Monday, July 23, 2012

July 23rd Email

Thank you SOOOOOOOO SOOOOO Much for the pictures Jessica! I can't > believe how big, and grown up they are. It was so wonderful to see:-) > And thank you for that email Sariah, I am feeling exactly everything > you wrote in that letter. A Loved Mom's Email:) That is good to hear > about our new friends from China! Chinese people are some of my > favoritest people to GQ (Street contact) They are ALWAYS so polite, > and nice. I carry around chinese passalong cards with me everywhere > for them. Bonnie, and Wong sound wonderful. > The work is going Amazing. One of our investigators is doing so well. He Loves God, > and wants to serve Him. Our other guy is a little poorly but he will get > better. He is preparing for August 18th:-) So that will be a good day > for a few reasons:-) I Love the work more, and more everyday. There > are definitely a lot of hard, and stressful things all the time. And > Elder Jones helps me to not get too stressed out about people, and > situations. So I am really grateful for him. I have been EXTREMELY > blessed with my companions. > President Rasmussen, wow I LOVE him! We had our interviews with him. > Him, and his wife are so full of Love. He made me promise to write in > my email a message from him and its "Elder Wilson is a wonderful > Missionary, and he is doing very well" He made me promise to say > that... :-) And to tell you guys what I told him about my Testimony > has never been so strong, and I have never been so happy in my entire > life. He is a great Mission Presiedent, and He Loves The Saviour. > So I have got a little obsessed with "Jesus The Christ" for James E. > Talmage... Man, The Lord has opened my eyes more as a Missionary I > think because it seems so much more clear now. The Gospel just makes > so much sense. It's crazy how small this life is compared to > everything else, and how important it is as well. > I feel like I have so much to improve on as a person, and Missionary. > But using The Atonement day by day will help. Me, and Elder Jones > studied today about mom's:-) We are like the Stripling Warriors. We > want to be exactly obedient because of our mom's. In The Book of > Mormon the sons of Helaman say something along the lines of "We doubt > not because our Mothers knew" That gives me a lot of Strength. Mom > knows it will be alright, so, so do i. > I'm going to wtite my presidents letter, but I Love you guys so much. > Thanks for being the greatest family in the world. I will pray for > Bonnie, and wong. have a great week:-) Elder Wilson > TRUE LOVE

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