Wednesday, April 17, 2013

April 15th Email

Mom, and Dad, I Loved your Emails. I can't remember what session it was in But I remember Robert D. Hales held up his fists and talked about where the Standard of The Church was, and where The world has gone and throughout The years The standards of The Church of Christ have stayed right there, and will always be there. That was probably the most powerful part to me. No matter how unstable, and changing this world gets. There will be one force, still there. Because of the Foundation of Jesus Christ. His Church will not be moved. But also, what Dad talked about in his email to me. To have something like that. Immovable, constant Always. But so ready to Embrace anyone who doesn't want to go alone. Forgiveness so ready to be given. I can't get over how Beautiful that is:) I actually listen to music from while I email too dad:) I Loved The Pictures!! The work is Great. We have two people who are committed To Be Baptised. One of our investigators is a Native American originally from North Dakota! (How Amazing????) Her Uncle is a member in New Jersey. She is so sensitive to The Spirit. and we just knocked on her door our first few days here and taught her last week. She is Amazing. She was really keen on The Book of Mormon being from her Ancestors. Then we have another investigator who was found by a member in Wolverhampton. But there was a slight issue, he speaks very little English, and speaks Latin Languages because he is from Guinea. So.... Elder Matheus Speaks Spanish!!! And He is AMAZING!!!! He is Preparing to Be Baptised on the 28th of April. My Testimony of Member Missionary work has grown. So The Lord is pouring out The Blessings, and we are just trying to keep up with it all:) Every once in a while I will have one of those moments where I will reflect on The Experiences I have had on my Mission, and can't explain how close I feel to The Experiences, and people I have met on my Mission. Missionary work forges the most unusual, and un-breakable friendships. Yep. Things are going really good. What else? I think My Testimony of The Scriptures grows more, and more Everyday. I am reading about Paul, and it makes me so Excited to be where I am. And how Missionary work really is Hard work in everything. Me, and Elder Matheus are SOO Tired every night!!! But I Love it so much. One of The Best feelings ever. Guess what else?:) Another of our investigators is getting Baptised on Friday. The Lord weaves us exactly where we need to be. He knew he needed help, and not out of Worthiness out of me or Elder VK. But we were able to find him with God's hand behind us. I wish you guys could see the change in him. Literally becoming new. Fresh, and Clean. I have NEVER seen someone change so much in so little of time. It was such a sweet experience sitting by him at conference. I can't remember who it was, but when I was sitting by him a speaker was talking about Missionaries, and Their Converts:) And because it is close I get to go there with Elder Matheus. I am grateful that Elder Matheus gets to see that in England we do Baptise no matter what other people say because this is God's work, not man's. Hey guess what song I am Listening to? O Holy Night:) Anyway, I am going to go watch some Mormon Messages. Then go Grocery Shopping. Mom! We made a list of everything we are eating this week, and made a grocery list, and it reminded me of you. Believe it or not I have Loved being really organised:) "Silent Night" just sayin'. And that makes me SOOOOOOOOOOOOO Happy that kit Loves Nicola's Book:) That made my whole day reading that. Well, I Love you guys. Thanks for your goodness , I know you will be Blessed for it. And Thanks for inspiring me Because my Mission is yours too, and you play a huge part in Blessing people's lives here. I know this really is God's work, and I am more Converted to Christ now more than ever. I want to build everything I have on That Perfect Son of God. The Saviour of the World. With Love, Elder Wilson

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