Monday, October 1, 2012

October 1st Email

Hello Family!!!!! :-) I found it quite Amusing that mom went down that slide:-) Wish I could have seen it!!! :-) Twas a good week. Got to go to nottingham again for a Zone meeting. I learned a ton there! Sounds like you guys are doing good:-) Can I have Caden's adress next week or something? I have been wanting to write that guy a letter! And Sariah, Have you heard anything from Jared from work? I am EXTREMELY Excited in waiting for General Conference. I have so many questions in my heart. Lately I have been thinking a lot about The Scripture "Be ye clean that bear the vessels of The Lord" I just keep imagining myself as a ship relying Completely on The Lord's Wind. The work was a bit slow this week, but it should be picking up this week. We recieved Revelation to work with Uni Students. It's close to our flat, so we don't waste time cycling and Uni Students are so much more open-minded. I am really excited for this, we are trying to become Masters of Ch. 8 in Preach My Gospel (Use time Wisely) That is essential to the work. For some reason I have a ton of Energy today... Study time was a struggle hahaha. That is well good to hear about BYU!!!!!! Right after I read that Elder sims was reading his parents email and was like "BYU Beat Hawaii!" It was awesome:-) Ummmm yeah. England rocks! I was noticing That the anniversary of William Tyndal's martyrdom falls on The saturday conference so I wonder if someone will speak on it. The last area Elder jones served in had the his monument there. It's called swindon right by stone henge. It is just right outside the boundaries. Oh something funny about our flat. Our Shower DOESN'T have hot water!!!!!!!! I FREEZE Every morning!!!! hahahaha. Good stuff. And This morning we had cookies and milk for Breakfast:-) The Gospel is becoming a bigger, and bigger part of my life. Life is exciting, and Amazing. I Believe that Jesus Christ Lived, and he taught,and is teaching us how to live, and how to die. I am Loving it here:-) It just seems like I have new eyes, I see everything in a different light. I don't really know how to explain it. But I Love you guys an awful lot. Keep it up. And I will too:-) Maybe can I get your guys insights on what you think a good Missionary is? Anfd how to best follow The Spirit in Teaching? I am trying to be The Best I can. Well, anywaqy I Love You guys. Sincerely, Elder Wilson

September 24th Email

I Loved The Emails guys. This week was tough, and good. The Best kind of weeks I guess:-) Grandpa!! I Love you. You should know that I look at the letter you gave me when I got my call often, it inspires me a lot. And Marmite is alright actually haha. I think dad, and grampa would like it a lot. Me, and Elder Jones have gotten lazy, and just eat frozen pizza's:-) You guys should see how much Ice Cream Elder Jones can Eat! He puts Ice cream in his cereal, and it actually isn't too bad.. :-) We have been working with Ki (The Mitchell's wayward son) We have just been playing football with him on P-days and we play on saturday mornings as well and he came to church yesterday! And saturday night he taught a lesson with us. He wants us to hang out a lot but we just got to tell him that we have work to do. But we eat at the mitchell's pretty frequently as you guys know:) It's good to hear from Mary! Tell her hi if you see her again. So there has been this less-active guy we have been working with a little over a transfer and he has really bad special needs, but he knows enough to know what he is doing. And he keeps lying and saying we are making fun of him, and stuff. So right before Sacrament yesterday he was yelling at me while everyone was there, and not using the best language and saying i was doing things that I wasn't. I felt like hero from much ado about nothing haha. But Brother Abley came and rebuked him, and he went completely quiet after that. I felt so alone after that but the sacrament hymn was "I Stand All Amazed" I just Imagined The Saviour giving me a hug and then everything felt alright:-) I thought that I should share that. But the week has been Amazing. We got an HQ Referral, and the girl is a uni student from N. Ireland, her uncle is a member and she has been to all the youth stuff. We haven't taught her an actual lesson yet because she was busy but basically all me, and Elder jones heard from her was "I want to be Baptised!" :-) It's True we are Teaching people from Everywhere around The world. But I always remember a letter jordan sent me telling me i was called to serve the people of England. I try, and think of that. But There are people from everywhere I need to teach as well. I hear countries all the time that I have never even heard of here it's so crazy. General Conference is coming up! Woot! I am so excited. Even though life is so much more stressful, I feel so much more at peace when I lay down at night. I know that I can know where I stand with God. And even though I still make mistakes all the time, I have still dedicated my life to Him. And an overwhelming Flow of Peace comes to me. So on P-days I have started writing songs again, and working with that more:-) It's been really powerful actually. Elder jones actually started making me do it haha. Oh! I think we are related to him from the palmers side? Did some of The Palmers ever live in Arizona? I think it was a while ago. I feel like I definitely knew Him Before. we are such good friends, I can't wait for you guys to meet him. Dad, The best angle i can give to you is just simply what we all need to do. "Forget yourself and go to work" I Love that you have the swing away thing in the office. I want to do something like that. On my journal I have a picture of Moroni with the title of liberty and The Hell Shaker bookmark on the front of my journal now. I Love you guys so much. Keep The Faith! TRUE LOVE

