Monday, July 23, 2012

Photograph Dump

July 23rd Email

Thank you SOOOOOOOO SOOOOO Much for the pictures Jessica! I can't > believe how big, and grown up they are. It was so wonderful to see:-) > And thank you for that email Sariah, I am feeling exactly everything > you wrote in that letter. A Loved Mom's Email:) That is good to hear > about our new friends from China! Chinese people are some of my > favoritest people to GQ (Street contact) They are ALWAYS so polite, > and nice. I carry around chinese passalong cards with me everywhere > for them. Bonnie, and Wong sound wonderful. > The work is going Amazing. One of our investigators is doing so well. He Loves God, > and wants to serve Him. Our other guy is a little poorly but he will get > better. He is preparing for August 18th:-) So that will be a good day > for a few reasons:-) I Love the work more, and more everyday. There > are definitely a lot of hard, and stressful things all the time. And > Elder Jones helps me to not get too stressed out about people, and > situations. So I am really grateful for him. I have been EXTREMELY > blessed with my companions. > President Rasmussen, wow I LOVE him! We had our interviews with him. > Him, and his wife are so full of Love. He made me promise to write in > my email a message from him and its "Elder Wilson is a wonderful > Missionary, and he is doing very well" He made me promise to say > that... :-) And to tell you guys what I told him about my Testimony > has never been so strong, and I have never been so happy in my entire > life. He is a great Mission Presiedent, and He Loves The Saviour. > So I have got a little obsessed with "Jesus The Christ" for James E. > Talmage... Man, The Lord has opened my eyes more as a Missionary I > think because it seems so much more clear now. The Gospel just makes > so much sense. It's crazy how small this life is compared to > everything else, and how important it is as well. > I feel like I have so much to improve on as a person, and Missionary. > But using The Atonement day by day will help. Me, and Elder Jones > studied today about mom's:-) We are like the Stripling Warriors. We > want to be exactly obedient because of our mom's. In The Book of > Mormon the sons of Helaman say something along the lines of "We doubt > not because our Mothers knew" That gives me a lot of Strength. Mom > knows it will be alright, so, so do i. > I'm going to wtite my presidents letter, but I Love you guys so much. > Thanks for being the greatest family in the world. I will pray for > Bonnie, and wong. have a great week:-) Elder Wilson > TRUE LOVE

Thursday, July 19, 2012


July 16th Email

> It is SOOO good to hear from you guys. Man, Sariah!!! Where is the > love???? just kidding:-) But seriously.... ;-) Elder Jones is a beast > of beasts!!!!! But yeah dad, > I got a guitar:-) I used it in a lesson:-) It's a cheap classical > styled one, it has nylon strings but actually sounds quite nice. > The rain is relentless, but i'm probably the only one enjoying it > hahaha. I Love the weather, it is perfect. There is always a nice > breeze, and it's just right:-) We have another mini Mission with > warren this week, i'm pretty excited for that! And i'm getting better > at football! These people don't know how to handle these two > americans!! It's funny because they do all these fancy moves but were > just a lot bigger than them so it doesn't work too well on us haha. > Oh, and the other day we pretty much bought an entire section of > cereal! haha, it's so funny. We eat a ton. we always say "A > companionship that eats together, stays together!" So there was this > drunk guy that we were talking to and we gave him a pass-along > card, and he asked us how to spell it hahahaha! So Elder > Jones pointing at the card spelled it out. It was sop hard not to > laugh, I accidentally let a little bit of a laugh out so Elder Jones > started lauging Oh man, > He is the best! He actually reminds me A TON of jordan. So it's pretty > awesome. > As for the most Important part, The work. We are going to work a ton > this week on getting new investigators. But last week was really > powerful for me. My Testimony of Jesus Christ was strengthened so > much. I could never have Imagined how good the blessings of The Lord > would be for me here guys. One of our investigators came to church, and LOVED it. I > don't even know how to express how much I Love him you guys. Before he > had this disease he was actually really fit, and was inthe army and > was part of the peace-keeping army people in Israel. As we were > talking about that, and reading Scriptures about Jesus of Nazareth. I > felt The Spirit in a way I have never felt it before. I could Truly > see Him in my minds eye doing the things I have read about my whole > life. And whoa.I was able to give him a healing blessing, and By > The Power of The Priesthood he is healing right now at a much faster > pace than they could have Imagined. I know that wasn't me, I say that > because I don't know why God would bless me so much. And in Sacrament > yesterday Brother Jarrom spoke about Jesus Christ. It was so powerful. > He was talking about the story where the two people were walking down > the road down trodden after Jesus was crucified. And then as a > resurrected being he appeared to them, and they realized who it was. > and they said "Didn't our hearts within us burn?" Brother Jarrom then > said something that I think will stay with me my whole life, at least > I hope it does. He talked about how in our lives we often feel that > our "Story" Isn't going where we wanted it to go, and that there is no > hope at the end of the road. But he said four very very very powerful > words. Jesus Didn't stay crucified. The Spirit at that point was so > strong. Life is good, I wish I appreciated you more when I was home. > Please share The Gospel with your new Friends, it is more important > than we could ever realize. > I Love you guys so much, Memories of Fishing, camping, and just being > with you guys always flood into my mind and make me smile:) I will > pray for you momma:-) Your guys prayers as i always say do more than > you can imagine. Well, it's time to get ready for some football. Just > study The Life Of Jesus, The Prince of Peace. Until next week, > Adieu!:-) > > With Love, Elder Wilson >

