Wednesday, March 26, 2014

March 24th Email

Hello, Hey it has been a pretty good week!! Just trying to get things going here, it has been pretty slow here lately... But we will get it going, always happens. Elder Wood and I were talking about this last night just to know that we can help make a Quality area and help God's work go along. We did have a really good lesson with some people, they are so awesome! He is hilarious, and has had every sort of life experience you can imagine, and she is just the sweetest soul. And We were teaching them, and Elder Wood was asking her some way good soul searching questions and then she just opened up to us, and the Spirit was so strong. Oh I also bought some trousers for Elder Wood with my card but he is giving me cash back for it, it won't let me pull money out? And if you see some eye stuff that I bought that is because I basically got attacked by some crazy dust stuff and my eye was going wild for a bit. Then we bought some eye sauce for it, and I took an eye bath and then things were dandy! Ummmmmmmmmmmm yeah we have some sheep living outside our flat and they have some babies and they are so cute!! . I think Paula would LOVE that, I am like a son to her. I will try and see If I can work it out, it possibly might need to be when I get home but you will definitely talk to her! She is so funny... I can't wait for you guys to talk to her, and Clive. It honestly feels like they are Family to me, and I have known them forever. That Painting exhibit sounds really cool, I am glad you guys got to go see it. I am Loving Life here at the moment. I was able to talk to people in previous areas this last week so that was really cool! Part of our area is in Leicester-shire so that is so tempting haha. God has made my Mission Just perfectly. It has had a lot of ups and downs but I wouldn't trade it for anything. Well I Love you guys a lot. What a Wonderful Family we have:) I was listening to an Amazing talk about Communicating with others, but in the end it was about Forgiveness, and Forgiving. I Felt The Spirit so strongly as I Listened to it. And then I Prayed after, and It really did Feel like I was in the same room as God Speaking with Him. What a wonderful thin it is. I Hope you guys have a good week. I will still Pray for Charles. Thanks again. Love, Elder Wilson

Mar 17th Email

Hello, So It is all True. Serving with Elder Wood, living in Woodville. There is all sorts of Wood going down. I Love it here though, I have served around Elder Wood Multiple times so it is pretty cool. His family are Farmers in Southern Utah, and he Loves Music, and Mountains so we have some good times:) This area is pretty cool, and an AMAZING thing happened!! So there are these Investigators here and we taught them last week and they said that they were from Leicester and I was like...... I Lived there! So I asked where they lived, and he said Saffron lane which is The road Ashley lived on. Ashley my first Baptism? So I just threw his name out there and it turns out Dan knew Ashley from School!! How cool is that!?!!? So I am going to email Ashley and see if he can come teaching with us:) So I got an Email from Elder Lapi in Swansea (My Last Comp) And one of our Investigators died, his name is Derrick. That was way sad to hear because he wasn't even that old. I Miss Wales!! It is so Wonderful there:) Did I ever tell you guys about our Investigators? Elder Barker and I found them and they are SO solid but need to be Married and are getting Married in September so yeah gonna get Baptised. They are Amazing, but I geuss they told Elder Lapi that they want me to go there one more time before I go back... and he was pretty persistent about it, I would LOVE to do that. But I am not too sure that can happen, so we are going to try and set up a skype or something for it. There are so many people in Swansea I have to tell you about!! The Irish/Welsh Family. They Would Love to Skype you guys sometime:) Hahaha I wonder If you would be able to understand her accent...:) I could maybe get their Skype information for you guys? Oh and Pip!. SO Cool. She Lives on a farm in the middle of nowhere, It is like The Welsh version of Aunt Pat's but on a Mountain! Oh I Love it there. She has three dogs a Shepherd dog named Jess, a Doberman named Sep, and a Stafford (Bella Dog Mini style) named Poppy! So she (Pip not the dogs) saw The Blue and Red Scripture marker that Grandma made and Absoultely Loved it and was like Me and her would be good Friends:) So many things to tell you!!! The Burton Ward here is really cool too! We have the Coolest Ward Mission Leader EVER! He is so funny!! His name is Brother Watson, and is just Hilarious! I am Excited for things for here. I am Working as hard as I can but different then I have in the past. In the Past I have been just about getting the Job done, but I feel like I am here to rebuild some Bridges and work that way. Still Of Course talking to as much people as we can though:) We had Elder Texeira come to our Mission this week!!! It was Way Inspiring, I Loved it a lot. I Just want to Help the Work go Forward here!! Soooooooooooo We Just had a Kebab with the other Elders, and I am not gonna lie my stomach is doing some crazy dance moves right now you know what I mean? Something I have been thinking a lot about lately is how Important Prayer is, I feel like in teaching people we neglect to help them rely on Prayer. It is so vital, until they are having a steady diet of Prayer, Scripture Study, and Church they generally will fall by the wayside. SO Pray Pray Pray! What Got me thinking about it was in 3rd NEphi when Jesus is there. It is so Powerful. Things are just so good right now, For some reason I Just keep thinking of the Movie Holes where Stanley and Zero are on that Mountain and They Just realize that it was all Destiny what they were supposed to do. I feel like that right now, Like I am supposed to be here with Elder Wood, serving in Woodville. It is an Awesome feeling. So I Hope you guys have a Great Week, I will too! Oh we are going to try and do some Service on some Farms by the way! We helped a Less Active lady move, and we just thought it is something that we could do good so we shoud try and do it like once a week or something:) I Love you you a lot. I Believe God is in the Detail of our Lives, and Wants us to be Happy. Love is good, and God is Great! Love, Elder Wilson

