Monday, September 30, 2013

September 30th Email

Hello!!!! So it was a good week!!! That is awesome that elder gee served in England. Some Accents are a bit tough, in the Merthyr area they call it "The Valley's" And their accent sounds really silly:) Hey So on October 11th we get to go to Gadfield elm which is the Oldest chapel in the church or something like that. So I am super Excited, I am not sure but I think the story is there was a man names Thomas Knighton who led a church of breakaway methodists and they met Elder Woodruff and got Baptised and then the chapel was dedicated to our church. The History is Amazing here! I also learned some stuff about the J.R.R Tolkien so when I was in Sheldon and Harborne there is an old mill site that he would go for inspiration to write. And we went to Birmingham this week and there is a small mountain range we have to drive by, it has completely slipped my mind what it is called. But I heard that the looks of them are the inspiration of the white moutains of Gondor or something like that. My mind is getting a little bit fuzzy on that one. But I thought it was way cool. One of our investigators is getting Baptised!!!! Wohoooo!! She is so Amazing! And there was this man we stopped by, he is a former Investigator. The Conversation was going well so I asked him if he wanted to get Baptised while we were talking to him on the doorstep! he said it's something he wants to prepare himself to do!!! So we are going to teach him this week and help him prepare for it:) I wish I could have seen the smile's on Elder Barker's and my Face haha. So things are good, and we have some other really good people we are working with. So right after this we have to go to New Quay for the Aberystwth district P day because there is only two teams in the district, one set of sisters and set of elders haha so we are going there. It should be good it is just rough because a lot of our P day is going to be driving but oh well:) And we are also going to B-Ham again tomorrow, so loads more driving. But we are keeping our line in the water with the time we do have and The Lord is Blessing us for it. We started teaching this guy who knows loads about History. Supposedly Joseph of Arimithea is buried in Cardiff, Not too sure about that but it would be interesting to hear where that came from. I do Love it here though, Wales is an Amazing place. I better get going now but it was way good to hear about that fieldtrip mom! I hope you all have a good week, and I will too. I Love you. And I do have a Testimony of the Lord:)

Monday, September 23, 2013

September 23rd Email

Hello!! This last week was way good too. My New Companion is Elder Barker from St. George Utah! He is awesome, likes sports and stuff. We get a long super will and have seen some good stuff this week. We started teaching a couple, the guy was initially interested and his wifedidn't want to hear any of it but after we shared Joseph Smith's first Vision her entire Countenance changed. It was way Interesting to see. We had some older ladies singing in the library so I have been kind of listening to it they sang Les mis type stuff It was pretty cool. So Elder Jones new Companion whom he is training knows The Hall's! I think he is Whitney's friend so that is pretty cool. AND he is back in leicester not in westcotes but in the city, that lucky dog. But yesterday they had the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the chapel being in Merthyr, Elder Kearon was there. It was so Amazing being there. I can not believe that I am in a Country that is so Saturated in Restored Gospel History, and was part of the backbone of the fibers of the early days of the Restored Church. I LOVE WALES!!!!!!!!!! So this week we have to drive B-Ham on friday then again next tuesday. And that is three hours just there, six hours round trip haha. so lats of driving which I don't mind too much. Driving is pretty sweet. Things are good though, we have a pretty solid week coming up So I am really excited about it. We have an Appointment with this guy tonight who is in a band and I asked him who his inspirtation was and he said a familiar name to me:) JOHNNY CASH!!!!!! Oh man, we are going to teach this brother The Restored Gospel. I better get going here pretty soon, But I am happy and am in Love with Wales. We were able to hear that going away welsh song yesterday too. You should look it up it is awesome. I Believe in the work I do, and I take Heart when things get hard because I really have seen God guide me. I Love you guys, have an amazing week. Love Elder Wilson

