a bigger, and bigger part of my life. Life is exciting, and Amazing. I Believe that Jesus Christ Lived, and he taught,and is teaching us how to live, and how to die. I am Loving it here:-) It just seems like I have new eyes, I see everything in a different light. I don't really know how to explain it. But I Love you guys an awful lot. Keep it up. And I will too:-) Maybe can I get your guys insights on what you think a good Missionary is? Anfd how to best follow The Spirit in Teaching? I am trying to be The Best I can. Well, anywaqy I Love You guys. Sincerely, Elder Wilson

September 24th Email

I Loved The Emails guys. This week was tough, and good. The Best kind of weeks I guess:-) Grandpa!! I Love you. You should know that I look at the letter you gave me when I got my call often, it inspires me a lot. And Marmite is alright actually haha. I think dad, and grampa would like it a lot. Me, and Elder Jones have gotten lazy, and just eat frozen pizza's:-) You guys should see how much Ice Cream Elder Jones can Eat! He puts Ice cream in his cereal, and it actually isn't too bad.. :-) We have been working with Ki (The Mitchell's wayward son) We have just been playing football with him on P-days and we play on saturday mornings as well and he came to church yesterday! And saturday night he taught a lesson with us. He wants us to hang out a lot but we just got to tell him that we have work to do. But we eat at the mitchell's pretty frequently as you guys know:) It's good to hear from Mary! Tell her hi if you see her again. So there has been this less-active guy we have been working with a little over a transfer and he has really bad special needs, but he knows enough to know what he is doing. And he keeps lying and saying we are making fun of him, and stuff. So right before Sacrament yesterday he was yelling at me while everyone was there, and not using the best language and saying i was doing things that I wasn't. I felt like hero from much ado about nothing haha. But Brother Abley came and rebuked him, and he went completely quiet after that. I felt so alone after that but the sacrament hymn was "I Stand All Amazed" I just Imagined The Saviour giving me a hug and then everything felt alright:-) I thought that I should share that. But the week has been Amazing. We got an HQ Referral, and the girl is a uni student from N. Ireland, her uncle is a member and she has been to all the youth stuff. We haven't taught her an actual lesson yet because she was busy but basically all me, and Elder jones heard from her was "I want to be Baptised!" :-) It's True we are Teaching people from Everywhere around The world. But I always remember a letter jordan sent me telling me i was called to serve the people of England. I try, and think of that. But There are people from everywhere I need to teach as well. I hear countries all the time that I have never even heard of here it's so crazy. General Conference is coming up! Woot! I am so excited. Even though life is so much more stressful, I feel so much more at peace when I lay down at night. I know that I can know where I stand with God. And even though I still make mistakes all the time, I have still dedicated my life to Him. And an overwhelming Flow of Peace comes to me. So on P-days I have started writing songs again, and working with that more:-) It's been really powerful actually. Elder jones actually started making me do it haha. Oh! I think we are related to him from the palmers side? Did some of The Palmers ever live in Arizona? I think it was a while ago. I feel like I definitely knew Him Before. we are such good friends, I can't wait for you guys to meet him. Dad, The best angle i can give to you is just simply what we all need to do. "Forget yourself and go to work" I Love that you have the swing away thing in the office. I want to do something like that. On my journal I have a picture of Moroni with the title of liberty and The Hell Shaker bookmark on the front of my journal now. I Love you guys so much. Keep The Faith! TRUE LOVE

September 19th Letter

So... I am still in Leicester!! haha:-) I expected to stay actually, we have so much going on here. And I felt that there was still work for me here. So I'm here till at least halloween!!!!! :-) It's good to hear all went well with The New Bishop. You are The man for the Job dad. I get to be with Elder Jones!!!! Woot!!! For some reason Elders seem to stay in Leicester for a long time. Like Elder Burgess was here for 10 and a half months!!! We have some Amazing work going on here. Our recent convert Felt The Spirit So Strongly when he was at church. Oh, an update on our other investigator is that he had to go to London for surgery, and he is living with his mom in devon now. He knows it's True, but he has so much health issues. He might have a tumour in his brain. So we will just have the london south Missionaries visit him. you guys would Love him. Me, and him talked about Never cry wolf type stuff sometimes:-) Our other investigator is doing awesome! Hahaha, he has us help with English for him. And he was very confused with the words "salary" and "Celery" When he was at the grocery store he was concerned why they were asking about his money:-) But then he realised it was the vegetable:-) We played Basketball with him and a bunch of other chinese guys the other day, and that was a ton of fun! He is also teaching some chinese to me. So I can speak to chinese people!!! Our Lesson with him yesterday was really good. He told us how he has felt so alone in his life, but he is beginning to know that God is there. Sometime soon they are going to show us how to make chinese food, and I think I will cook some grilled cheese sandwhiches with Doritos!!! :-) By the way, have you guys ever heard of marmite....? Some funky stuff mi amigos. funky stuff. (Weird toast spread stuff over here) Have I told you guys about this lady we teach? Wow. She is from Nigeria as well, and she is in a wheelchair. Both of her parents died before she turned 13. Knowing that, she is like the most bubbly person ever! And she is studying "Molecular Pathology"!!! Cool stuff. But she Loves The Restoration. We had a lesson with her last week, and gave her a Plan of Salvation Leaflet to read, and when we went there yesterday she had written down everything she felt and learned in a notebook. The Gospel is just clicking in her mind. It is so Amazing for me to see. She understands things where I feel I am just barely getting a grip on the knowledge of them if that makes any sense haha. It has gotten cold, and I AM LOVING IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOHOOOOOO!!!!!!!! I feel ALIVE:-) So yeah, the work over here is progressing really well. It's kind of hard to explain everything whats going on. The Lord is Blessing us so much. I Love coming up with different ideas for finding people. Hahaha Like last week there was a spider web coming down from the tree and I had an Idea to stick a card in it so from a distance it looked like it was floating:-) so I did that, then we started leaving and this guy started walking past us towards the card. We tried to talk to him but he just brushed us off then I just said take a look at that Website! And he looked back bewildered, and then I pointed to the card. He looked so confused! haha. But he smiled and was just like "That's pretty cool!" It was great. haha. Our recent convert got The Priesthood last week, that was AMAZING. Hopefully he is blessing The Sacrament this week. I hope all goes well for you guys. I am happy. That is great to hear about Elder Brown! Me, and him have been writing pretty frequently. Us boys all over becoming who we are meant to be. I Love it. Thank you so much for your Examples. I Love you guys an awful lot. Love, Elder Wilson

