Monday, March 3, 2014

March 3rd Email

Hey Zuko here. Yerp things are good. Dodge night........... Getting the call tonight. It is a pretty good chance of leaving, and of me staying. It really could go either way! So we will see what happens. This last week was really good. It is funny we have quite a few Investigators who are so solid but just need to get Married, and have the plans for it. So The Summer here is going to have quite a few Baptisms:) We have been working hard!! We started teaching this Chinese family, they are awesome! The Father came to church!! Lets see we have been working with less active's. The way the geography of the Swansea works out is that there is a TON of less active's in the towns of Port Talbot and Swansea and A lot more of them would come to church if it was closer, so I have been trying to push for work in those area's because if they opened up the branch there probably like at least 20 people who don't normally come would go. So we have some people we are working with there:) Less actives and Investigators! So it is pretty cool. I feel like I am learning some good stuff here, I Love Swansea so much. It was so funny we went street contacting the other day in Gorseinon and I had honestly either taught or already talked to like 80 percent of the people we saw!! So that is gonna be an interesting one if I am here for one more...... I Love it here though. It is Tricky helping people Invite their friends, I don't know... It is a lot easier as a Missionary though! Most of our day is filled with awkward moments so we are just used to it. But when it is someone with their good friend is tough. I Believe that it should be done in a Bold, but sincere way. One of my very very very favorite quotes is "People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care" So yeah I Loved what dad said about we are talking about Missionary work, but we need to remember to talk about how to do it too. I Love The Lord, My Life is good. You Guys are Amazing. Keep it up, Work Hard, and Live fully. O Be Wise!" God Bless you. Love, Elder wilson

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