Monday, March 3, 2014

February 10th Email

Hello! That is cool about the weather!!! It has Still been rainy here too:) That is so good to hear about taylor too, he sent me a picture of him! It was way cool to see, it seems like he has grown. The Week was good:) I am not sure If I have told you about Elder McCray? He Is from Arizona, and is like 300 pounds and has a Full ride Scholarship to play Football at ASU! I HAve served around him basically his whole Mission Pretty Much and he is going to be out a year soon! We served around eachother in Cardiff then he came to Swansea right after I did, So we have gotten really close, I was on an Exchange with him this week. I Love the relationships I have made on My Mission, he is such an Amazing Elder. We always talk about the Mountains and Music, and we both LOVE to Work hard out here so it is Pretty GRRREEEAAAAT. So Elder Lapi is the man as well, he is super smart, and is 25 actually. I really like him:) Gah! Mission's are so good!!!!! SOoooooo Lets see I am going on an Exchange in Birmingham this week so that will be good. And Lets see... We found this guy yesterday who is really into Computers, Elder Lapi and Him were talking about all this website designing stuff and it was going WAY over my head haha. But he is really cool, and I think he will be really good:) Dad, I Hope things go well in the ward this week. We ate at the Bishops house yesterday, and I could see a lot of you in him. It was really cool, I hav really Enjoyed serving With Bishop Rasmussen here. Well I got to get ooot and aboooot. This week will be really wonderful, and I will Pray for you too of Course! I Invite, and you invite:) God Bless you guys! Love, Elder Wilson

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