Monday, October 1, 2012

September 10th Email

So we had a Zone P-day in Nottingham!!! It was way Awesome! I really liked Nottingham. We Went to The Place where Batman Begins is filmed, like the house? Yeah, we were there today:-) Then we played some Football, and American Football! I think me, and Elder Jones learned a lot of the why of the work. Haha we were actually listening to the song "Colours of The wind" From pocohontas! But we started relating that to The Gospel, and thought of just how powerful our Message is. My Studies have been focused A TON on The Saviour lately. My Relationship with Him deepened a lot this week. Just from The things I have been reading from "Jesus The Christ" Like when you look at how he taught he was an observer. He taught with Examples from the world so people could relate. he analysed the work of The Fishermen, The Carpenter, The Shepherd, a hen with her chicks, The Lilies of the field, Etc. Thats just one more thing I want to strive to be more like Him. And a cool story with that was yesterday we were a little late to church because we took an investigator, and his friend to church wth us (It went AMAZING) And so we were waiting at the clock tower in city centre and this muslim guy was kind of trying to bash us for like half an hour because we couldn't go anywhere because we were waiting for our investigator. And I was feeling kind of sad because he couldn't understand how Beautiful his Relationship with Jesus Christ could be. Then as we were talking this older guy came up to me and was just staring at my badge, and looked up at me. So I asked him if he had seen Missionaries like us before. He said he had, and that one was from Idaho. Apparently he told him the biggest potatoes in the world were grown in Idaho, So I ASSURED him they were:-) But while I was talking to this man Elder Jones was still speaking with this other Muslim guy. So this older man, whom I had now figured out was a True devout Catholic looked at the Other Muslim guy and asked if we were trying to convert him, I just told him I thought he was trying to convert us! Then he smiled at me and made a fist, and said "Stay Strong" I again Assured I would! That probably didn't make very much sense but when he said that I felt The Spirit very Strongly within me. I am so Grateful to be apart of His church. And to be doing His work. This week is going to be really good. Me and Elder Jones have talked a lot about The Title of Liberty this week thinking about where the world is going. We feel strongly about the work we are doing. I hope that I get to stay With Elder Jones to be honest. We will figure out next week, but he has helped me a lot. Oh! So Apparently Elder Brown (Taylor!) Is Companions with A really good Friend from an Elder in my Zone:-) Elder Kerr! It was pretty Awesome. I want to work harder for The Lord. I want to give this my best! I Love My Mission so much!!! At our Zone P-Day I was just so happy with all the other Elders. Who gets a chance like this? To get so close to these people, and to The Lord. Sariah, I am beginning to understand what you spoke of with My connection With The Book of Mormon. That is The Most Powerful book on the earth. You can always tell who has read The Book of Mormon before the appointment. It brings that light into their eyes. Well guys, Life is good, I am super happy. I hope, and Pray for you guys all the Time:-) I am excited for an English Autumn! It is So Beautiful here. I Love you guys, stay strong, and WORK!!! :-) - Elder Wilson TRUE LOVE

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