Monday, July 9, 2012

July 9th Email

Hello Family!!! >  > This has been a hard but good week for me. We worked a lot on making > a good map for our area so that was good. We couldn't get one of our investigators to > church again so i don't really know what to do. But another of our investigators is doing > way good, he came with us to birmingham last week to meet President > Rasmussen. I got a guitar, and I played it in a lesson, i > think that's what i'm going to do sometimes because it helped bring > The Spirit. we are starting to teach two chinese uni students!!!! They are super nice, > They really want to know if God is there, they told us > they couldn't really believe when they were in china but now they can > start to see if He is there. > So Elder Jones is a HUGE blessing. He makes it easy to stay happy > when times are hard, he is always making me laugh. Me, and him have > become really really good friends. > But yeah, we worked a ton the map last week so this week we are just > going to get down to business, and work a lot and go by like a million > less actives. It's funny how when your somewhere in your life and you think it's bad but > when you look at it in hindsight it was actually really good:-) > I got a letter from Braxton, it was good to hear from him. I'm so > happy he is going to Mission prep! Him, and McKell need to get people > there!!!! Even though I went to it, I don't think I realized the > importnace of it. > President Rasmussen is so cool guys. It was funny to hear his > American accent:-) But he said a ton of things I needed to hear. He > Loves to give hugs, I Love that! > I am excited for what is to come with him. Oh random fact, Hakuna > Matata actually means no worries! I Love hearing how to say hello and > stuff in other languages. Like Makadi is hello to people in Zimbabwe. > Just cool stuff like that. Another thing i think is really funny is > that people take for granted what they have, like people in England > would LOVE utah, and people in utah would LOVE England! haha. But I > just had a cool thought as I was walking to church yesterday when we > were walking by this old castle, and church place that had the church > bells ringing how this is an Amazing Experience I'm having. I don't > know why but i Love hearing The church bells, I can't explain it... It > just makes me happy haha. Just something that is so old. Apparently > all of the cities ending in "ster" like Leicester, Manchester Etc. > Were Roman cities so Leicester is REALLY old. And It is Amazing to > take a step back somethimes and just look at where I'm at. That is > something that Bishop ulrich told me that when he was having a hard > day je would just think where he was at and it would give him an extra > step. It helps me a lot too. > I Love you guys! "Work hard at work worth doing" Amen, Hallelujah, > and Peanut Butter!!!!!!!!!!! So basically Pb, And J's are super cheap > here and it is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me. Nobody > eats them here really. They Love Baked beans... haha. And they have > this weird stuff called marmite that they put on toast. It looks like > toe jam haha. it tastes super salty, not too bad I guess. > But yeah, I Love being a Missionary more, and more everyday. When > President Rasmussen was getting set apart he got set apart by Jeffrey > R. Holland. And Elder Holland told him that all the other Mission > Presidents getting set apart were being told that there's was the best > Mission. But he told him his really was because Elder Holland SERVED > HERE!!!!!!! EBM!!! Earth's Best Mission!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! > So yeah. GOod stuff haha. Oh yeah, chinese people are hilarious. > One of them heard that there was someone who ate somebody's face in > Ameria and was really freaked out, and she thought that people thought > that chinese people eat babies. oh man, me and Elder Jones have been > laughing a ton about that. So much funny stories. You guys will see > our Title of Liberty on The Pictures!!!! yeah!!!!!!! Well I'm gonna go > shopping then play some football. > But Before I go I have to say I Know that Jesus Christ lives. God is > my best friend, we can turn to him and He will help us. I know that > Loving someone, and having The Spirit is the only way to help someone. > Thank you for your Testimonies. I got a letter from Jordan the other > day, it helped a ton! Loving these Brits is what it's all about! God > Loves them, and so do I. Have a good week. I am Smiling:-) > Love, Elder Wilson >  >  > TRUE LOVE