September 16th Email

Hello, This last week was pretty good. The finding of people was a lot better but we got flogged by loads of them which was a bit of a bummer but It is how it goes. We also figured out on saturday that Elder Jones will get transferred this week and I am sad about that. But it Happens, so just keep on going. Plus my Next companion will probably be way sweet we will figure out who he is tonight. so there is an american couple from Arizona, they are from Chandler and we met them a few weeks a go and they said they would come to church and they did! They aren't members but they Love the church, they are wonderful people. They are taking us out to lunch today so that will be awesome. It is funny hearing american accents haha. Oh and there was a chinese kid Baptised here this week that was way awesome! it sounds like things were way good for you too! I am trying to think of something else that happened? Hmmmm well we are teaching a lady and she is way awesome!! Oh and the Irish lady gives us loads of food. She is so nice to us, and I feel bad that she is always feeding us but I Know that The Lord is Blessing her for it. The more I see Missionary work the more I see that this is God's work and it is done in His way. But also He will sometime's let us struggle, and stretch which feels uncomfortable but it is always worth it. We also had zone meeting this last week! We talked about Helping people make and keep Commitments then also discussed Zion's camp, I hope it was good for the Missionaries. Well sorry this is short again, The Work is still good. I am smiling, and Singing too! So life is good. I am Grateful for God letting me serve here and serve with Elder Jones whom has changed my life. I am Grateful for the people that we will find ready to make those Covenants with God. I Love you guys, and I Hope and Pray you have a good week. Love Elder Wilson

September 9th Email

This week was great! Sorry again that I didn't write a lot last week, well not a lot anyway. I am feeling very happy! We had some good experiences last week. Yesterday before call ins we were cycling around the farming area by our home. Which was way way cool! We met a lady who lives at a place that kind of looks like Aunt pats! I Hope that was Amazing by the way!! It sounds like it was Hilarious. But we are going to be teaching her family this saturday and I am way Excited. Hopefully they will let us do some service there:) We also were in some random villages trying to get in contact with some less active members. we met a cool guy, and the village was right at the bottom of a mountain so there was wild life. He was telling us that they have Honey Buzzards? Apparently they fly up from North Africa. You should do some research dad! Oh also we found this guy that was walking in a field by some houses we were knocking, and he had a hawk on his arm and a dog right by him. Me and Elder Jones thought that we definitely have to talk to this guy:) He wasn't interested in the gospel which was depressing but he had some sweet animals. He told us he hunts ferrets with his hawk and dog. The Dog will go scare the ferrets out in the field then he lets the hawk off his arm and it will go snatch them up. Pretty cool!!?! This week was actually really wonderful. We got in contact with Some Potential Investgators who we can start teaching this week so I am having lots of Hope and am so very Happy to be in wales. Both Elder Jones, and I have just felt at Home here. It is not so crowded but still people to talk to, and the weather is cooling down and I am digging that. Not that it was hot hahaha. Early this year it was but it has been pretty good lately. It is starting to get dark again fast though which makes finding akward... But we can still do Great things! This coming week should be way amazing too:) We have Zone Meeting and we are going to do it on Making and Keeping Commitments, and then the second part will help Motivation and we are going to watch a Doctrine And Covenants DVD called Zions camp. Tell Matt Congrudulations. Well the time is short. Thank you for everything, I Love you. And I Believe with all of my Heart that God is at The Helm of This work. Nothing is going to stop it:) Love you. Thanks Again! Elder Wilson

September 2nd Email

I am way sorry that this is so short, we had to help out some elders than there wasn't a library with computers to email at. I am so sorry, this week has been hard. But I am still smiling. I Love you guys so much. Elder wilson. i will email more next week I Promise. Thank you, God Bless you

August 26th Email

So it is bank holiday here, so we are eailing at a members. so once again, time is short. the week was good. We are working with a guy who is struggling he has some hard times going on. and a Lady who is praying for a day to be Baptised. Paula is doing great!! She needs to be married then ready to go. I am happy here, I Love Wales so much. Elder Jones and I are going to be doing some great things!!! The Cabin sounds so wonderful!! Fall is coming here too, the nights are growing longer, and the chill is deepening in the mornings. this morning we were running through some fields and there was fog it looked so Beautiful. Especially becaue the sun was rising and we could see horses in the bakground. The work is great though, a little slow last weeek, but it will go forward this week! I am feeling it. I am way happy you went to the cabin, that is wonderful to hear. It is way hard trying to see where you can best use your time, and who do help between Missionaries, Investigators, and Members. But I am grateful for this time to serve. Sorry again that it is short. I Love you, and I am so Grateful for your Rock Solid Examples. Love you, Elder Wilson