Monday, April 29, 2013

April 20th Email

It has been a crazy week! It was so so good to hear from you guys. That is so Amazing with Elder MAtheus Mom! Elder Matheus is way Awesome. So another crazy story. So we had an investigator that was Baptised, and it was Amazing!!!!! He is so solid, and he is sooooooooooooo much Happier now. But from The Member who Baptised him, and referred him to us told me that he had been taught a little over a year ago by Elder Tonga in Wolverhampton. And I was thinking that Elder Zundel served with Elder Tonga in Wolverhampton! So I asked, and Elder Zundel is the Elder who Started teaching him:) So we were just finishing family work! Isn't that just absolutely crazy how everything works out? The Lord is so Amazing. So yeah, we Love him. Things are going really good. I have been thinking about how Amazing it is to Invite people to Repent. It is such a hard thing for people to change. But it is The Best feeling ever to see someone change, and accept, and Embrace The Atonement. I underestimate everyday the Power of Heavenly Father. I am so Grateful for The Experiences I have had. So other than the baptism this week, finding, and teaching was a bit rougher. We got flogged loads haha. But oh well. We went as a District and drew The Plan of Salvation with Chalk on The ground at the university and talked to people. It went pretty alright. There was two Chinese people Baptised yesterday too. That was so cool:) Things are on fire here, and it is so Amazing to see The People of China Embracing The Gospel. Is it Bonnie, and Wong coming this summer again? So the Beavers at willard bay eh? Solid. It's funny for some reason me, and Elder Matheus were talking about willard bay this week:) Good to hear about it. So Lauren will be here soon??? If she serves in The North we will see each other in a few weeks because of zone Conference, but if it's in the south I am not sure when. That will be super duper crazy. I have been really tired this last week haha. It is hard work, but me and Elder Matheus have a lot of fun. And we come up with cool things to do. Like we tell each other a random object, and a Gospel Principle and the other has to make an anology about it. Just stuff like that. Oh, so Elder Matheus Bike has been struggling so we had to Bus Loads again.... Woot. Hey, I eat loads of Bananas now. It is a bit Crazy. Mom will like this. For Breakfast I eat Porridge (Oat meal) With honey, and Bananas. It's pretty good stuff Mom. We are excited for this coming week, we have this guy we are teaching from Yemen. He was Muslim, It is really sad though because his family is in yemen still. and we are Teaching This Seventh Day Adventist Family From Jamaica. They are super cool. And we will just do some soild Finding. So Speaking of Squirrel's. We have one that lives outside our flat too!!! We Enjoy watching him. And Dad, there are these really small birds that could fit in your palm. And they have Gray on their backs and red tummies. What would it be??? They are really pretty!! Also another note Sariah would Enjoy. Elder Matheus has read, and Loves the book "Things Fall Apart" Well it has been a good week, and I think I am Loving my life. Obedience, and The Atonement are the two things that I have learned so much of. I know when I am Living in Exact Obedience of What the Lord has Commanded nothing will go Permanently wrong. And that brings a lot of Comfort to me. This world is so crazy, but "Only The Gospel can save the World from The calamity of it's own self destrction" I feel so much closer to The Lord everyday. I know that everything that was on the earth when Christ was, was brought back in The Restoration. The Gospel is Grand in all of it's details, and I Love learning how everything goes together. But it is also Simple, and that is perhaps the most Beautiful thing about it. Faith, that little Sprout grows into that Tree of Life. I Believe in Jesus Christ. And I want Him as my Rock. Everything The Restored Gospel brings is Christ's message from The Beginning. I know and Love this work I am a part of. The Life of a Missionary is the life for me. I Preach what is in my heart, and I Hope to always be filled with The Love of God. I Love you guys, have a good week. Thanks for The Prayers, and Everything. They move this work forward. Elder Wilson