September 10th Email

So we had a Zone P-day in Nottingham!!! It was way Awesome! I really liked Nottingham. We Went to The Place where Batman Begins is filmed, like the house? Yeah, we were there today:-) Then we played some Football, and American Football! I think me, and Elder Jones learned a lot of the why of the work. Haha we were actually listening to the song "Colours of The wind" From pocohontas! But we started relating that to The Gospel, and thought of just how powerful our Message is. My Studies have been focused A TON on The Saviour lately. My Relationship with Him deepened a lot this week. Just from The things I have been reading from "Jesus The Christ" Like when you look at how he taught he was an observer. He taught with Examples from the world so people could relate. he analysed the work of The Fishermen, The Carpenter, The Shepherd, a hen with her chicks, The Lilies of the field, Etc. Thats just one more thing I want to strive to be more like Him. And a cool story with that was yesterday we were a little late to church because we took an investigator, and his friend to church wth us (It went AMAZING) And so we were waiting at the clock tower in city centre and this muslim guy was kind of trying to bash us for like half an hour because we couldn't go anywhere because we were waiting for our investigator. And I was feeling kind of sad because he couldn't understand how Beautiful his Relationship with Jesus Christ could be. Then as we were talking this older guy came up to me and was just staring at my badge, and looked up at me. So I asked him if he had seen Missionaries like us before. He said he had, and that one was from Idaho. Apparently he told him the biggest potatoes in the world were grown in Idaho, So I ASSURED him they were:-) But while I was talking to this man Elder Jones was still speaking with this other Muslim guy. So this older man, whom I had now figured out was a True devout Catholic looked at the Other Muslim guy and asked if we were trying to convert him, I just told him I thought he was trying to convert us! Then he smiled at me and made a fist, and said "Stay Strong" I again Assured I would! That probably didn't make very much sense but when he said that I felt The Spirit very Strongly within me. I am so Grateful to be apart of His church. And to be doing His work. This week is going to be really good. Me and Elder Jones have talked a lot about The Title of Liberty this week thinking about where the world is going. We feel strongly about the work we are doing. I hope that I get to stay With Elder Jones to be honest. We will figure out next week, but he has helped me a lot. Oh! So Apparently Elder Brown (Taylor!) Is Companions with A really good Friend from an Elder in my Zone:-) Elder Kerr! It was pretty Awesome. I want to work harder for The Lord. I want to give this my best! I Love My Mission so much!!! At our Zone P-Day I was just so happy with all the other Elders. Who gets a chance like this? To get so close to these people, and to The Lord. Sariah, I am beginning to understand what you spoke of with My connection With The Book of Mormon. That is The Most Powerful book on the earth. You can always tell who has read The Book of Mormon before the appointment. It brings that light into their eyes. Well guys, Life is good, I am super happy. I hope, and Pray for you guys all the Time:-) I am excited for an English Autumn! It is So Beautiful here. I Love you guys, stay strong, and WORK!!! :-) - Elder Wilson TRUE LOVE

September 3rd Email

á á It was a pretty crazy week!!!! But a really really reallly good one. Last P-day Elder Anim got hit by a car when we were coming home from football so that was pretty crazy. But he is all good now. We had a Zone Conference too this week. President Rasmussen is such a powerful guy. Man, I learned so much. Then we had an Area Seventy there and he said something to us that wont leave my head. He asked us if we are living up to our privileges then we all talked about what our privileges are. Then he said "You have Privileges beyond what you can Even Imagine... You are The Lord's Anointed" I am in no way shape or form living to what I can. I want to be better. Worthy to be like Nephi calling upon The Famine and not the war because he Loved The people in whom he too was called to Serve. I want to have Righteous power to call Upon The Heavens, and to make changes here. I don't want to say that to sound Boastful, this is what all The Missionaries in the world can do. isn't that Amazing? we had a really good week! The Nigerian guy we are working with is so powerful. He is used to Missionaries being paid for their Ministry so when he figured that we payed to be here, he literally got down on his knees and Praised The Lord. (I think it freaked Elder Jones out:) ) It was really cool, he loved that. And he always talks about how we are "Winning souls for Christ" I Love that thought. It's like what President Houtz taught me at a Christmas Devotional a few years ago when he focused on The Word "Redeem" To buy back. We gave one of our investigators a joy to the world DVD and He LOVED IT!! Haha. he just randomly starts singing it, I Love it. Then, oh man. This Chinese guy we started working with. He is such an Amazing person. In our lesson we had him read Alma 7 in a Chinese Book of Mormon and after I asked him how that made him feel to know what Jesus did for him. He struggled trying to say how he felt. And then he just looked at us and said he couldn't express how he felt but then pointing to his heart he said he felt it "in here" When we left we had him say The Prayer, It was so powerful, and he felt so good after. It was SO Amazing!!! Gah!! Sariah! The Pictures of The cabin!!! That was wonderful. Looked pretty awesome. It seems like mom has had the cough the whole time i have been on my Mission haha. School starts next week? Crazy! It feels like I just barely left on My Mission! I am going to try and write a letter today so yeah. Oh!! Lorenzo is in Guatemala??? Nice! Thanks for being the coolest family ever. Do you hear from wong? i hope so. Have a good week guys. I Love you guys an awful, awful lot With Love, Elder Wilson "Swing away Merril, Swing away"

