Monday, September 30, 2013

September 30th Email

Hello!!!! So it was a good week!!! That is awesome that elder gee served in England. Some Accents are a bit tough, in the Merthyr area they call it "The Valley's" And their accent sounds really silly:) Hey So on October 11th we get to go to Gadfield elm which is the Oldest chapel in the church or something like that. So I am super Excited, I am not sure but I think the story is there was a man names Thomas Knighton who led a church of breakaway methodists and they met Elder Woodruff and got Baptised and then the chapel was dedicated to our church. The History is Amazing here! I also learned some stuff about the J.R.R Tolkien so when I was in Sheldon and Harborne there is an old mill site that he would go for inspiration to write. And we went to Birmingham this week and there is a small mountain range we have to drive by, it has completely slipped my mind what it is called. But I heard that the looks of them are the inspiration of the white moutains of Gondor or something like that. My mind is getting a little bit fuzzy on that one. But I thought it was way cool. One of our investigators is getting Baptised!!!! Wohoooo!! She is so Amazing! And there was this man we stopped by, he is a former Investigator. The Conversation was going well so I asked him if he wanted to get Baptised while we were talking to him on the doorstep! he said it's something he wants to prepare himself to do!!! So we are going to teach him this week and help him prepare for it:) I wish I could have seen the smile's on Elder Barker's and my Face haha. So things are good, and we have some other really good people we are working with. So right after this we have to go to New Quay for the Aberystwth district P day because there is only two teams in the district, one set of sisters and set of elders haha so we are going there. It should be good it is just rough because a lot of our P day is going to be driving but oh well:) And we are also going to B-Ham again tomorrow, so loads more driving. But we are keeping our line in the water with the time we do have and The Lord is Blessing us for it. We started teaching this guy who knows loads about History. Supposedly Joseph of Arimithea is buried in Cardiff, Not too sure about that but it would be interesting to hear where that came from. I do Love it here though, Wales is an Amazing place. I better get going now but it was way good to hear about that fieldtrip mom! I hope you all have a good week, and I will too. I Love you. And I do have a Testimony of the Lord:)

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