Tuesday, August 20, 2013

August 19th Email

That is crazy that there is a New Stake President! Things are good in Swansea, I am Loving it over here. We drive through all the villages, and it is so pretty here. Oh Mom, you said that our ancestors came from bluebell perhaps? I have looked at the maps and I can't find a bluebell, but we live right by a little town called Blue Anchor? If that was where we come from that would be so Amazing because we are only like a ten minute drive from there. And it's right by all the cool Beach places. The Week was good, we had interviews and Zone Meeting. It was cool we didn't plan it but the theme ended up in a way being how we are not alone in this work. Sometime's we feel like LONE SOLDIERS with our Companion's but we talked about The Missionary Force. and Even more than that is we have Angels, and Heavenly Father's help. So we saw some sheep this week, and that was pretty good stuff. hahaha There are sheep everywhere! I Love it!!!! For some reason they make me laugh. Oh also another cool thing, I was In Merthyr Tydfil on Exchange and that is where David O. McKay's wife is from!! There was a plaque on her old house and it said they lived in huntsville, and married in Ogden! That was pretty weird to see!! I hope Sariah's Birhtday was good!!! It was one of our Investigator's Birthdays this week, but we made her some cookies! It was awesome!!!! Well I better get going though. Sorry it is kind of short. Things are Amazing though, I am way Happy. I Love you guys so much. And Thank you for your Prayers. Love, Elder Wilson

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