August 27th Email

Life is so Amazing here you guys. It made me so happy that you guys went to the cabin:-) It's so beautiful there. I hope you enjoyed it. The weather has been cooler but it's been more humid so even though i'm not that warm i'm still sweating a million gallons:-) So. One of our investigators was Baptised. He had me perform The Baptism. That was probably the happiest I have ever felt in my life. He was kind of nervous before but once he came up out of the water it really was like how the new testament says. "A new Creature in Christ" When everyone had gone back upstairs and it was just me, and him he told me he wanted to just stay there. He is a powerful guy, and he is already following The Spirit. He left after sacrament yesterday because his family wanted a party for him so he went but then he didn't feel good being there. So in the middle of Priesthood he came back in and said this is where he felt at home. What a good guy:-) And one of our other investigators even though he has been in Hospital showed up to church yesterday!!!!!! That was a miracle, and an extremely huge Blessing. The Mitchell's let us borrow the new EFY CD, and I am actually really impressed with the songs on it. There are a few that have really got me thinking. One just simply says "When I kneel down, I know He'll answer back" That is so simple but think how powerful it is. So many times I forget how important prayer is, and how much a difference it can make. Then another song has the chorus referring to The meaning of Life/The Gospel "It's like a Symphony, just keep listening. And pretty soon you'll start to figure out your part. Everyone plays a piece, and there own melody" Naturally, I LOVE this song because it's using terms for The Gospel:-) But it is really good too. Like sometimes as a Missionary I feel like I have no idea what i'm doing. I tell myself that i'm just a nineteen year old boy a long long way from home. But Then The Spirit Whispers to me that I'm not just that. I'm set apart as a Servant of The Lord, ready to represent Him for these people. "Just Keep listening, and pretty soon you'll start to figure out your part." Just my thoughts on that. That's pretty awesome about kit, and will:-) I Love hearing about you guys:-) I Love it here. We have a Zone Conference this week so I am really excited about that. We have some pretty solid people I think we are going to start working with so I'm feeling really good about that! I can't stop thinking about our investigator being Baptised. I think the only other moment I felt like that was when I went Through The Temple. I was talking to him on the phone last night and he said "i didn't know it would make this much of a difference" Oh! Elder Anim (My District Leader) Spoke at The Baptism. It couldn't have been more perfect. Elder Anim was Baptised three years ago and his mom was Baptised after she saw the difference it made in his life. Elder was spaeking To our investigator's mom pretty much his whole talk. The Spirit bore Powerful witness to her. I think Brandar is doing good, I'm going to stay in touch with him:-) And when the elections come can i get an absentee thing? It was so so good to hear about you going To The Temple. I wish I appreciated it more when i could go there:-) But we live, and learn I guess! Once again, Thank you for your prayers. I can feel them all the time. I will be Smiling:-) I Love you guys so much, Stay Strong. I was reading in Nehemiah today, powerful stuff. Never be afraid to do what The Lord wants for us to do. He ALWAYS keeps His end of the deal, and so must we. Thanks for being The Best Ever. Till next week:-) Sincerely, Elder Wilson TRUE LOVE

Monday, August 13, 2012

August 13th Email

What a great week:-) Hahaha I didn't even know that the olympics was over!!! Something I have found really endearing about The English is they really do love their country. Everywhere we go the people are watching The Olympics, although it's kind of frustrating with the work. But your right dad, they supported their Atheletes. I Loved hearing from you guys:-) Those are some Pictures from last wednsday! that was Amazing. England is so Beautiful. So you guys are Loving living without us kids there??? Nice! Oh, I had a dream last night that Mom was going to have a baby haha. i have the weirdest dreams now. Like I had this Dream that me, and Elder jones were trying to teach somebody but zombies were chasing after us. Crazy life. There are so much crazy things that happen on Missions... :-) Well, sad to hear everyone is sick with the whoop. I threw up the other week, I ate a bunch of cereal right before bed and then like an hour later in bed woke up with a massive stomache ache and then it all went downhill from there haha. Me, and Elder jones are getting a lot closer. He is a super awesome companion. He played Starcraft!!!!!!!!!! The Work was good this week, I feel like we could have done a lot better with member lessons. But this week that's what we are focusing on, and Faith. That is something we have been thinking about, we can accomplish The impossible with Faith. It is also a Struggle getting people to church. But I guess where there is a will there is a way:-) One of our investigators went to The Temple, And LOVED it. He is so solid. He helped a girl Teach her Primary class yesterday, and thought that was really nice. Our other investigator is still in The Hospital, We need to Promise him some blessings. We have these really nice older Woman we are teaching, they are doing really good. The Worlk With the less-actives is going really well too for us. The Lords hand is Definitely working here. Well sorry this is short, I Love you guys. I say this all the time, But I have The Best Family in the world. i was looking at the pictures of jordan and jess, it made me so happy. talk to you soon. TRUE LOVE Elder wilson

