Sunday, July 1, 2012

June 27th Email

Well Hello!!!!! I am currently in chelmsley wood!!! But just for the day. It was tough leaving Elder Zundel, but it's how life is. I am with Elder Blackwood right now but my companion is Elder Jones whom I haven't met yet. I'm pretty sure he is from around utah (maybe that your friend knows sariah!) I have heard nothing but good things about him :) But Elder Blackwood is great, he is from England, and his home is only like an hour away from here! His mom sent him a frozen lasagna on same day delivery, and it was STILL Frozen when it got to him!!! So I basically laughed for like 333 seconds when I read about mom, and dad talking in their sleep. You two are so silly. The Mitchell's????? What Legends!!!! I missed them this week:( But yeah, it's so True what sariah was saying how in Utah it is very blessed with The Church so abundant, and morals so much better... haha. But The Mitchell's are SOOOOOO Amazing. I feel so at home when I'm with them. Did they tell you about warren's mini Mission???? Oh man, we wore that poor kid out. We work hard, and cycle like a million miles a day! I think it is going to be good to be with someone who hasn't been on there Mission as long, and it will be easier to focus on the work.. THE NEWS. One of our investigators is getting BAPTISED!!!!!!! On August 23rd. It is a while, but you just have to understand him. He is the coolest person ever. We had an Amazing Experience with him. We were reading from Alma 22, and in the middle of it he was like "I feel really good, I feel like God is in me" And we explained The Spirit more to him then what was Amazing to me was when he said " I just had this vision in my mind of these two Missionaries teaching the king in this palace" I was then able to Testify to him because The Book of Mormon isn't just a nice little fairy tale about God, and Living Forever. It is a TRUE book, these things happened. These are Great men, who truly lived. So He is Golden. But it's hard to teach him becasue he doesn't have a phone, and he is in hospital all the time unexpectedly. But we were teaching him, and man. The Spirit is so strong. He told us how he felt his being baptised as a baby didn't really make sense to him because he had no say in it. So we are going to be inviting him to be Baptised next time we see him. And he also extremely dyslexic, and I guess when he reads books with white page, and Black ink he has to have this see through paper that's colored so he can see the words because he puts it over the page. But he told us a couple days after we gave him The Book of Mormon he lost it, and he didn't know what to do. So he just looked at the pages, and he can read it perfectly. He tried reading other books and he still can't but he can read The Book of Mormon. Whoo!!! God is over us, He Loves us. We are also Teaching this Amazing guy from Nigeria. He is really smart, and we gave him The Book of Mormon, and met up with him on sunday.We asked him if he prayed about The Book of Mormon if it was True that he would Follow The path. And He basically rebuked us and said "Of Course I would! God is Everything in my life!!" I hope we can teach him more. I know he can gain a Testimony of Jesus Christ of who He really is. The Saviour, and Redeemer of The world. Sorry I'm telling you about everyone.. haha But we found this former investigator who is Amazing. She is from Kenya, and she has like three sons. one is only like 9, and he is autistic. And He LOVES music. When we first went to the house we thought it would be a bit dodgey because they had rap music blasting. but it's becasue it calms him down he jumps up, and down and snaps to the music. I Love being out here. This morning I woke up, and felt that I am at home in England. What a wonderful feeling!!! Oh, I have something for you guys to do! Please do this for me. Talk to Kaden, tell him I was reading from 1 Timothy: 6 and thought of him and laughed for 332 seconds! (you don't have to word it quite like that) I Love you guys! I got letters from you guys, and it made me super happy:) Because I won't have time to write a letter today, it takes about 5 days as well for me to receive letters McKell:) I pray for you guys everyday. And I feel yours everyday. I know I have so much to work on, and I'm a bit nervous for the next couple of days. But God will help me. President Ogden leaves on friday, which is really sad. He is the best. But I am SO Excited for President Rasmussen!!! He will be The Best!!!!! South ogden days?? Nice. We had "indian summer" here a few weeks ago. Sariah would have Loved it. Tons of shops with jewelry, and indian food. It was well good! I'm so happy you guys met the Mitchell's:-) They are such good people. Anyway, I Love you guys so much. I have The Best Family, and friends in the world. God Bless you guys!!! TRUE LOVE With Loafs of Love, Elder Wilson

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