Wednesday, April 17, 2013

April 1st Email

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey. New Area? AMAZING. Companion: Elder Matheus? (Same person as Elder Vilchez, long story...) AMAZING! He Speaks chinese, and Spanish and I just give em' a good thumbs up and Smile:) Haha it's Great. In The three days we had to work in the Area we got 6 new Investigators! I know it wasn't us at all. It's The Lord Because your Prayers, and others Prayers for us. People around here just listen! It's amazing!! We had a bunch of people who just let us in right off the bat. So we just had to SWING AWAY. :) But yeah, we started teaching a Family from The Caribbean a guy from Zimbabwe, and an English guy. And got a ton of Chinese Potential Investigators, and just loads of Success in General. It was really good for Elder Matheus to have that to start with. He has Heaps of Faith, So I Love having him set the goals at Nightly Planning because that ensures we will Have a lot of work to live up to The next day:) He is an Amazing kid, one of these Army of 18. I Love Training Him! I want to do this for the rest of My Mission!! But Anyway, sounds like you guys had a Great week!!! Easter egg hunt? That's sweet. And Mom, and Dad. Your Answers to my question were Perfect. We had Interviews this last week, and I was talking to President Rasmussen about Receiving Revelation. It is so Amazing How Heavenly Father knows how to guide all of us, and individually what we will Respond to. I heard about Simon some more, and He shaved off his beard and hasn't been Drinking at all. It is So good to hear that. The Atonement of Jesus Christ is so much powerful than I ever could of thought. I learned a lot about Heavenly Father's Patience, and Love for us Teaching him. I am so Happy that I will get to go to his Baptism and See him at General Conference! Oh By The Way!!! the lady we found in Lincoln playing The guitar at The Catholic Church? She Got Baptised on Saturday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got to call her Friday afternoon:) My Heart is so full you guys. I Love when Dad tells me all about The Sports:) And I can't Believe how much Missionaries are coming out! I feel super Bad for all The Mission Presidents having to deal with all these things. They are struggling getting enough flats in our Mission. But this is The Lord's work so Hakuna Matata! So yeah. We are working hard, Loving life. I Love My Mission. I Love Elder Matheus! And I Love The Lord. Dedicated Service to Him is so so much more in return than I could ever Put out. Anyway, me and The Elders are going to have a game of Risk so....... yeah. I Love you guys!! Truly, Thank you for The Prayers. Love, Elder Wilson

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