Monday, March 3, 2014

February 3 email

** Just an explanation of the email, Tyler's sister-in-law is pregnant and we had just found out that the baby has spina bifida, it was a very intense emotional and spiritual experience. Hello, Well thank you for the emails from everyone, I am very Proud to be in The Wilson Clan at this moment. I feel a lot of different things right now, I feel like we are going to grow a lot. And Charles is going to be such a Blessing, and he will be a teacher. I feel so much Love right now, it is Amazing. This last week was a tough one for me, and this just made everything else seem so unimportant. I Just need to be Happy. And I am Happy:) Smiling, and the works! We have been working hard! Lots of drama going on with one of our investigators, but I think he will be Baptised soon, and will be ready. We are going to Birmingham again this week so that should be good! Always Inspirtaional there:) So you have been told to pray for Moisture?? We have had nothing but it over here!! It has been so wet. I thought that was funny what dad said about mom praying for rain:) It's True! So we Found this really cool guy. Well Elder Barker and I found him ages ago but we just barely were able to start teaching him, and He wants to get Baptised on the 1st of March, I think he will make it:) He is a good guy. I am sorry that this is another short email, we have some stuff to sort out today. But I am Praying for everyone, and Everything back Home. And I will Pray for Charles, I can't wait to see that little guy. He is a Fighter. Like I told Cody in my email, the thought of Him will Fuel my Missionary efforts. I Love you guys so much. God does have a plan. Switchfoot sings "HELLO HURRICANE! Your not enough, HELLO HURRICANE! You can't silence my Love" The Storms are coming, but Firm we are because of Jesus Christ. All my Love, Elder Wilson

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