March 10th Email

Hey I am sorry I thought the library was open longer but not. I am in Burtin Upon Trent ward living in Woodville. I am Serving With Elder Wood, Life is Really good. I Loved your Emails!!! I saw a picture of caden! He looks different!! I Love you guys so much. The Lord is the Light. God Bless you. LOVE Elder Wilson I will write more next weeek... I am sorry. You guys are Amazing.

Monday, March 3, 2014

March 3rd Email

Hey Zuko here. Yerp things are good. Dodge night........... Getting the call tonight. It is a pretty good chance of leaving, and of me staying. It really could go either way! So we will see what happens. This last week was really good. It is funny we have quite a few Investigators who are so solid but just need to get Married, and have the plans for it. So The Summer here is going to have quite a few Baptisms:) We have been working hard!! We started teaching this Chinese family, they are awesome! The Father came to church!! Lets see we have been working with less active's. The way the geography of the Swansea works out is that there is a TON of less active's in the towns of Port Talbot and Swansea and A lot more of them would come to church if it was closer, so I have been trying to push for work in those area's because if they opened up the branch there probably like at least 20 people who don't normally come would go. So we have some people we are working with there:) Less actives and Investigators! So it is pretty cool. I feel like I am learning some good stuff here, I Love Swansea so much. It was so funny we went street contacting the other day in Gorseinon and I had honestly either taught or already talked to like 80 percent of the people we saw!! So that is gonna be an interesting one if I am here for one more...... I Love it here though. It is Tricky helping people Invite their friends, I don't know... It is a lot easier as a Missionary though! Most of our day is filled with awkward moments so we are just used to it. But when it is someone with their good friend is tough. I Believe that it should be done in a Bold, but sincere way. One of my very very very favorite quotes is "People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care" So yeah I Loved what dad said about we are talking about Missionary work, but we need to remember to talk about how to do it too. I Love The Lord, My Life is good. You Guys are Amazing. Keep it up, Work Hard, and Live fully. O Be Wise!" God Bless you. Love, Elder wilson

February 24th Email

HELLO!!!!!!! I Loved your Emails:) About putting The names in The Temples here for sure! I have done it before, and have asked members to call the Temple. I have been thinking a lot about Leicester lately, those were some good days! What a city!! But Swansea is a gem as well! I have had some Wonderful places to be a Missionary. I Love Life! This week has been good, we had Zone Meeting, that was really good. President Rasmussen spoke to us, and I felt The Spirit a lot. SOOOO Lets see what else could I share with you? Oh! Something really cool is that we started using the ward list and going by Less active's a bit ago! And we have helped reactivate three people in the last bit:) Wonderful! And We also started teaching this chinese family!! They own a chinese take away right by us so it is way cool! We are working hard, and Feeling The Spirit! Ummmmmm I will keep Praying for Charles , and Mia. You are Amazing! I have such a Wonderful Family!!! Thanks for everything. I was able to Testify of The Work of Salvation at zone Meeting, and Felt The Spirit VERY Strong. I Love you guys, and The Lord is The Light. Love, Elder Wilson

