Monday, April 29, 2013

April 20th Email

It has been a crazy week! It was so so good to hear from you guys. That is so Amazing with Elder MAtheus Mom! Elder Matheus is way Awesome. So another crazy story. So we had an investigator that was Baptised, and it was Amazing!!!!! He is so solid, and he is sooooooooooooo much Happier now. But from The Member who Baptised him, and referred him to us told me that he had been taught a little over a year ago by Elder Tonga in Wolverhampton. And I was thinking that Elder Zundel served with Elder Tonga in Wolverhampton! So I asked, and Elder Zundel is the Elder who Started teaching him:) So we were just finishing family work! Isn't that just absolutely crazy how everything works out? The Lord is so Amazing. So yeah, we Love him. Things are going really good. I have been thinking about how Amazing it is to Invite people to Repent. It is such a hard thing for people to change. But it is The Best feeling ever to see someone change, and accept, and Embrace The Atonement. I underestimate everyday the Power of Heavenly Father. I am so Grateful for The Experiences I have had. So other than the baptism this week, finding, and teaching was a bit rougher. We got flogged loads haha. But oh well. We went as a District and drew The Plan of Salvation with Chalk on The ground at the university and talked to people. It went pretty alright. There was two Chinese people Baptised yesterday too. That was so cool:) Things are on fire here, and it is so Amazing to see The People of China Embracing The Gospel. Is it Bonnie, and Wong coming this summer again? So the Beavers at willard bay eh? Solid. It's funny for some reason me, and Elder Matheus were talking about willard bay this week:) Good to hear about it. So Lauren will be here soon??? If she serves in The North we will see each other in a few weeks because of zone Conference, but if it's in the south I am not sure when. That will be super duper crazy. I have been really tired this last week haha. It is hard work, but me and Elder Matheus have a lot of fun. And we come up with cool things to do. Like we tell each other a random object, and a Gospel Principle and the other has to make an anology about it. Just stuff like that. Oh, so Elder Matheus Bike has been struggling so we had to Bus Loads again.... Woot. Hey, I eat loads of Bananas now. It is a bit Crazy. Mom will like this. For Breakfast I eat Porridge (Oat meal) With honey, and Bananas. It's pretty good stuff Mom. We are excited for this coming week, we have this guy we are teaching from Yemen. He was Muslim, It is really sad though because his family is in yemen still. and we are Teaching This Seventh Day Adventist Family From Jamaica. They are super cool. And we will just do some soild Finding. So Speaking of Squirrel's. We have one that lives outside our flat too!!! We Enjoy watching him. And Dad, there are these really small birds that could fit in your palm. And they have Gray on their backs and red tummies. What would it be??? They are really pretty!! Also another note Sariah would Enjoy. Elder Matheus has read, and Loves the book "Things Fall Apart" Well it has been a good week, and I think I am Loving my life. Obedience, and The Atonement are the two things that I have learned so much of. I know when I am Living in Exact Obedience of What the Lord has Commanded nothing will go Permanently wrong. And that brings a lot of Comfort to me. This world is so crazy, but "Only The Gospel can save the World from The calamity of it's own self destrction" I feel so much closer to The Lord everyday. I know that everything that was on the earth when Christ was, was brought back in The Restoration. The Gospel is Grand in all of it's details, and I Love learning how everything goes together. But it is also Simple, and that is perhaps the most Beautiful thing about it. Faith, that little Sprout grows into that Tree of Life. I Believe in Jesus Christ. And I want Him as my Rock. Everything The Restored Gospel brings is Christ's message from The Beginning. I know and Love this work I am a part of. The Life of a Missionary is the life for me. I Preach what is in my heart, and I Hope to always be filled with The Love of God. I Love you guys, have a good week. Thanks for The Prayers, and Everything. They move this work forward. Elder Wilson

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