Monday, October 1, 2012

September 24th Email

I Loved The Emails guys. This week was tough, and good. The Best kind of weeks I guess:-) Grandpa!! I Love you. You should know that I look at the letter you gave me when I got my call often, it inspires me a lot. And Marmite is alright actually haha. I think dad, and grampa would like it a lot. Me, and Elder Jones have gotten lazy, and just eat frozen pizza's:-) You guys should see how much Ice Cream Elder Jones can Eat! He puts Ice cream in his cereal, and it actually isn't too bad.. :-) We have been working with Ki (The Mitchell's wayward son) We have just been playing football with him on P-days and we play on saturday mornings as well and he came to church yesterday! And saturday night he taught a lesson with us. He wants us to hang out a lot but we just got to tell him that we have work to do. But we eat at the mitchell's pretty frequently as you guys know:) It's good to hear from Mary! Tell her hi if you see her again. So there has been this less-active guy we have been working with a little over a transfer and he has really bad special needs, but he knows enough to know what he is doing. And he keeps lying and saying we are making fun of him, and stuff. So right before Sacrament yesterday he was yelling at me while everyone was there, and not using the best language and saying i was doing things that I wasn't. I felt like hero from much ado about nothing haha. But Brother Abley came and rebuked him, and he went completely quiet after that. I felt so alone after that but the sacrament hymn was "I Stand All Amazed" I just Imagined The Saviour giving me a hug and then everything felt alright:-) I thought that I should share that. But the week has been Amazing. We got an HQ Referral, and the girl is a uni student from N. Ireland, her uncle is a member and she has been to all the youth stuff. We haven't taught her an actual lesson yet because she was busy but basically all me, and Elder jones heard from her was "I want to be Baptised!" :-) It's True we are Teaching people from Everywhere around The world. But I always remember a letter jordan sent me telling me i was called to serve the people of England. I try, and think of that. But There are people from everywhere I need to teach as well. I hear countries all the time that I have never even heard of here it's so crazy. General Conference is coming up! Woot! I am so excited. Even though life is so much more stressful, I feel so much more at peace when I lay down at night. I know that I can know where I stand with God. And even though I still make mistakes all the time, I have still dedicated my life to Him. And an overwhelming Flow of Peace comes to me. So on P-days I have started writing songs again, and working with that more:-) It's been really powerful actually. Elder jones actually started making me do it haha. Oh! I think we are related to him from the palmers side? Did some of The Palmers ever live in Arizona? I think it was a while ago. I feel like I definitely knew Him Before. we are such good friends, I can't wait for you guys to meet him. Dad, The best angle i can give to you is just simply what we all need to do. "Forget yourself and go to work" I Love that you have the swing away thing in the office. I want to do something like that. On my journal I have a picture of Moroni with the title of liberty and The Hell Shaker bookmark on the front of my journal now. I Love you guys so much. Keep The Faith! TRUE LOVE

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