Wednesday, March 26, 2014

March 24th Email

Hello, Hey it has been a pretty good week!! Just trying to get things going here, it has been pretty slow here lately... But we will get it going, always happens. Elder Wood and I were talking about this last night just to know that we can help make a Quality area and help God's work go along. We did have a really good lesson with some people, they are so awesome! He is hilarious, and has had every sort of life experience you can imagine, and she is just the sweetest soul. And We were teaching them, and Elder Wood was asking her some way good soul searching questions and then she just opened up to us, and the Spirit was so strong. Oh I also bought some trousers for Elder Wood with my card but he is giving me cash back for it, it won't let me pull money out? And if you see some eye stuff that I bought that is because I basically got attacked by some crazy dust stuff and my eye was going wild for a bit. Then we bought some eye sauce for it, and I took an eye bath and then things were dandy! Ummmmmmmmmmmm yeah we have some sheep living outside our flat and they have some babies and they are so cute!! . I think Paula would LOVE that, I am like a son to her. I will try and see If I can work it out, it possibly might need to be when I get home but you will definitely talk to her! She is so funny... I can't wait for you guys to talk to her, and Clive. It honestly feels like they are Family to me, and I have known them forever. That Painting exhibit sounds really cool, I am glad you guys got to go see it. I am Loving Life here at the moment. I was able to talk to people in previous areas this last week so that was really cool! Part of our area is in Leicester-shire so that is so tempting haha. God has made my Mission Just perfectly. It has had a lot of ups and downs but I wouldn't trade it for anything. Well I Love you guys a lot. What a Wonderful Family we have:) I was listening to an Amazing talk about Communicating with others, but in the end it was about Forgiveness, and Forgiving. I Felt The Spirit so strongly as I Listened to it. And then I Prayed after, and It really did Feel like I was in the same room as God Speaking with Him. What a wonderful thin it is. I Hope you guys have a good week. I will still Pray for Charles. Thanks again. Love, Elder Wilson

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