August 8th Email

Hello!!!! Getting letters/Emails just makes me so happy! Thank you! I Love you Guys! I Love The Pictures Jess! Elder Jones is a lot like Jordan, so it makes me happy:-)But He Loves Shania twain, and celine dion too though!!! hahahah Such an awesome guy. Before I forget, I have had squishy peas dad, I like them:-) And Leicester is similiar to nottingham, it's definitely not the posh part of England hahahaha.... But I wouldn't have it any other way!!! So wow. One of our investigators told us that he is going on a Mission. Can you Believe that? Do The Blessings of a Mission ever end? He told Me, and Elder Jones that he wants us to go to The Temple with him as well. Man..... So Amazing. Someone I am able to help bring into The Kingdom of God wants to share The Gospel with others. He sees The Blessings of God, and how much Happiness can be found. I was with Elder Setu for just a little bit the other day, he is such an Amazing Missionary. I am surrounded by Amazing, and Inspiring Missionaries. I learned a little bit more on how The Spirit works sometimes. On Sunday We went to go visit one of our investigators in Hospital, and read some Scriptures with him, and just tried to help him out. And as we were leaving I thought about how The Saviour taught to visit The Poor, and Afflicted. On our numbers it may have not looked like we did anything with him. But then I thought to myself, "How did The Saviour spend his time?" The next day in our district meeting guess what we talked about? How to best spend our time, and i was able to share the things I learned! One of my Favorite things ever is being a Vessel so I can say what The Lord would say if He were there. And Like Alma says in Chapter 36, it is not out of "Worthiness" of myself. It's just The Blessings of God. Sariah, your Email made me Feel The Spirit very Strongly. Thank you. Yesterday we got to talk to a Romanian guy who is inactive, he was awesome! He gave us some weird fruit thing that slightly looked like a dog poo but somehow tasted like a jelly filled doughnut! It was super Good! Oh yeah haha, I didn't get Transfered Nor Elder Jones!!!!! :-) I am really glad I get to stay here for at least 6 more weeks:-) I wish you guys could meet The Abley family as well. Brother Abley is one of the most Amazing people in thwe world. He literally spends his days just helping people. He is so awesome. I am glad Mom is doing better. I will keep Praying for you. Steroids hahahahaha. I had a good laugh at what Sariah said:-) Ummm... What to say? Oh! hahaha! We are getting another lady ready to be Baptised! We are being so blessed. We have 4 people who are preparing. I will do my best to help them. But there is this lady Val, who is 62. Really nice lady, she needs to quit smoking but I know she can do it with the Help of The Lord. We were teaching her, and she turned to me and said "I would marry you if I were younger!" So that was slighlty akward hahaha. But we had a kid who is leaving this week on his Mission to Scotland/Ireland Invite her to be Baptised so that was really powerful. We are going to be Spending The day in Bradgate park with an investigator. It is such A Beautiful place. I wish you guys could see. It is literally just like Paradise. Thanks for telling me about Mission Prep Dad:-) Maybe what you can do is make up an Investgator for these Kids so they can work with and Teach them? That's what we did in The MTC and it helped a ton. Does that make sense? haha. Well, I Love you guys. A lot. Go out and Make this world A better place. Speak to you soon. TRUE LOVE Elder Wilson

Monday, August 6, 2012

Just A Picture

July 30th Email

It's funny that you brought that Scripture up mom. I have learned a lot about that on my Mission so far, I will have to explain it in person though haha. That is so awesome to hear about Bonnie, and Wang. This week has been all over the place but So good. It was quite hot this week... But it's cooling down:-) The clouds, and sunsets here are so wonderful. Our one investigator is doing so good, he has had some oppostion from his family, so we gave him a blessing and ever since then he has been on fire. Like yesterday at church, It's hard to explain. Were working with this less active who has severe special needs, and is bipolar. So I was super stressed out with it afterr church. And the other investigator could tell I was having a hard time and he just took me aside and made sure I was alright, and told me "Just remember why your here" Man, I Love him! I wish you guys could meet him. Another of our investigators is in London at The Hospital, but I know all will be well according to Faith. I Love that guy. We have had some bike issues these last couple of weeks but it's all good. We found this guy who is from nigeria who said he will get Baptised on September 22nd if he gets an answer that The Book of Mormon is True after he prays. So that will be Amazing. today I got to go to a bird place with Brother wright, that was super cool, but The Amazing thing that happened was on the way there. We listened to this talk on The meaning of The Atonement from President skeousen. Wow. You guys need to listen to it. it awakened something in me, I can't really describe it. Like I would never want to stop doing Missionary work like Dad described. This is my life, and I Love it so much. I have left The World behind, that is such a freeing thing I wish I could describe but I'm sure you guys know what I mean:-) The longer I'm out the better I feel, and The better I feel The harder I work. The harder I work the more Blessings come. My Mission couldn't be any better. I'm so honored to be serving in England. I Love you all. Have a good week. TRUE LOVE Sincerely, Elder Wilson

