Monday, September 23, 2013

September 9th Email

This week was great! Sorry again that I didn't write a lot last week, well not a lot anyway. I am feeling very happy! We had some good experiences last week. Yesterday before call ins we were cycling around the farming area by our home. Which was way way cool! We met a lady who lives at a place that kind of looks like Aunt pats! I Hope that was Amazing by the way!! It sounds like it was Hilarious. But we are going to be teaching her family this saturday and I am way Excited. Hopefully they will let us do some service there:) We also were in some random villages trying to get in contact with some less active members. we met a cool guy, and the village was right at the bottom of a mountain so there was wild life. He was telling us that they have Honey Buzzards? Apparently they fly up from North Africa. You should do some research dad! Oh also we found this guy that was walking in a field by some houses we were knocking, and he had a hawk on his arm and a dog right by him. Me and Elder Jones thought that we definitely have to talk to this guy:) He wasn't interested in the gospel which was depressing but he had some sweet animals. He told us he hunts ferrets with his hawk and dog. The Dog will go scare the ferrets out in the field then he lets the hawk off his arm and it will go snatch them up. Pretty cool!!?! This week was actually really wonderful. We got in contact with Some Potential Investgators who we can start teaching this week so I am having lots of Hope and am so very Happy to be in wales. Both Elder Jones, and I have just felt at Home here. It is not so crowded but still people to talk to, and the weather is cooling down and I am digging that. Not that it was hot hahaha. Early this year it was but it has been pretty good lately. It is starting to get dark again fast though which makes finding akward... But we can still do Great things! This coming week should be way amazing too:) We have Zone Meeting and we are going to do it on Making and Keeping Commitments, and then the second part will help Motivation and we are going to watch a Doctrine And Covenants DVD called Zions camp. Tell Matt Congrudulations. Well the time is short. Thank you for everything, I Love you. And I Believe with all of my Heart that God is at The Helm of This work. Nothing is going to stop it:) Love you. Thanks Again! Elder Wilson

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