Tuesday, March 26, 2013

March 4th Email

Hey Guys!!!! It has been a Great week. I am supposed to have my new Companion right now but he is in the Provo MTC until March 27th learning Chinese:-) His name is Elder Vilchez, and speaks Spanish too AND is from Kaysville!! So I am really Excited about that. And we are going to be White washing into the Harbourne ward which is still in Birmingham. Harbourne is at the very Heart of Birmingham so it should be really good. I'm doing this thing where for each transfer I will study a Christlike Attribute Thouroughly. So for the next 6 weeks it's Faith. Our investigator came to church again! It was really good. He is definitely seeing the difference in us I think. Elder VK has been sick this week so it's been hard to work. And I'm dying to get out and work harder haha. But we did have a Really Amazing New Investigator last night. This guy named from Greece. He is a Biblical Scholar and basically explained The Restoration to us to the Apostasy. It was way crazy. But We couldn't teach him for long so we will be back soon:-) He is a really nice guy though. I was Amazed at his understanding of The Gospel. And we started teaching this Cristadelphian (Not sure if that is spelled right) Family. I wanted to say Happy Birthday to Scout! That is so crazy that she is one! And Kit will be three soon! Just too crazy. I Love hearing about you guys going to The Temple:-) SPring is coming Eh? I think it is here too but you never know. It has been really sunny for the past few days so that has been good. It's kind of sad leaqving sheldon just after barely getting here, it is a really good place to be. But Oh well I guess:-) UMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM Yeah it should be a really good week coming up. I have been reading Jacob 5 and drawing like a comic book and it is helping me learn a lot! It's pretty cool. Mom, I completely agree with the Education thing. I had no idea how to effectively study haha. And now I am learning a liiiitle bit more. But it's good. As Always, Thanks for being the best. I Love you guys. I Love The Lord. Have an Amazing week. Love, Elder Wilson P.S. Look at the size of that forehead!

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