Monday, July 23, 2012

Photograph Dump

July 23rd Email

Thank you SOOOOOOOO SOOOOO Much for the pictures Jessica! I can't > believe how big, and grown up they are. It was so wonderful to see:-) > And thank you for that email Sariah, I am feeling exactly everything > you wrote in that letter. A Loved Mom's Email:) That is good to hear > about our new friends from China! Chinese people are some of my > favoritest people to GQ (Street contact) They are ALWAYS so polite, > and nice. I carry around chinese passalong cards with me everywhere > for them. Bonnie, and Wong sound wonderful. > The work is going Amazing. One of our investigators is doing so well. He Loves God, > and wants to serve Him. Our other guy is a little poorly but he will get > better. He is preparing for August 18th:-) So that will be a good day > for a few reasons:-) I Love the work more, and more everyday. There > are definitely a lot of hard, and stressful things all the time. And > Elder Jones helps me to not get too stressed out about people, and > situations. So I am really grateful for him. I have been EXTREMELY > blessed with my companions. > President Rasmussen, wow I LOVE him! We had our interviews with him. > Him, and his wife are so full of Love. He made me promise to write in > my email a message from him and its "Elder Wilson is a wonderful > Missionary, and he is doing very well" He made me promise to say > that... :-) And to tell you guys what I told him about my Testimony > has never been so strong, and I have never been so happy in my entire > life. He is a great Mission Presiedent, and He Loves The Saviour. > So I have got a little obsessed with "Jesus The Christ" for James E. > Talmage... Man, The Lord has opened my eyes more as a Missionary I > think because it seems so much more clear now. The Gospel just makes > so much sense. It's crazy how small this life is compared to > everything else, and how important it is as well. > I feel like I have so much to improve on as a person, and Missionary. > But using The Atonement day by day will help. Me, and Elder Jones > studied today about mom's:-) We are like the Stripling Warriors. We > want to be exactly obedient because of our mom's. In The Book of > Mormon the sons of Helaman say something along the lines of "We doubt > not because our Mothers knew" That gives me a lot of Strength. Mom > knows it will be alright, so, so do i. > I'm going to wtite my presidents letter, but I Love you guys so much. > Thanks for being the greatest family in the world. I will pray for > Bonnie, and wong. have a great week:-) Elder Wilson > TRUE LOVE

Thursday, July 19, 2012


July 16th Email

> It is SOOO good to hear from you guys. Man, Sariah!!! Where is the > love???? just kidding:-) But seriously.... ;-) Elder Jones is a beast > of beasts!!!!! But yeah dad, > I got a guitar:-) I used it in a lesson:-) It's a cheap classical > styled one, it has nylon strings but actually sounds quite nice. > The rain is relentless, but i'm probably the only one enjoying it > hahaha. I Love the weather, it is perfect. There is always a nice > breeze, and it's just right:-) We have another mini Mission with > warren this week, i'm pretty excited for that! And i'm getting better > at football! These people don't know how to handle these two > americans!! It's funny because they do all these fancy moves but were > just a lot bigger than them so it doesn't work too well on us haha. > Oh, and the other day we pretty much bought an entire section of > cereal! haha, it's so funny. We eat a ton. we always say "A > companionship that eats together, stays together!" So there was this > drunk guy that we were talking to and we gave him a pass-along > card, and he asked us how to spell it hahahaha! So Elder > Jones pointing at the card spelled it out. It was sop hard not to > laugh, I accidentally let a little bit of a laugh out so Elder Jones > started lauging Oh man, > He is the best! He actually reminds me A TON of jordan. So it's pretty > awesome. > As for the most Important part, The work. We are going to work a ton > this week on getting new investigators. But last week was really > powerful for me. My Testimony of Jesus Christ was strengthened so > much. I could never have Imagined how good the blessings of The Lord > would be for me here guys. One of our investigators came to church, and LOVED it. I > don't even know how to express how much I Love him you guys. Before he > had this disease he was actually really fit, and was inthe army and > was part of the peace-keeping army people in Israel. As we were > talking about that, and reading Scriptures about Jesus of Nazareth. I > felt The Spirit in a way I have never felt it before. I could Truly > see Him in my minds eye doing the things I have read about my whole > life. And whoa.I was able to give him a healing blessing, and By > The Power of The Priesthood he is healing right now at a much faster > pace than they could have Imagined. I know that wasn't me, I say that > because I don't know why God would bless me so much. And in Sacrament > yesterday Brother Jarrom spoke about Jesus Christ. It was so powerful. > He was talking about the story where the two people were walking down > the road down trodden after Jesus was crucified. And then as a > resurrected being he appeared to them, and they realized who it was. > and they said "Didn't our hearts within us burn?" Brother Jarrom then > said something that I think will stay with me my whole life, at least > I hope it does. He talked about how in our lives we often feel that > our "Story" Isn't going where we wanted it to go, and that there is no > hope at the end of the road. But he said four very very very powerful > words. Jesus Didn't stay crucified. The Spirit at that point was so > strong. Life is good, I wish I appreciated you more when I was home. > Please share The Gospel with your new Friends, it is more important > than we could ever realize. > I Love you guys so much, Memories of Fishing, camping, and just being > with you guys always flood into my mind and make me smile:) I will > pray for you momma:-) Your guys prayers as i always say do more than > you can imagine. Well, it's time to get ready for some football. Just > study The Life Of Jesus, The Prince of Peace. Until next week, > Adieu!:-) > > With Love, Elder Wilson >

