Monday, October 1, 2012

August 27th Email

Life is so Amazing here you guys. It made me so happy that you guys went to the cabin:-) It's so beautiful there. I hope you enjoyed it. The weather has been cooler but it's been more humid so even though i'm not that warm i'm still sweating a million gallons:-) So. One of our investigators was Baptised. He had me perform The Baptism. That was probably the happiest I have ever felt in my life. He was kind of nervous before but once he came up out of the water it really was like how the new testament says. "A new Creature in Christ" When everyone had gone back upstairs and it was just me, and him he told me he wanted to just stay there. He is a powerful guy, and he is already following The Spirit. He left after sacrament yesterday because his family wanted a party for him so he went but then he didn't feel good being there. So in the middle of Priesthood he came back in and said this is where he felt at home. What a good guy:-) And one of our other investigators even though he has been in Hospital showed up to church yesterday!!!!!! That was a miracle, and an extremely huge Blessing. The Mitchell's let us borrow the new EFY CD, and I am actually really impressed with the songs on it. There are a few that have really got me thinking. One just simply says "When I kneel down, I know He'll answer back" That is so simple but think how powerful it is. So many times I forget how important prayer is, and how much a difference it can make. Then another song has the chorus referring to The meaning of Life/The Gospel "It's like a Symphony, just keep listening. And pretty soon you'll start to figure out your part. Everyone plays a piece, and there own melody" Naturally, I LOVE this song because it's using terms for The Gospel:-) But it is really good too. Like sometimes as a Missionary I feel like I have no idea what i'm doing. I tell myself that i'm just a nineteen year old boy a long long way from home. But Then The Spirit Whispers to me that I'm not just that. I'm set apart as a Servant of The Lord, ready to represent Him for these people. "Just Keep listening, and pretty soon you'll start to figure out your part." Just my thoughts on that. That's pretty awesome about kit, and will:-) I Love hearing about you guys:-) I Love it here. We have a Zone Conference this week so I am really excited about that. We have some pretty solid people I think we are going to start working with so I'm feeling really good about that! I can't stop thinking about our investigator being Baptised. I think the only other moment I felt like that was when I went Through The Temple. I was talking to him on the phone last night and he said "i didn't know it would make this much of a difference" Oh! Elder Anim (My District Leader) Spoke at The Baptism. It couldn't have been more perfect. Elder Anim was Baptised three years ago and his mom was Baptised after she saw the difference it made in his life. Elder was spaeking To our investigator's mom pretty much his whole talk. The Spirit bore Powerful witness to her. I think Brandar is doing good, I'm going to stay in touch with him:-) And when the elections come can i get an absentee thing? It was so so good to hear about you going To The Temple. I wish I appreciated it more when i could go there:-) But we live, and learn I guess! Once again, Thank you for your prayers. I can feel them all the time. I will be Smiling:-) I Love you guys so much, Stay Strong. I was reading in Nehemiah today, powerful stuff. Never be afraid to do what The Lord wants for us to do. He ALWAYS keeps His end of the deal, and so must we. Thanks for being The Best Ever. Till next week:-) Sincerely, Elder Wilson TRUE LOVE

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