Tuesday, March 26, 2013

March 25th Email

Easter egg hunt ehh? Nice! It was a pretty sweet week. Dad's email was about a lot of the things I have been thinking about. Easter is Amazing to me. I have contemplated a lot on my feelings of Jesus Christ. Without His Light, I would have no Hope but thank goodness for that Foundation:) So Jasmine gave her farewell?? That is way Exciting!!! Tell Her hi, and good luck for me! She will do Amazing:-) So this week was Good. One of our investigators is progressing a lot. Changing a lot, and it is so Exciting seeing that change. On Saturday we played Basketball with him, and this other recent convert and it was super fun. He Loved it loads. But there has been quite a bit of snow and they only had Sacrament meeting yesterday. There was only like twenty people at church or so. Next week when I Email I will be with Elder Vilchez, so that will be crazy fazy applesauce. Oh, so with thew Mormon Musical thing going to London? I don't know if you guys have heard but The Church is doing this MASSIVE Advertising Campaign. So in London ALL over there is Mormon Message stuff. It's Fantastic. And then this coming Sunday all of The Ward Mission team and Missionaries will be Training on talking to Friends about The Gospel. Really Exciting. It is a bit nerve-racking going into another new area already, but I am excited about it. I can't believe how much things have changed in the last few months for me haha. But It's all for a reason. There have been times where all I could rely on was Heavenly Father. And that is a very Interesting feeling. Broken things are what God uses. And submitting to the Will of God, is a Beautiful thing. But Me, and Elder VK have had a good time, and some really good laughs:) We couldn't see one of our investigators this week because he got stuck in traffic, and we were trying to fix this person's tire... Tomato, Potato. Dad, what is the biggest thing you have learned since becoming Bishop? And you too Mom? How is The Missionary work going? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm What else has happened? Elder Vk's Bike has broke so we have been taking the bus... Always a new experience on the bus haha. Have you guys ever heard this thing called "The Garden"? Michael Mclean did it with a few other people. It's called an Allegorical Oratario, it is really really Inspiring. So I will probably have a lot more to say this week. But Thank you for The Prayers. They do so much for me. Mine are with you guys too. God Lives, I know it. Jesus Christ paid The Price for us. Everything Good points towards that Great Sacrifice. Conversion is like that Regina Spektor song from Narnia. "It started out as a feeling which grew into a Hope, which then turned into a quiet thought, which then turned into a quiet word. Then That word grew Louder, and Louder until it was a BATTLE CRY!" Something like that. I Love you guys. Have an amazing week. Thanks for EVERYTHING. Sincerely, Elder Wilson

March 18th Email

Your Email's were really funny! I was laughing super hard. You guys are the best. Sounds like an eventful week. It's been a good week for us. We taught that greek guy. He is Amazing! He is very weary of organised religion because of experience with it, but he is growing very fond of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints:-) He was telling us how in the Greek Bible that when Jesus was talking to peter and was asking him for those final time if he Loved him. And the first two replies that Peter Gave to Him was that he had deep affection for him because he was ashamed after so strongly saying that He would die with him but then denied him three times. But the Third, and final time The Saviour asked "Do you Love ME? Peter's Reply was that he did LOVE Him. And that was the Transformation. He is Loving The Book of Mormon too. One of my favorite things as a Missionary is the following up on The Book of Mormon with people who have that real intent. You can see when they are starting to catch that vision. It is one of the best feelings. Another of our investigators is doing great. Struggling a bit. But I am Proud of him for his tremendous effort. So the Sheldon ward has been struggling because a lot of their members have moved away recently. So they really need some Priesthood Holders. And this last week a Member from Romania moved in, and he tried to get to church yesterday but got lost. But we had his phone number so we called him trying to find him knowing only that he was at a tesco somewhere in Birmingham Because we couldn't understand each other. His English is very minimal. But we spent about an hour and a half looking for him and finally we found him. It brought a new meaning to me of Finding The Lost Sheep:-) But we found them and he was with his nephew and walked with them to the church and taught them a bit of English. Then after getting permission we gave him The Sacrament with the only thing we had; a bit of chocolate. Seeing him partake of The Sacrament Changed something in me. There is something very unique about him and I know without a doubt that he is literally an answer to the prayers of The Sheldon ward. An Honourable, and Worthy Priesthood holder. We have been studying a lot on The Atonement as a Zone and it has been a really good Adventure:-) I think I am seeing more and more of that vision. The Lord wants all of His Children with Him. And I am trying to do my Best to gather them. I still can be a lot better though, but I am working on it:-) That is pretty crazy about cody's foot! And Jordan got another Scooter!? We had a D.A. With the italian family on saturday:-) Well. I Love you guys. I am still happy. I still fall. But I know I am where I need to be. And I know Consistently, and Dilligently Living The Gospel is where we can be happy. I Love you! Love, Elder Wilson

