Monday, September 23, 2013

August 26th Email

So it is bank holiday here, so we are eailing at a members. so once again, time is short. the week was good. We are working with a guy who is struggling he has some hard times going on. and a Lady who is praying for a day to be Baptised. Paula is doing great!! She needs to be married then ready to go. I am happy here, I Love Wales so much. Elder Jones and I are going to be doing some great things!!! The Cabin sounds so wonderful!! Fall is coming here too, the nights are growing longer, and the chill is deepening in the mornings. this morning we were running through some fields and there was fog it looked so Beautiful. Especially becaue the sun was rising and we could see horses in the bakground. The work is great though, a little slow last weeek, but it will go forward this week! I am feeling it. I am way happy you went to the cabin, that is wonderful to hear. It is way hard trying to see where you can best use your time, and who do help between Missionaries, Investigators, and Members. But I am grateful for this time to serve. Sorry again that it is short. I Love you, and I am so Grateful for your Rock Solid Examples. Love you, Elder Wilson

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