September 19th Letter

So... I am still in Leicester!! haha:-) I expected to stay actually, we have so much going on here. And I felt that there was still work for me here. So I'm here till at least halloween!!!!! :-) It's good to hear all went well with The New Bishop. You are The man for the Job dad. I get to be with Elder Jones!!!! Woot!!! For some reason Elders seem to stay in Leicester for a long time. Like Elder Burgess was here for 10 and a half months!!! We have some Amazing work going on here. Our recent convert Felt The Spirit So Strongly when he was at church. Oh, an update on our other investigator is that he had to go to London for surgery, and he is living with his mom in devon now. He knows it's True, but he has so much health issues. He might have a tumour in his brain. So we will just have the london south Missionaries visit him. you guys would Love him. Me, and him talked about Never cry wolf type stuff sometimes:-) Our other investigator is doing awesome! Hahaha, he has us help with English for him. And he was very confused with the words "salary" and "Celery" When he was at the grocery store he was concerned why they were asking about his money:-) But then he realised it was the vegetable:-) We played Basketball with him and a bunch of other chinese guys the other day, and that was a ton of fun! He is also teaching some chinese to me. So I can speak to chinese people!!! Our Lesson with him yesterday was really good. He told us how he has felt so alone in his life, but he is beginning to know that God is there. Sometime soon they are going to show us how to make chinese food, and I think I will cook some grilled cheese sandwhiches with Doritos!!! :-) By the way, have you guys ever heard of marmite....? Some funky stuff mi amigos. funky stuff. (Weird toast spread stuff over here) Have I told you guys about this lady we teach? Wow. She is from Nigeria as well, and she is in a wheelchair. Both of her parents died before she turned 13. Knowing that, she is like the most bubbly person ever! And she is studying "Molecular Pathology"!!! Cool stuff. But she Loves The Restoration. We had a lesson with her last week, and gave her a Plan of Salvation Leaflet to read, and when we went there yesterday she had written down everything she felt and learned in a notebook. The Gospel is just clicking in her mind. It is so Amazing for me to see. She understands things where I feel I am just barely getting a grip on the knowledge of them if that makes any sense haha. It has gotten cold, and I AM LOVING IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOHOOOOOO!!!!!!!! I feel ALIVE:-) So yeah, the work over here is progressing really well. It's kind of hard to explain everything whats going on. The Lord is Blessing us so much. I Love coming up with different ideas for finding people. Hahaha Like last week there was a spider web coming down from the tree and I had an Idea to stick a card in it so from a distance it looked like it was floating:-) so I did that, then we started leaving and this guy started walking past us towards the card. We tried to talk to him but he just brushed us off then I just said take a look at that Website! And he looked back bewildered, and then I pointed to the card. He looked so confused! haha. But he smiled and was just like "That's pretty cool!" It was great. haha. Our recent convert got The Priesthood last week, that was AMAZING. Hopefully he is blessing The Sacrament this week. I hope all goes well for you guys. I am happy. That is great to hear about Elder Brown! Me, and him have been writing pretty frequently. Us boys all over becoming who we are meant to be. I Love it. Thank you so much for your Examples. I Love you guys an awful lot. Love, Elder Wilson