March 11th Email

I really needed the email's this week. Thanks. We had four Investigators at church yesterday! And one of our investigators will be getting Baptised on April 19th. Which is Amazing. Since I am so close I will be able to go to The Baptism. He is such a funny guy, he is struggling a bit with The Word of Wisdom. And has been involved with Hippy-ish things in the past so it brings a good experience to teaching Him:-) When we found him he already had a Book of Mormon that he bought from some guy at a hostel... haha. Tell Brachen Congradulations! What a guy. Tell Rylan hi for me too. I Love them:-) That is way cool that Chris anderson's cousin is coming here! I will definitely look out for him. Oh, Dad so how it will work with him learning Chinese is just that we will still work together. But I guess pretty much it's so that Chinese people feel more comfortable talking to us. I think it's mainly for the talking to them on the street. I will learn a bit of chinese too Probs. Nothing like him though haha. But we will be studying from 8 till 12 average on everyday:-) But there is another fairly new Missionary that is around us and they might study together sometimes but I don't know. The Office Couple Missionaries are in our ward in Sheldon so Sister Morris was telling me about the flat. Apparently it's really nice so that should be good. And she brought me your guys package:-) Thank you so much for that!!! Army Men!!!!!!!! One of the biggest things I am learning now is that I want to be someone that The Lord can Trust. And Mom, thanks for writing in the journal:-) I heard about one of our investigators in Lincoln, she is just ready for The Gospel and will be Baptised on March 30th. So The Lord is blessing us. One of the other investigators is doing really good and Loves Church but she has quite a few health issues but she is Amazing. Oh, and dad that Book on The Atonement, that's from Brad Wilcox isn't it? I listened to a talk from him called "His Grace is Sufficient" He is super good. Thank you for your words Dad. I needed them. Sometimes it can be really tough. But so Rewarding. And if it isn't really tough, I probably should be working a bit harder:-) I Love you guys Loads. Thank you thank you thank you for The Prayers. I hope you have an Amazing week. I pray for you too. Love, Elder Wilson

March 4th Email

Hey Guys!!!! It has been a Great week. I am supposed to have my new Companion right now but he is in the Provo MTC until March 27th learning Chinese:-) His name is Elder Vilchez, and speaks Spanish too AND is from Kaysville!! So I am really Excited about that. And we are going to be White washing into the Harbourne ward which is still in Birmingham. Harbourne is at the very Heart of Birmingham so it should be really good. I'm doing this thing where for each transfer I will study a Christlike Attribute Thouroughly. So for the next 6 weeks it's Faith. Our investigator came to church again! It was really good. He is definitely seeing the difference in us I think. Elder VK has been sick this week so it's been hard to work. And I'm dying to get out and work harder haha. But we did have a Really Amazing New Investigator last night. This guy named from Greece. He is a Biblical Scholar and basically explained The Restoration to us to the Apostasy. It was way crazy. But We couldn't teach him for long so we will be back soon:-) He is a really nice guy though. I was Amazed at his understanding of The Gospel. And we started teaching this Cristadelphian (Not sure if that is spelled right) Family. I wanted to say Happy Birthday to Scout! That is so crazy that she is one! And Kit will be three soon! Just too crazy. I Love hearing about you guys going to The Temple:-) SPring is coming Eh? I think it is here too but you never know. It has been really sunny for the past few days so that has been good. It's kind of sad leaqving sheldon just after barely getting here, it is a really good place to be. But Oh well I guess:-) UMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM Yeah it should be a really good week coming up. I have been reading Jacob 5 and drawing like a comic book and it is helping me learn a lot! It's pretty cool. Mom, I completely agree with the Education thing. I had no idea how to effectively study haha. And now I am learning a liiiitle bit more. But it's good. As Always, Thanks for being the best. I Love you guys. I Love The Lord. Have an Amazing week. Love, Elder Wilson P.S. Look at the size of that forehead!