Thursday, July 19, 2012

July 16th Email

> It is SOOO good to hear from you guys. Man, Sariah!!! Where is the > love???? just kidding:-) But seriously.... ;-) Elder Jones is a beast > of beasts!!!!! But yeah dad, > I got a guitar:-) I used it in a lesson:-) It's a cheap classical > styled one, it has nylon strings but actually sounds quite nice. > The rain is relentless, but i'm probably the only one enjoying it > hahaha. I Love the weather, it is perfect. There is always a nice > breeze, and it's just right:-) We have another mini Mission with > warren this week, i'm pretty excited for that! And i'm getting better > at football! These people don't know how to handle these two > americans!! It's funny because they do all these fancy moves but were > just a lot bigger than them so it doesn't work too well on us haha. > Oh, and the other day we pretty much bought an entire section of > cereal! haha, it's so funny. We eat a ton. we always say "A > companionship that eats together, stays together!" So there was this > drunk guy that we were talking to and we gave him a pass-along > card, and he asked us how to spell it hahahaha! So Elder > Jones pointing at the card spelled it out. It was sop hard not to > laugh, I accidentally let a little bit of a laugh out so Elder Jones > started lauging Oh man, > He is the best! He actually reminds me A TON of jordan. So it's pretty > awesome. > As for the most Important part, The work. We are going to work a ton > this week on getting new investigators. But last week was really > powerful for me. My Testimony of Jesus Christ was strengthened so > much. I could never have Imagined how good the blessings of The Lord > would be for me here guys. One of our investigators came to church, and LOVED it. I > don't even know how to express how much I Love him you guys. Before he > had this disease he was actually really fit, and was inthe army and > was part of the peace-keeping army people in Israel. As we were > talking about that, and reading Scriptures about Jesus of Nazareth. I > felt The Spirit in a way I have never felt it before. I could Truly > see Him in my minds eye doing the things I have read about my whole > life. And whoa.I was able to give him a healing blessing, and By > The Power of The Priesthood he is healing right now at a much faster > pace than they could have Imagined. I know that wasn't me, I say that > because I don't know why God would bless me so much. And in Sacrament > yesterday Brother Jarrom spoke about Jesus Christ. It was so powerful. > He was talking about the story where the two people were walking down > the road down trodden after Jesus was crucified. And then as a > resurrected being he appeared to them, and they realized who it was. > and they said "Didn't our hearts within us burn?" Brother Jarrom then > said something that I think will stay with me my whole life, at least > I hope it does. He talked about how in our lives we often feel that > our "Story" Isn't going where we wanted it to go, and that there is no > hope at the end of the road. But he said four very very very powerful > words. Jesus Didn't stay crucified. The Spirit at that point was so > strong. Life is good, I wish I appreciated you more when I was home. > Please share The Gospel with your new Friends, it is more important > than we could ever realize. > I Love you guys so much, Memories of Fishing, camping, and just being > with you guys always flood into my mind and make me smile:) I will > pray for you momma:-) Your guys prayers as i always say do more than > you can imagine. Well, it's time to get ready for some football. Just > study The Life Of Jesus, The Prince of Peace. Until next week, > Adieu!:-) > > With Love, Elder Wilson >

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