Tuesday, March 26, 2013

March 11th Email

I really needed the email's this week. Thanks. We had four Investigators at church yesterday! And one of our investigators will be getting Baptised on April 19th. Which is Amazing. Since I am so close I will be able to go to The Baptism. He is such a funny guy, he is struggling a bit with The Word of Wisdom. And has been involved with Hippy-ish things in the past so it brings a good experience to teaching Him:-) When we found him he already had a Book of Mormon that he bought from some guy at a hostel... haha. Tell Brachen Congradulations! What a guy. Tell Rylan hi for me too. I Love them:-) That is way cool that Chris anderson's cousin is coming here! I will definitely look out for him. Oh, Dad so how it will work with him learning Chinese is just that we will still work together. But I guess pretty much it's so that Chinese people feel more comfortable talking to us. I think it's mainly for the talking to them on the street. I will learn a bit of chinese too Probs. Nothing like him though haha. But we will be studying from 8 till 12 average on everyday:-) But there is another fairly new Missionary that is around us and they might study together sometimes but I don't know. The Office Couple Missionaries are in our ward in Sheldon so Sister Morris was telling me about the flat. Apparently it's really nice so that should be good. And she brought me your guys package:-) Thank you so much for that!!! Army Men!!!!!!!! One of the biggest things I am learning now is that I want to be someone that The Lord can Trust. And Mom, thanks for writing in the journal:-) I heard about one of our investigators in Lincoln, she is just ready for The Gospel and will be Baptised on March 30th. So The Lord is blessing us. One of the other investigators is doing really good and Loves Church but she has quite a few health issues but she is Amazing. Oh, and dad that Book on The Atonement, that's from Brad Wilcox isn't it? I listened to a talk from him called "His Grace is Sufficient" He is super good. Thank you for your words Dad. I needed them. Sometimes it can be really tough. But so Rewarding. And if it isn't really tough, I probably should be working a bit harder:-) I Love you guys Loads. Thank you thank you thank you for The Prayers. I hope you have an Amazing week. I pray for you too. Love, Elder Wilson

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