July 2nd Email

> hello!!! sorry there is no periods on this email i did something weird > to the computer< you know how i am with technology>>>> before i > forget< sariah send me the Lamb of God cd< and peponi and whatever > else you feel will bring the spirit> > i already had another email going but somehow deleted it:( but life > is good i LOVE Elder Jones!! he is a really big music fan as well> and > he is super funny:) i talked with president rasmussen on the phone< he > is super awesome< i get to meet him and give him a big hug on > wednsday< i am really excited for that< > man i love being a missionary so much< its the best thing in the whole world> but somethims i feel like > i have the whole world on my shoulders haha> like with investigators > and people in the ward< i cant imagine how you guys feel as parents> > like how Jesus taught how they are your sheep to take care of and > feed> what a blessing< and what a responsibilty> we have been really > blessed with people to teach< One of our investigators wants to get baptised!!! we will > probably baptise him on july the twenty eighth> and thats the ward > camp night so we might baptise him at a lake too!!! but thats if he is > ready< and healthy> its hard for him to get to church with health > stuff so hopefully> i will pray my heart out for that> > how are you guys doing?????? those fires sound crazy> this week me > and elder jones were in a ten minute storm that was five months worth > of rain for england! there was rivers going down all the roads< it was > really crazy> i have never been in so much rain> we couldnt even move > and within seconds we were in about four inches of rain> i wish you > guys could have seen it> > i think im going to get a guitar today!!! super exciting stuff> i > just have to say thanks for the letters guys> i am trying so hard to > be the best missionary that i can be< and to be a Priesthood holder > who takes it seriously> me and elder jones have been thinking about > how we can bless our area with the priesthood> > you guys are all such good examples to me< and when i get down i > think of dad telling me to smile and i think of him smiling and that > keeps me going> so surprisingly i think im losing weight! my suits are > really big on me haha> but we are going to a chinese buffet with > an investigator today so that should fill me up!! but yeah i guess just biking > everywhere keeps you pretty fit> > the mitchells really LOVED being with you guys by the way> they are > making me the enchilatas this week so that will be really good> keep > being who you guys are< never forget the importance of the plan of > salvation< and what Jesus Christ has done for us> what helps most > during hard times is thinking of him> missionary work< what more can i > say! i love it< i love england with all my heart> but enjoy the > mountains for me! i Love you guys< and im smiling:) how could i not? >  > ps i will write a letter today >  > With lots of Love from Elder Wilson