Monday, July 9, 2012

July 9th Email

Hello Family!!! >  > This has been a hard but good week for me. We worked a lot on making > a good map for our area so that was good. We couldn't get one of our investigators to > church again so i don't really know what to do. But another of our investigators is doing > way good, he came with us to birmingham last week to meet President > Rasmussen. I got a guitar, and I played it in a lesson, i > think that's what i'm going to do sometimes because it helped bring > The Spirit. we are starting to teach two chinese uni students!!!! They are super nice, > They really want to know if God is there, they told us > they couldn't really believe when they were in china but now they can > start to see if He is there. > So Elder Jones is a HUGE blessing. He makes it easy to stay happy > when times are hard, he is always making me laugh. Me, and him have > become really really good friends. > But yeah, we worked a ton the map last week so this week we are just > going to get down to business, and work a lot and go by like a million > less actives. It's funny how when your somewhere in your life and you think it's bad but > when you look at it in hindsight it was actually really good:-) > I got a letter from Braxton, it was good to hear from him. I'm so > happy he is going to Mission prep! Him, and McKell need to get people > there!!!! Even though I went to it, I don't think I realized the > importnace of it. > President Rasmussen is so cool guys. It was funny to hear his > American accent:-) But he said a ton of things I needed to hear. He > Loves to give hugs, I Love that! > I am excited for what is to come with him. Oh random fact, Hakuna > Matata actually means no worries! I Love hearing how to say hello and > stuff in other languages. Like Makadi is hello to people in Zimbabwe. > Just cool stuff like that. Another thing i think is really funny is > that people take for granted what they have, like people in England > would LOVE utah, and people in utah would LOVE England! haha. But I > just had a cool thought as I was walking to church yesterday when we > were walking by this old castle, and church place that had the church > bells ringing how this is an Amazing Experience I'm having. I don't > know why but i Love hearing The church bells, I can't explain it... It > just makes me happy haha. Just something that is so old. Apparently > all of the cities ending in "ster" like Leicester, Manchester Etc. > Were Roman cities so Leicester is REALLY old. And It is Amazing to > take a step back somethimes and just look at where I'm at. That is > something that Bishop ulrich told me that when he was having a hard > day je would just think where he was at and it would give him an extra > step. It helps me a lot too. > I Love you guys! "Work hard at work worth doing" Amen, Hallelujah, > and Peanut Butter!!!!!!!!!!! So basically Pb, And J's are super cheap > here and it is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me. Nobody > eats them here really. They Love Baked beans... haha. And they have > this weird stuff called marmite that they put on toast. It looks like > toe jam haha. it tastes super salty, not too bad I guess. > But yeah, I Love being a Missionary more, and more everyday. When > President Rasmussen was getting set apart he got set apart by Jeffrey > R. Holland. And Elder Holland told him that all the other Mission > Presidents getting set apart were being told that there's was the best > Mission. But he told him his really was because Elder Holland SERVED > HERE!!!!!!! EBM!!! Earth's Best Mission!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! > So yeah. GOod stuff haha. Oh yeah, chinese people are hilarious. > One of them heard that there was someone who ate somebody's face in > Ameria and was really freaked out, and she thought that people thought > that chinese people eat babies. oh man, me and Elder Jones have been > laughing a ton about that. So much funny stories. You guys will see > our Title of Liberty on The Pictures!!!! yeah!!!!!!! Well I'm gonna go > shopping then play some football. > But Before I go I have to say I Know that Jesus Christ lives. God is > my best friend, we can turn to him and He will help us. I know that > Loving someone, and having The Spirit is the only way to help someone. > Thank you for your Testimonies. I got a letter from Jordan the other > day, it helped a ton! Loving these Brits is what it's all about! God > Loves them, and so do I. Have a good week. I am Smiling:-) > Love, Elder Wilson >  >  > TRUE LOVE