April 22nd Email

t sounds like you guys had a good week, and good to hear kit had a good Birthday Party:) I can't believe she is 3! It is so good to hear about her, and scout. Things are good here. Our one investigator is still doing great, we haven't been able to see another becasue she works a lot. And we had a lot of bike issues this week. Just a crazy week, But we learned a lot. But the one investigator is set to Be Baptised this week though. He is so awesome, and The Bishop here is French, and he Speaks French. so. yeah:) We did hear about Boston, and it made me think about Sariah. I didn't get to hear too much about it. It is a crazy, crazy world we live in. It was sweet to be at an investigator's Baptism:) It is Always so Amazing to see Baptism's, and The Special Spirit that is there. The feeling of new-ness, and new fresh starts for these people. I liked The Ukelele Orchestra dad. Way cool. And yeah, That Mike turvey Mormon-Ad guy is wayyyyyy cool! You guys have Missionaries assigned to the stake now?? That is super good. You got to get to hard work now. It wasn't too much of an eventful week for us, we taught Tony. And did a lot of finding, and found some good people who will hopefully become New Investigators this week. Oh! I have to get my license here, so I have a driving lesson here today so that should be interesting. I like driving so that should be good! The Campaign for is pretty crazy here. We have to take this survey every week, and it goes to Elder Holland, and Elder Nelson to show how effective it is. Well, I am sorry that it is super short email here. Life is good, Elder Matheus is way good. And we work super super hard, and I am Loving every minute of it. I know that our constant source of Help is Jesus Christ. I know God lives, I Love you guys. Have an Amazing week. Thank you for Everything. Sincerely, Elder Wilson

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

April 15th Email

Mom, and Dad, I Loved your Emails. I can't remember what session it was in But I remember Robert D. Hales held up his fists and talked about where the Standard of The Church was, and where The world has gone and throughout The years The standards of The Church of Christ have stayed right there, and will always be there. That was probably the most powerful part to me. No matter how unstable, and changing this world gets. There will be one force, still there. Because of the Foundation of Jesus Christ. His Church will not be moved. But also, what Dad talked about in his email to me. To have something like that. Immovable, constant Always. But so ready to Embrace anyone who doesn't want to go alone. Forgiveness so ready to be given. I can't get over how Beautiful that is:) I actually listen to music from while I email too dad:) I Loved The Pictures!! The work is Great. We have two people who are committed To Be Baptised. One of our investigators is a Native American originally from North Dakota! (How Amazing????) Her Uncle is a member in New Jersey. She is so sensitive to The Spirit. and we just knocked on her door our first few days here and taught her last week. She is Amazing. She was really keen on The Book of Mormon being from her Ancestors. Then we have another investigator who was found by a member in Wolverhampton. But there was a slight issue, he speaks very little English, and speaks Latin Languages because he is from Guinea. So.... Elder Matheus Speaks Spanish!!! And He is AMAZING!!!! He is Preparing to Be Baptised on the 28th of April. My Testimony of Member Missionary work has grown. So The Lord is pouring out The Blessings, and we are just trying to keep up with it all:) Every once in a while I will have one of those moments where I will reflect on The Experiences I have had on my Mission, and can't explain how close I feel to The Experiences, and people I have met on my Mission. Missionary work forges the most unusual, and un-breakable friendships. Yep. Things are going really good. What else? I think My Testimony of The Scriptures grows more, and more Everyday. I am reading about Paul, and it makes me so Excited to be where I am. And how Missionary work really is Hard work in everything. Me, and Elder Matheus are SOO Tired every night!!! But I Love it so much. One of The Best feelings ever. Guess what else?:) Another of our investigators is getting Baptised on Friday. The Lord weaves us exactly where we need to be. He knew he needed help, and not out of Worthiness out of me or Elder VK. But we were able to find him with God's hand behind us. I wish you guys could see the change in him. Literally becoming new. Fresh, and Clean. I have NEVER seen someone change so much in so little of time. It was such a sweet experience sitting by him at conference. I can't remember who it was, but when I was sitting by him a speaker was talking about Missionaries, and Their Converts:) And because it is close I get to go there with Elder Matheus. I am grateful that Elder Matheus gets to see that in England we do Baptise no matter what other people say because this is God's work, not man's. Hey guess what song I am Listening to? O Holy Night:) Anyway, I am going to go watch some Mormon Messages. Then go Grocery Shopping. Mom! We made a list of everything we are eating this week, and made a grocery list, and it reminded me of you. Believe it or not I have Loved being really organised:) "Silent Night" just sayin'. And that makes me SOOOOOOOOOOOOO Happy that kit Loves Nicola's Book:) That made my whole day reading that. Well, I Love you guys. Thanks for your goodness , I know you will be Blessed for it. And Thanks for inspiring me Because my Mission is yours too, and you play a huge part in Blessing people's lives here. I know this really is God's work, and I am more Converted to Christ now more than ever. I want to build everything I have on That Perfect Son of God. The Saviour of the World. With Love, Elder Wilson