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Two Pictures

June 27th Email

Well Hello!!!!! I am currently in chelmsley wood!!! But just for the day. It was tough leaving Elder Zundel, but it's how life is. I am with Elder Blackwood right now but my companion is Elder Jones whom I haven't met yet. I'm pretty sure he is from around utah (maybe that your friend knows sariah!) I have heard nothing but good things about him :) But Elder Blackwood is great, he is from England, and his home is only like an hour away from here! His mom sent him a frozen lasagna on same day delivery, and it was STILL Frozen when it got to him!!! So I basically laughed for like 333 seconds when I read about mom, and dad talking in their sleep. You two are so silly. The Mitchell's????? What Legends!!!! I missed them this week:( But yeah, it's so True what sariah was saying how in Utah it is very blessed with The Church so abundant, and morals so much better... haha. But The Mitchell's are SOOOOOO Amazing. I feel so at home when I'm with them. Did they tell you about warren's mini Mission???? Oh man, we wore that poor kid out. We work hard, and cycle like a million miles a day! I think it is going to be good to be with someone who hasn't been on there Mission as long, and it will be easier to focus on the work.. THE NEWS. One of our investigators is getting BAPTISED!!!!!!! On August 23rd. It is a while, but you just have to understand him. He is the coolest person ever. We had an Amazing Experience with him. We were reading from Alma 22, and in the middle of it he was like "I feel really good, I feel like God is in me" And we explained The Spirit more to him then what was Amazing to me was when he said " I just had this vision in my mind of these two Missionaries teaching the king in this palace" I was then able to Testify to him because The Book of Mormon isn't just a nice little fairy tale about God, and Living Forever. It is a TRUE book, these things happened. These are Great men, who truly lived. So He is Golden. But it's hard to teach him becasue he doesn't have a phone, and he is in hospital all the time unexpectedly. But we were teaching him, and man. The Spirit is so strong. He told us how he felt his being baptised as a baby didn't really make sense to him because he had no say in it. So we are going to be inviting him to be Baptised next time we see him. And he also extremely dyslexic, and I guess when he reads books with white page, and Black ink he has to have this see through paper that's colored so he can see the words because he puts it over the page. But he told us a couple days after we gave him The Book of Mormon he lost it, and he didn't know what to do. So he just looked at the pages, and he can read it perfectly. He tried reading other books and he still can't but he can read The Book of Mormon. Whoo!!! God is over us, He Loves us. We are also Teaching this Amazing guy from Nigeria. He is really smart, and we gave him The Book of Mormon, and met up with him on sunday.We asked him if he prayed about The Book of Mormon if it was True that he would Follow The path. And He basically rebuked us and said "Of Course I would! God is Everything in my life!!" I hope we can teach him more. I know he can gain a Testimony of Jesus Christ of who He really is. The Saviour, and Redeemer of The world. Sorry I'm telling you about everyone.. haha But we found this former investigator who is Amazing. She is from Kenya, and she has like three sons. one is only like 9, and he is autistic. And He LOVES music. When we first went to the house we thought it would be a bit dodgey because they had rap music blasting. but it's becasue it calms him down he jumps up, and down and snaps to the music. I Love being out here. This morning I woke up, and felt that I am at home in England. What a wonderful feeling!!! Oh, I have something for you guys to do! Please do this for me. Talk to Kaden, tell him I was reading from 1 Timothy: 6 and thought of him and laughed for 332 seconds! (you don't have to word it quite like that) I Love you guys! I got letters from you guys, and it made me super happy:) Because I won't have time to write a letter today, it takes about 5 days as well for me to receive letters McKell:) I pray for you guys everyday. And I feel yours everyday. I know I have so much to work on, and I'm a bit nervous for the next couple of days. But God will help me. President Ogden leaves on friday, which is really sad. He is the best. But I am SO Excited for President Rasmussen!!! He will be The Best!!!!! South ogden days?? Nice. We had "indian summer" here a few weeks ago. Sariah would have Loved it. Tons of shops with jewelry, and indian food. It was well good! I'm so happy you guys met the Mitchell's:-) They are such good people. Anyway, I Love you guys so much. I have The Best Family, and friends in the world. God Bless you guys!!! TRUE LOVE With Loafs of Love, Elder Wilson