Monday, October 1, 2012

September 19th Letter

So... I am still in Leicester!! haha:-) I expected to stay actually, we have so much going on here. And I felt that there was still work for me here. So I'm here till at least halloween!!!!! :-) It's good to hear all went well with The New Bishop. You are The man for the Job dad. I get to be with Elder Jones!!!! Woot!!! For some reason Elders seem to stay in Leicester for a long time. Like Elder Burgess was here for 10 and a half months!!! We have some Amazing work going on here. Our recent convert Felt The Spirit So Strongly when he was at church. Oh, an update on our other investigator is that he had to go to London for surgery, and he is living with his mom in devon now. He knows it's True, but he has so much health issues. He might have a tumour in his brain. So we will just have the london south Missionaries visit him. you guys would Love him. Me, and him talked about Never cry wolf type stuff sometimes:-) Our other investigator is doing awesome! Hahaha, he has us help with English for him. And he was very confused with the words "salary" and "Celery" When he was at the grocery store he was concerned why they were asking about his money:-) But then he realised it was the vegetable:-) We played Basketball with him and a bunch of other chinese guys the other day, and that was a ton of fun! He is also teaching some chinese to me. So I can speak to chinese people!!! Our Lesson with him yesterday was really good. He told us how he has felt so alone in his life, but he is beginning to know that God is there. Sometime soon they are going to show us how to make chinese food, and I think I will cook some grilled cheese sandwhiches with Doritos!!! :-) By the way, have you guys ever heard of marmite....? Some funky stuff mi amigos. funky stuff. (Weird toast spread stuff over here) Have I told you guys about this lady we teach? Wow. She is from Nigeria as well, and she is in a wheelchair. Both of her parents died before she turned 13. Knowing that, she is like the most bubbly person ever! And she is studying "Molecular Pathology"!!! Cool stuff. But she Loves The Restoration. We had a lesson with her last week, and gave her a Plan of Salvation Leaflet to read, and when we went there yesterday she had written down everything she felt and learned in a notebook. The Gospel is just clicking in her mind. It is so Amazing for me to see. She understands things where I feel I am just barely getting a grip on the knowledge of them if that makes any sense haha. It has gotten cold, and I AM LOVING IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOHOOOOOO!!!!!!!! I feel ALIVE:-) So yeah, the work over here is progressing really well. It's kind of hard to explain everything whats going on. The Lord is Blessing us so much. I Love coming up with different ideas for finding people. Hahaha Like last week there was a spider web coming down from the tree and I had an Idea to stick a card in it so from a distance it looked like it was floating:-) so I did that, then we started leaving and this guy started walking past us towards the card. We tried to talk to him but he just brushed us off then I just said take a look at that Website! And he looked back bewildered, and then I pointed to the card. He looked so confused! haha. But he smiled and was just like "That's pretty cool!" It was great. haha. Our recent convert got The Priesthood last week, that was AMAZING. Hopefully he is blessing The Sacrament this week. I hope all goes well for you guys. I am happy. That is great to hear about Elder Brown! Me, and him have been writing pretty frequently. Us boys all over becoming who we are meant to be. I Love it. Thank you so much for your Examples. I Love you guys an awful lot. Love, Elder Wilson

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