July 2nd Email

> hello!!! sorry there is no periods on this email i did something weird > to the computer< you know how i am with technology>>>> before i > forget< sariah send me the Lamb of God cd< and peponi and whatever > else you feel will bring the spirit> > i already had another email going but somehow deleted it:( but life > is good i LOVE Elder Jones!! he is a really big music fan as well> and > he is super funny:) i talked with president rasmussen on the phone< he > is super awesome< i get to meet him and give him a big hug on > wednsday< i am really excited for that< > man i love being a missionary so much< its the best thing in the whole world> but somethims i feel like > i have the whole world on my shoulders haha> like with investigators > and people in the ward< i cant imagine how you guys feel as parents> > like how Jesus taught how they are your sheep to take care of and > feed> what a blessing< and what a responsibilty> we have been really > blessed with people to teach< One of our investigators wants to get baptised!!! we will > probably baptise him on july the twenty eighth> and thats the ward > camp night so we might baptise him at a lake too!!! but thats if he is > ready< and healthy> its hard for him to get to church with health > stuff so hopefully> i will pray my heart out for that> > how are you guys doing?????? those fires sound crazy> this week me > and elder jones were in a ten minute storm that was five months worth > of rain for england! there was rivers going down all the roads< it was > really crazy> i have never been in so much rain> we couldnt even move > and within seconds we were in about four inches of rain> i wish you > guys could have seen it> > i think im going to get a guitar today!!! super exciting stuff> i > just have to say thanks for the letters guys> i am trying so hard to > be the best missionary that i can be< and to be a Priesthood holder > who takes it seriously> me and elder jones have been thinking about > how we can bless our area with the priesthood> > you guys are all such good examples to me< and when i get down i > think of dad telling me to smile and i think of him smiling and that > keeps me going> so surprisingly i think im losing weight! my suits are > really big on me haha> but we are going to a chinese buffet with > an investigator today so that should fill me up!! but yeah i guess just biking > everywhere keeps you pretty fit> > the mitchells really LOVED being with you guys by the way> they are > making me the enchilatas this week so that will be really good> keep > being who you guys are< never forget the importance of the plan of > salvation< and what Jesus Christ has done for us> what helps most > during hard times is thinking of him> missionary work< what more can i > say! i love it< i love england with all my heart> but enjoy the > mountains for me! i Love you guys< and im smiling:) how could i not? >  > ps i will write a letter today >  > With lots of Love from Elder Wilson

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Two Pictures

June 27th Email

Well Hello!!!!! I am currently in chelmsley wood!!! But just for the day. It was tough leaving Elder Zundel, but it's how life is. I am with Elder Blackwood right now but my companion is Elder Jones whom I haven't met yet. I'm pretty sure he is from around utah (maybe that your friend knows sariah!) I have heard nothing but good things about him :) But Elder Blackwood is great, he is from England, and his home is only like an hour away from here! His mom sent him a frozen lasagna on same day delivery, and it was STILL Frozen when it got to him!!! So I basically laughed for like 333 seconds when I read about mom, and dad talking in their sleep. You two are so silly. The Mitchell's????? What Legends!!!! I missed them this week:( But yeah, it's so True what sariah was saying how in Utah it is very blessed with The Church so abundant, and morals so much better... haha. But The Mitchell's are SOOOOOO Amazing. I feel so at home when I'm with them. Did they tell you about warren's mini Mission???? Oh man, we wore that poor kid out. We work hard, and cycle like a million miles a day! I think it is going to be good to be with someone who hasn't been on there Mission as long, and it will be easier to focus on the work.. THE NEWS. One of our investigators is getting BAPTISED!!!!!!! On August 23rd. It is a while, but you just have to understand him. He is the coolest person ever. We had an Amazing Experience with him. We were reading from Alma 22, and in the middle of it he was like "I feel really good, I feel like God is in me" And we explained The Spirit more to him then what was Amazing to me was when he said " I just had this vision in my mind of these two Missionaries teaching the king in this palace" I was then able to Testify to him because The Book of Mormon isn't just a nice little fairy tale about God, and Living Forever. It is a TRUE book, these things happened. These are Great men, who truly lived. So He is Golden. But it's hard to teach him becasue he doesn't have a phone, and he is in hospital all the time unexpectedly. But we were teaching him, and man. The Spirit is so strong. He told us how he felt his being baptised as a baby didn't really make sense to him because he had no say in it. So we are going to be inviting him to be Baptised next time we see him. And he also extremely dyslexic, and I guess when he reads books with white page, and Black ink he has to have this see through paper that's colored so he can see the words because he puts it over the page. But he told us a couple days after we gave him The Book of Mormon he lost it, and he didn't know what to do. So he just looked at the pages, and he can read it perfectly. He tried reading other books and he still can't but he can read The Book of Mormon. Whoo!!! God is over us, He Loves us. We are also Teaching this Amazing guy from Nigeria. He is really smart, and we gave him The Book of Mormon, and met up with him on sunday.We asked him if he prayed about The Book of Mormon if it was True that he would Follow The path. And He basically rebuked us and said "Of Course I would! God is Everything in my life!!" I hope we can teach him more. I know he can gain a Testimony of Jesus Christ of who He really is. The Saviour, and Redeemer of The world. Sorry I'm telling you about everyone.. haha But we found this former investigator who is Amazing. She is from Kenya, and she has like three sons. one is only like 9, and he is autistic. And He LOVES music. When we first went to the house we thought it would be a bit dodgey because they had rap music blasting. but it's becasue it calms him down he jumps up, and down and snaps to the music. I Love being out here. This morning I woke up, and felt that I am at home in England. What a wonderful feeling!!! Oh, I have something for you guys to do! Please do this for me. Talk to Kaden, tell him I was reading from 1 Timothy: 6 and thought of him and laughed for 332 seconds! (you don't have to word it quite like that) I Love you guys! I got letters from you guys, and it made me super happy:) Because I won't have time to write a letter today, it takes about 5 days as well for me to receive letters McKell:) I pray for you guys everyday. And I feel yours everyday. I know I have so much to work on, and I'm a bit nervous for the next couple of days. But God will help me. President Ogden leaves on friday, which is really sad. He is the best. But I am SO Excited for President Rasmussen!!! He will be The Best!!!!! South ogden days?? Nice. We had "indian summer" here a few weeks ago. Sariah would have Loved it. Tons of shops with jewelry, and indian food. It was well good! I'm so happy you guys met the Mitchell's:-) They are such good people. Anyway, I Love you guys so much. I have The Best Family, and friends in the world. God Bless you guys!!! TRUE LOVE With Loafs of Love, Elder Wilson

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Another Lovely!