February 17th Email

Hello! So that was pretty Fantastic hearing about Taylor, It made me really happy! I am excited to see him again! Life is pretty good here! But in a lot of ways I feel like this experience here is teaching me a bit of how I will Recieve Revelation for the rest of my Life, so I am happy about it. Thank you for telling me about your week's! Time is really short right now, but I did enjoy them a lot. Dad what you were saying about Missionary work made me think a lot about what has helped me. Sometimes I feel like I am just going out to talk to people just because I NEED to, but then there are other time's when I am going out and talking to them because I Feel like I want to help them, and I want to Love them Like Jesus Christ does. And that changes a lot for me. When I am focused on talking to THE PERSON and not THE POTENTIAL it seems to help a lot more. I do not even know if that makes any sense but yeah it has helped me a lot:) I will be Praying for Charles, and Mia, and all of you this week. And Thank you for your Prayers. It was Sunny yesterday! It was so crazy, I honestly haven't had a sunny day since I think September or October, and I had a headache because of the sun! ahha Crazy weather:) Soooooo Yep. I better go email The Mission President, I Love you guys a lot. I am a Firm Believer in Obedience, and Hard Work. And I also Believe that Love should be the Driving Force in God's Work. Have A wonderful week. God Speed The Right! Love, Elder Wilson

February 10th Email

Hello! That is cool about the weather!!! It has Still been rainy here too:) That is so good to hear about taylor too, he sent me a picture of him! It was way cool to see, it seems like he has grown. The Week was good:) I am not sure If I have told you about Elder McCray? He Is from Arizona, and is like 300 pounds and has a Full ride Scholarship to play Football at ASU! I HAve served around him basically his whole Mission Pretty Much and he is going to be out a year soon! We served around eachother in Cardiff then he came to Swansea right after I did, So we have gotten really close, I was on an Exchange with him this week. I Love the relationships I have made on My Mission, he is such an Amazing Elder. We always talk about the Mountains and Music, and we both LOVE to Work hard out here so it is Pretty GRRREEEAAAAT. So Elder Lapi is the man as well, he is super smart, and is 25 actually. I really like him:) Gah! Mission's are so good!!!!! SOoooooo Lets see I am going on an Exchange in Birmingham this week so that will be good. And Lets see... We found this guy yesterday who is really into Computers, Elder Lapi and Him were talking about all this website designing stuff and it was going WAY over my head haha. But he is really cool, and I think he will be really good:) Dad, I Hope things go well in the ward this week. We ate at the Bishops house yesterday, and I could see a lot of you in him. It was really cool, I hav really Enjoyed serving With Bishop Rasmussen here. Well I got to get ooot and aboooot. This week will be really wonderful, and I will Pray for you too of Course! I Invite, and you invite:) God Bless you guys! Love, Elder Wilson

February 3 email

** Just an explanation of the email, Tyler's sister-in-law is pregnant and we had just found out that the baby has spina bifida, it was a very intense emotional and spiritual experience. Hello, Well thank you for the emails from everyone, I am very Proud to be in The Wilson Clan at this moment. I feel a lot of different things right now, I feel like we are going to grow a lot. And Charles is going to be such a Blessing, and he will be a teacher. I feel so much Love right now, it is Amazing. This last week was a tough one for me, and this just made everything else seem so unimportant. I Just need to be Happy. And I am Happy:) Smiling, and the works! We have been working hard! Lots of drama going on with one of our investigators, but I think he will be Baptised soon, and will be ready. We are going to Birmingham again this week so that should be good! Always Inspirtaional there:) So you have been told to pray for Moisture?? We have had nothing but it over here!! It has been so wet. I thought that was funny what dad said about mom praying for rain:) It's True! So we Found this really cool guy. Well Elder Barker and I found him ages ago but we just barely were able to start teaching him, and He wants to get Baptised on the 1st of March, I think he will make it:) He is a good guy. I am sorry that this is another short email, we have some stuff to sort out today. But I am Praying for everyone, and Everything back Home. And I will Pray for Charles, I can't wait to see that little guy. He is a Fighter. Like I told Cody in my email, the thought of Him will Fuel my Missionary efforts. I Love you guys so much. God does have a plan. Switchfoot sings "HELLO HURRICANE! Your not enough, HELLO HURRICANE! You can't silence my Love" The Storms are coming, but Firm we are because of Jesus Christ. All my Love, Elder Wilson