April 8th Email

I don't even know how to express my feelings. I Love The words of Prophets and Apostles. It is so good to hear things are good for you guys. Dad, I meant that My Companion is 18:) We met some really good people this week. My Birthday was good, it was Special because we got to Preach The Gospel then hear a Prophets Voice. And Elder Jones is The District Leader in the District next to us and so I got to see him at the stake center and he gave me a really meaningful Letter to me on saturday. In the Beginning of Preach My Gospel it says that More Happiness waits than you have ever expeienced as you labor among those whom you are called to serve. I had no Idea how true that statement would be. I wish you could feel what I feel when I think of the friends, and memories I have had. It seems as if no one could have ever been more happy, or Blessed. On Friday we had Katy, and Adam from Lincoln come have Lunch with us and that was really really Wonderful! The work has been moving a long. We couldn't get anyone to Conference. Which was hard, but you move on. Simon was there and I couldn't believe he has changed even in a few weeks. Miracles happen everyday! Oh so Language study is pretty cool We will do Role play's in Chinese! Well......... He will Speak in Chinese then will translate into English for me:) But I am picking up like 2 percent of what he says:) And then while he is studying and Grammar I will go cook some Super good lunch! (Sort of) And I Listen to Talks and stuff. Anyway, I Loved all of The talks. All were so good. There is so much good in this troubled world. And Because we Love it we can not shy away and say it's doing alright. I LOVED Elder Bednar's talk, and Elder L. Tom. Perry's talk. So Bold. I want you guys to know that I know that I do know that The Lord Lives. And God's Presence walks with us more than we think. The Authority I have as a Missionary is real. When I use it in Righteousness. And to bless the lives of The Children of God. The Priesthood is a real power. Thank you for The Prayers. They help so much more than probably any of us understand. Love, Elder Wilson

April 1st Email

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey. New Area? AMAZING. Companion: Elder Matheus? (Same person as Elder Vilchez, long story...) AMAZING! He Speaks chinese, and Spanish and I just give em' a good thumbs up and Smile:) Haha it's Great. In The three days we had to work in the Area we got 6 new Investigators! I know it wasn't us at all. It's The Lord Because your Prayers, and others Prayers for us. People around here just listen! It's amazing!! We had a bunch of people who just let us in right off the bat. So we just had to SWING AWAY. :) But yeah, we started teaching a Family from The Caribbean a guy from Zimbabwe, and an English guy. And got a ton of Chinese Potential Investigators, and just loads of Success in General. It was really good for Elder Matheus to have that to start with. He has Heaps of Faith, So I Love having him set the goals at Nightly Planning because that ensures we will Have a lot of work to live up to The next day:) He is an Amazing kid, one of these Army of 18. I Love Training Him! I want to do this for the rest of My Mission!! But Anyway, sounds like you guys had a Great week!!! Easter egg hunt? That's sweet. And Mom, and Dad. Your Answers to my question were Perfect. We had Interviews this last week, and I was talking to President Rasmussen about Receiving Revelation. It is so Amazing How Heavenly Father knows how to guide all of us, and individually what we will Respond to. I heard about Simon some more, and He shaved off his beard and hasn't been Drinking at all. It is So good to hear that. The Atonement of Jesus Christ is so much powerful than I ever could of thought. I learned a lot about Heavenly Father's Patience, and Love for us Teaching him. I am so Happy that I will get to go to his Baptism and See him at General Conference! Oh By The Way!!! the lady we found in Lincoln playing The guitar at The Catholic Church? She Got Baptised on Saturday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got to call her Friday afternoon:) My Heart is so full you guys. I Love when Dad tells me all about The Sports:) And I can't Believe how much Missionaries are coming out! I feel super Bad for all The Mission Presidents having to deal with all these things. They are struggling getting enough flats in our Mission. But this is The Lord's work so Hakuna Matata! So yeah. We are working hard, Loving life. I Love My Mission. I Love Elder Matheus! And I Love The Lord. Dedicated Service to Him is so so much more in return than I could ever Put out. Anyway, me and The Elders are going to have a game of Risk so....... yeah. I Love you guys!! Truly, Thank you for The Prayers. Love, Elder Wilson