September 10th Email

So we had a Zone P-day in Nottingham!!! It was way Awesome! I really liked Nottingham. We Went to The Place where Batman Begins is filmed, like the house? Yeah, we were there today:-) Then we played some Football, and American Football! I think me, and Elder Jones learned a lot of the why of the work. Haha we were actually listening to the song "Colours of The wind" From pocohontas! But we started relating that to The Gospel, and thought of just how powerful our Message is. My Studies have been focused A TON on The Saviour lately. My Relationship with Him deepened a lot this week. Just from The things I have been reading from "Jesus The Christ" Like when you look at how he taught he was an observer. He taught with Examples from the world so people could relate. he analysed the work of The Fishermen, The Carpenter, The Shepherd, a hen with her chicks, The Lilies of the field, Etc. Thats just one more thing I want to strive to be more like Him. And a cool story with that was yesterday we were a little late to church because we took an investigator, and his friend to church wth us (It went AMAZING) And so we were waiting at the clock tower in city centre and this muslim guy was kind of trying to bash us for like half an hour because we couldn't go anywhere because we were waiting for our investigator. And I was feeling kind of sad because he couldn't understand how Beautiful his Relationship with Jesus Christ could be. Then as we were talking this older guy came up to me and was just staring at my badge, and looked up at me. So I asked him if he had seen Missionaries like us before. He said he had, and that one was from Idaho. Apparently he told him the biggest potatoes in the world were grown in Idaho, So I ASSURED him they were:-) But while I was talking to this man Elder Jones was still speaking with this other Muslim guy. So this older man, whom I had now figured out was a True devout Catholic looked at the Other Muslim guy and asked if we were trying to convert him, I just told him I thought he was trying to convert us! Then he smiled at me and made a fist, and said "Stay Strong" I again Assured I would! That probably didn't make very much sense but when he said that I felt The Spirit very Strongly within me. I am so Grateful to be apart of His church. And to be doing His work. This week is going to be really good. Me and Elder Jones have talked a lot about The Title of Liberty this week thinking about where the world is going. We feel strongly about the work we are doing. I hope that I get to stay With Elder Jones to be honest. We will figure out next week, but he has helped me a lot. Oh! So Apparently Elder Brown (Taylor!) Is Companions with A really good Friend from an Elder in my Zone:-) Elder Kerr! It was pretty Awesome. I want to work harder for The Lord. I want to give this my best! I Love My Mission so much!!! At our Zone P-Day I was just so happy with all the other Elders. Who gets a chance like this? To get so close to these people, and to The Lord. Sariah, I am beginning to understand what you spoke of with My connection With The Book of Mormon. That is The Most Powerful book on the earth. You can always tell who has read The Book of Mormon before the appointment. It brings that light into their eyes. Well guys, Life is good, I am super happy. I hope, and Pray for you guys all the Time:-) I am excited for an English Autumn! It is So Beautiful here. I Love you guys, stay strong, and WORK!!! :-) - Elder Wilson TRUE LOVE

September 3rd Email

á á It was a pretty crazy week!!!! But a really really reallly good one. Last P-day Elder Anim got hit by a car when we were coming home from football so that was pretty crazy. But he is all good now. We had a Zone Conference too this week. President Rasmussen is such a powerful guy. Man, I learned so much. Then we had an Area Seventy there and he said something to us that wont leave my head. He asked us if we are living up to our privileges then we all talked about what our privileges are. Then he said "You have Privileges beyond what you can Even Imagine... You are The Lord's Anointed" I am in no way shape or form living to what I can. I want to be better. Worthy to be like Nephi calling upon The Famine and not the war because he Loved The people in whom he too was called to Serve. I want to have Righteous power to call Upon The Heavens, and to make changes here. I don't want to say that to sound Boastful, this is what all The Missionaries in the world can do. isn't that Amazing? we had a really good week! The Nigerian guy we are working with is so powerful. He is used to Missionaries being paid for their Ministry so when he figured that we payed to be here, he literally got down on his knees and Praised The Lord. (I think it freaked Elder Jones out:) ) It was really cool, he loved that. And he always talks about how we are "Winning souls for Christ" I Love that thought. It's like what President Houtz taught me at a Christmas Devotional a few years ago when he focused on The Word "Redeem" To buy back. We gave one of our investigators a joy to the world DVD and He LOVED IT!! Haha. he just randomly starts singing it, I Love it. Then, oh man. This Chinese guy we started working with. He is such an Amazing person. In our lesson we had him read Alma 7 in a Chinese Book of Mormon and after I asked him how that made him feel to know what Jesus did for him. He struggled trying to say how he felt. And then he just looked at us and said he couldn't express how he felt but then pointing to his heart he said he felt it "in here" When we left we had him say The Prayer, It was so powerful, and he felt so good after. It was SO Amazing!!! Gah!! Sariah! The Pictures of The cabin!!! That was wonderful. Looked pretty awesome. It seems like mom has had the cough the whole time i have been on my Mission haha. School starts next week? Crazy! It feels like I just barely left on My Mission! I am going to try and write a letter today so yeah. Oh!! Lorenzo is in Guatemala??? Nice! Thanks for being the coolest family ever. Do you hear from wong? i hope so. Have a good week guys. I Love you guys an awful, awful lot With Love, Elder Wilson "Swing away Merril, Swing away"

