Monday, July 9, 2012

July 2nd Email

> hello!!! sorry there is no periods on this email i did something weird > to the computer< you know how i am with technology>>>> before i > forget< sariah send me the Lamb of God cd< and peponi and whatever > else you feel will bring the spirit> > i already had another email going but somehow deleted it:( but life > is good i LOVE Elder Jones!! he is a really big music fan as well> and > he is super funny:) i talked with president rasmussen on the phone< he > is super awesome< i get to meet him and give him a big hug on > wednsday< i am really excited for that< > man i love being a missionary so much< its the best thing in the whole world> but somethims i feel like > i have the whole world on my shoulders haha> like with investigators > and people in the ward< i cant imagine how you guys feel as parents> > like how Jesus taught how they are your sheep to take care of and > feed> what a blessing< and what a responsibilty> we have been really > blessed with people to teach< One of our investigators wants to get baptised!!! we will > probably baptise him on july the twenty eighth> and thats the ward > camp night so we might baptise him at a lake too!!! but thats if he is > ready< and healthy> its hard for him to get to church with health > stuff so hopefully> i will pray my heart out for that> > how are you guys doing?????? those fires sound crazy> this week me > and elder jones were in a ten minute storm that was five months worth > of rain for england! there was rivers going down all the roads< it was > really crazy> i have never been in so much rain> we couldnt even move > and within seconds we were in about four inches of rain> i wish you > guys could have seen it> > i think im going to get a guitar today!!! super exciting stuff> i > just have to say thanks for the letters guys> i am trying so hard to > be the best missionary that i can be< and to be a Priesthood holder > who takes it seriously> me and elder jones have been thinking about > how we can bless our area with the priesthood> > you guys are all such good examples to me< and when i get down i > think of dad telling me to smile and i think of him smiling and that > keeps me going> so surprisingly i think im losing weight! my suits are > really big on me haha> but we are going to a chinese buffet with > an investigator today so that should fill me up!! but yeah i guess just biking > everywhere keeps you pretty fit> > the mitchells really LOVED being with you guys by the way> they are > making me the enchilatas this week so that will be really good> keep > being who you guys are< never forget the importance of the plan of > salvation< and what Jesus Christ has done for us> what helps most > during hard times is thinking of him> missionary work< what more can i > say! i love it< i love england with all my heart> but enjoy the > mountains for me! i Love you guys< and im smiling:) how could i not? >  > ps i will write a letter today >  > With lots of Love from Elder Wilson

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