June 19th Email

What a LEGENARY week!!! It was so good to hear from everyone. I am learning more, and more from The Spirit each day. The letter that you guys are getting this week might be a little jumbled, because I was in a really big hurry so yeah. Wow, I Love being a Missionary. Everything about it. I got the letter from dad this week, that really helped out a ton. Around Tuesday was really hard for me last week. I felt so inadequate as a Missionary, and didn't want my weaknesses to stop The work of The Lord (I know better now) So Elder Zundel, could tell I was having a hard time so we just went for a little walk right before we ate dinner at a Members house. And I can Testify that he is a man of The Lord, he was telling me everything I needed. Then later that night at ward council, The Bishop had me, and Elder Zundel try and help him with his laptop so he could show us a video. and so we tried to get the video to load but we couldn't so we gave it back to him and told him we couldn't get the video to play. Then when he was looking at the laptop he said "Here is the lesson for tonight: Sometimes when you think your not helping, you really are." He said that looking directly at me. HE was in tune with The Spirit, and knew what I needed to hear. THEN, this week has just been a week of Tender Mercies from The Lord. At District meeting, The AP was there so he brought Post for us, and I had two letters. One from Elder Brown, and the other from Elder Lewis. Wow. Those guys have grown. They are my Hero's. Same with Elder Neumann, I got a letter from him a few weeks ago. Oh!!! So did you guys hear about Gary The Scarecrow??? I heard he won the nobel peace prize. They say he was outstanding in his field.............. hahahahahahaha. I heard some pretty good jokes last night. Like, So two birds landed on a perch, and the one said to the other "Does it smell like fish to you?" hahahahaha. So good. I am SO happy out here guys! When you just find people, and you want to do anything for them. And when you see the words that you say in weakness be transformed by The Spirit into Something that ignites desire, and Love for The Lord in people. Wow. That is The Greatest feeling. I can't get enough of it. We have been watching those "District" Dvd's for Preach My Gospel. hahahaha. I now know what The American Accent sounds like. Anyway, I think something I struggled with at the beginning of My Mission was trying to compare my life prior to my Mission to the life that I'm leading now. I shouldn't have done that. Lyrics from a Relient k song has helped me realize that. "If you close your eyes, and listen close. You can hear that chapter close, and it's all re-bound in better clothes. And you'll like the way this story goes" When a chapter closes in our life you can think back to it, and Enjoy the memories. But you NEED to Move forward. Because the story only gets better. It feels like for the first time in my life I am actually moving past the past. On Friday we weren't really having too much success with people talking to us, but I feel like The Lord put people in my Path that I needed to talk to, whom I learned A LOT from. They were Three older men, one from India, one from Kenya Africa, and the other from England who had lived in the countryside his whole life except for recently. I have been thinking of them as "The three wise men" :) The First one from India taught about hatred, and how when you think bad of ANYONE it spoils you. We still need to Love Everyone. Because when we speak ill of someone we spoil our heart, and our tongue. The guy from Kenya taught about the simplicity of life, how everything around us comes from God. He took a very deep breath and said "That was from God" And it made me think how Simple, and Beautiful life can be. Look at the tree's, the mountains, the ocean, animals, Everything is for us. Then in broken English as we were departing he said "when do something. Remember God" What a profound thought! If we remembered God always how much of our mistakes would be prevented??? And the English man didn't really say much with words, but he was Truly happy. He was petting a cat when we came, and spoke to him. And he just told us about his life. I could see he didn't have material things on his mind, the only reason he moved to the city was because his wife, and Him needed to be closer to a store. I learned so much from these people. So people we are teaching. Ashley is doing really well, he is so funny though! But he will probs be getting Baptized around August, then we are going to be inviting another family to be baptized. The mom has had it pretty rough, and she has been feeling The Spirit very strongly. I want so badly for her to Feel that The Peace she needs is From Jesus Christ, and She can reach Him By Following The Doctrine of Christ. Then another guy told us yesterday after he had been in Hospital for a few days, and had been reading the Book of Mormon he said "I think your guys view on Christianity suits me better than my past religion.... It's more concrete." Wow. This guy is ready. He was part of C of E. So we will be seeing him. Then as we were going to his house this lady asked who we were, and we told her. Then she asked if it was alright if we could talk to her. OF COURSE!!!!! I wanted to shout in joy! haha. But she talked about how she has felt completely alone, and she feels like she saw us for a reason. I told her that I KNEW she did. Her name Is Natalie, She asked us to Pray for her, I will pray for her so very much. Scriptures that have been sticking out to me are Mathew 16:24-28, and 3 Nephi 13:21. Give up everything, and serve God. The attitude I want is like from that Ruth song "All I need is this guitar, and the shirt on my back" It doesn't matter what we wear or anything like that. My Treasure is the people I'm serving, That's where my heart is. I Love you guys so much. More than you can know. I am so happy that McKell Liked the presents:) Thanks for the Prayers. It's Elder Zundel's last P-Day....... Sad. So I will be writing next Wednesday. And The Mitchell's might be pretty busy, but you should definitely call them or something. I would Love that if they ate at our house. I Love them so much..... They are the best. I best be going now. thanks for everything. P.S. I just want more music!!!!!!!!! hahahahaha. Love yo! Love, Elder Wilson TRUE LOVE