August 27th Email

Life is so Amazing here you guys. It made me so happy that you guys went to the cabin:-) It's so beautiful there. I hope you enjoyed it. The weather has been cooler but it's been more humid so even though i'm not that warm i'm still sweating a million gallons:-) So. One of our investigators was Baptised. He had me perform The Baptism. That was probably the happiest I have ever felt in my life. He was kind of nervous before but once he came up out of the water it really was like how the new testament says. "A new Creature in Christ" When everyone had gone back upstairs and it was just me, and him he told me he wanted to just stay there. He is a powerful guy, and he is already following The Spirit. He left after sacrament yesterday because his family wanted a party for him so he went but then he didn't feel good being there. So in the middle of Priesthood he came back in and said this is where he felt at home. What a good guy:-) And one of our other investigators even though he has been in Hospital showed up to church yesterday!!!!!! That was a miracle, and an extremely huge Blessing. The Mitchell's let us borrow the new EFY CD, and I am actually really impressed with the songs on it. There are a few that have really got me thinking. One just simply says "When I kneel down, I know He'll answer back" That is so simple but think how powerful it is. So many times I forget how important prayer is, and how much a difference it can make. Then another song has the chorus referring to The meaning of Life/The Gospel "It's like a Symphony, just keep listening. And pretty soon you'll start to figure out your part. Everyone plays a piece, and there own melody" Naturally, I LOVE this song because it's using terms for The Gospel:-) But it is really good too. Like sometimes as a Missionary I feel like I have no idea what i'm doing. I tell myself that i'm just a nineteen year old boy a long long way from home. But Then The Spirit Whispers to me that I'm not just that. I'm set apart as a Servant of The Lord, ready to represent Him for these people. "Just Keep listening, and pretty soon you'll start to figure out your part." Just my thoughts on that. That's pretty awesome about kit, and will:-) I Love hearing about you guys:-) I Love it here. We have a Zone Conference this week so I am really excited about that. We have some pretty solid people I think we are going to start working with so I'm feeling really good about that! I can't stop thinking about our investigator being Baptised. I think the only other moment I felt like that was when I went Through The Temple. I was talking to him on the phone last night and he said "i didn't know it would make this much of a difference" Oh! Elder Anim (My District Leader) Spoke at The Baptism. It couldn't have been more perfect. Elder Anim was Baptised three years ago and his mom was Baptised after she saw the difference it made in his life. Elder was spaeking To our investigator's mom pretty much his whole talk. The Spirit bore Powerful witness to her. I think Brandar is doing good, I'm going to stay in touch with him:-) And when the elections come can i get an absentee thing? It was so so good to hear about you going To The Temple. I wish I appreciated it more when i could go there:-) But we live, and learn I guess! Once again, Thank you for your prayers. I can feel them all the time. I will be Smiling:-) I Love you guys so much, Stay Strong. I was reading in Nehemiah today, powerful stuff. Never be afraid to do what The Lord wants for us to do. He ALWAYS keeps His end of the deal, and so must we. Thanks for being The Best Ever. Till next week:-) Sincerely, Elder Wilson TRUE LOVE