Monday, September 23, 2013

September 16th Email

Hello, This last week was pretty good. The finding of people was a lot better but we got flogged by loads of them which was a bit of a bummer but It is how it goes. We also figured out on saturday that Elder Jones will get transferred this week and I am sad about that. But it Happens, so just keep on going. Plus my Next companion will probably be way sweet we will figure out who he is tonight. so there is an american couple from Arizona, they are from Chandler and we met them a few weeks a go and they said they would come to church and they did! They aren't members but they Love the church, they are wonderful people. They are taking us out to lunch today so that will be awesome. It is funny hearing american accents haha. Oh and there was a chinese kid Baptised here this week that was way awesome! it sounds like things were way good for you too! I am trying to think of something else that happened? Hmmmm well we are teaching a lady and she is way awesome!! Oh and the Irish lady gives us loads of food. She is so nice to us, and I feel bad that she is always feeding us but I Know that The Lord is Blessing her for it. The more I see Missionary work the more I see that this is God's work and it is done in His way. But also He will sometime's let us struggle, and stretch which feels uncomfortable but it is always worth it. We also had zone meeting this last week! We talked about Helping people make and keep Commitments then also discussed Zion's camp, I hope it was good for the Missionaries. Well sorry this is short again, The Work is still good. I am smiling, and Singing too! So life is good. I am Grateful for God letting me serve here and serve with Elder Jones whom has changed my life. I am Grateful for the people that we will find ready to make those Covenants with God. I Love you guys, and I Hope and Pray you have a good week. Love Elder Wilson

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