Monday, September 23, 2013

September 23rd Email

Hello!! This last week was way good too. My New Companion is Elder Barker from St. George Utah! He is awesome, likes sports and stuff. We get a long super will and have seen some good stuff this week. We started teaching a couple, the guy was initially interested and his wifedidn't want to hear any of it but after we shared Joseph Smith's first Vision her entire Countenance changed. It was way Interesting to see. We had some older ladies singing in the library so I have been kind of listening to it they sang Les mis type stuff It was pretty cool. So Elder Jones new Companion whom he is training knows The Hall's! I think he is Whitney's friend so that is pretty cool. AND he is back in leicester not in westcotes but in the city, that lucky dog. But yesterday they had the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the chapel being in Merthyr, Elder Kearon was there. It was so Amazing being there. I can not believe that I am in a Country that is so Saturated in Restored Gospel History, and was part of the backbone of the fibers of the early days of the Restored Church. I LOVE WALES!!!!!!!!!! So this week we have to drive B-Ham on friday then again next tuesday. And that is three hours just there, six hours round trip haha. so lats of driving which I don't mind too much. Driving is pretty sweet. Things are good though, we have a pretty solid week coming up So I am really excited about it. We have an Appointment with this guy tonight who is in a band and I asked him who his inspirtation was and he said a familiar name to me:) JOHNNY CASH!!!!!! Oh man, we are going to teach this brother The Restored Gospel. I better get going here pretty soon, But I am happy and am in Love with Wales. We were able to hear that going away welsh song yesterday too. You should look it up it is awesome. I Believe in the work I do, and I take Heart when things get hard because I really have seen God guide me. I Love you guys, have an amazing week. Love Elder Wilson

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