January 27th Email

Hello, So Things are good. It is good to hear from you, and that meeting sounds like it was Amazing dad! MY New Companion is Elder Lapi from Albania! He is awesome:) Life is good here, One of our investigators needs to talk to his mom, and we do too and then if that goes well he will be Baptised on Saturday! We have a few more coming up for February too, So I am Excited. Hmmmm this coming week should be good, have some exchanges planned and stuff. I am Excited for it. I Miss Elder Barker a lot, but it is how it goes. It has been really sunny there eh? Wow it just keeps raining here:) Last week was crazy, and apparently it's supposed to get cold this week too so wooooooooot! So my Companion doesn't have a license so I am driving all the time haha. I Just want to ride a bike....:) We have some really good things that are going to happen though so I am excited for the coming Transfer. We had a Special meeting yesterday with all the leaders in The Stake, and it was POWERFUL. WE had Sacrament Meeting all together. That was a Profound Experience, It is always good but with all of the leaders in The Stake sharing in The Sacrament was so cool. IT was so Peaceful, and I could Feel The Spirit so Strong. It was like a Zone Conference after that but for The Stake:) Well I am sorry that this is short, but I do have a Deep Conviction of God's Infinite Love. And that The Scripture's Lead us to Happiness. God is teaching me a lot right now I think, and I am Grateful to be His Servant. I Love you guys, and Hope you have a wonderful week. Love, Elder Wilson

An Email from Ty's Mission

No letter yet, but I just thought that I would share this with you!!! I am way excited it is coming up soon. > Date: Tue, 14 Jan 2014 06:40:51 -0700 > From: > To: > Subject: Returning Missionaries > > > > > SECOND REQUEST PLEASE REPLY > > > > > > > > > REPLY REQUESTED > > > 14 January 2014 > > > Dear Brother and Sister Wilson: > > > Within the next four months Elder Wilson will travel home after completing his missionary service in the England Birmingham Mission. His scheduled release date is 16 Apr 2014 . We are contacting you now to obtain information required by the Church Travel Office so the necessary travel plans may be completed three months prior to the scheduled release date. > > > Missionaries should travel directly home from their missions. The Church discourages parents from picking up their missionary. However, if they do request this privilege, there are specific guidelines to follow. If you would like to request the privilege of picking up your missionary, please let us know and we will provide the required guidelines. > > The stake president releases returning missionaries from their mission service and gives them the release certificate and related letters he receives from the mission president. This is normally the president of the stake from which the missionary was called, unless the family has moved or changed stakes. If you have moved or changed stakes, please let us know the name of your stake. This will allow your missionary's certificate of release and related correspondence from us to be available to your stake president at the time of release. > > During his time in the mission field, your missionary has strengthened his gospel knowledge, while significantly improving his teaching skills. These last few months are unquestionably the most effective time of missionary service. please continue to provide your positive encouragement and support to diligently preach the restored gospel of Jesus Christ through the release date. If possible, please refrain from discussing his travel plans home. We will provide this information to him at the appropriate time. > > > We greatly appreciate your faith, prayers and support of Elder Wilson in assisting our Father in Heaven in His glorious work. May Heaven's blessings continue to be with you and your family. Please contact us with any questions you may have. > > > Sincerely, > > > President and Sister Rasmussen > >

January 20th Email

Hello, Soooo Life is good! This last week was crazy, we had a lot of exchanges and I was tired at the end of it!!! We worked hard but didn't accomplish as much as we wanted to but It was still awesome. I Hope you guys get better!!!!!! I will Pray for you. Sooooooooo Transfers are this weekk and Elder Barker goes home so I am definitely getting a new Companion, I thought maybe I was going to Train but not so I guess. That means I am still gonna be in Swansea for Transfer number FIVE!! WOOOOOOOOT!!! Hahaha good thing I Love this Place so much:) It is Amazing here, It is unreal how pretty it is. And it is a Miracle that the sun is staying out till like 4:30! A month ago it was prettty much pitch black at like 3 o'clock!!! I am going to Miss Elder Barker........ We have worked so hard, and have had so much fun. I Honestly think since I have Laughed more than the rest of my life here in Swansea! I Just feel so Happy!!:) So our investigators are doing pretty alright. New Investigators are good, Last night I had a Dream about one of our New Investigator's Partner's that we were teaching it was so weird haha. Good Ol' Missionary Life:) We had such a Good Lesson with an investigator the other day, we just talked about how she met us for a reason, and The Spirit was strong there. So The Rain has eased slightly too which is probably a good thing becauase I was getting ready to convert our car into noah's ark!:) Sooooooooo this week will be crazy, I will find out who my new companion is tonight. Then Drive to Birmigham tomorrow, help with transfers, then drive back to Swansea with my new Companion in a new car! Woot!!!! So yeah it is gonna be a different week. I am excited for it, But mostly Excited for Next week back to Regular Work:) I better get going soon. I have been Loving My Scriptures so much, The Life of Jesus I read everyday and it is so Amazing How much Love, and Wisdom he had. I Love you guys so much. And I Pray for you all the time. God Bless you! Love, ELder Wilson