Tuesday, August 20, 2013

August 5th Email

Ok so time is pretty scarce today! We have a zone P-day to set up and Transfers are this week. Setting up the flats was good! We went and did some finding and got some really good stuff going on. I am super Jealous of the flat though, it is right outside a Castle, and there are loads of people to talk to. Yesterday at church some BYU Students played the violin and Piano, it was so Peaceful because I could hear the sound of the rain outside. They played Come Follow me, It was Beautiful. It made me think of all the Memories on My Mission, I have had some Amazing Areas, and Friends too. I have also been thinking about how Powerful Friendship is. The kid is doing AMAZING!!!! He is so good gah! He wants to serve a Mission and Everything. He is going to be coming to the Zone P day so that will be way cool! He is getting Baptised on Saturday. Today I was reading a talk and it spoke of our Ancestors and Families, and It made me think how much help I recieve from My Family. In and out of this world. I am so grateful fo The Help, I Need it. But he is an Amazing kid, he bore his Testimony Yesterday:) He was so nervous haha! We had a MASSIVE Thunderstorm this week!! It was way cool!!! Oh! also word on the street is that I am going to be a Grandpa!!!!!!!!!!!! Woohooo!!! Elder Matheus! Well anyway, I better go. I Love you guys. The Gospel is The Light that can help ANY Problem. I Love The Lord. And I Love you guys. Thank yo for everything. Elder Wilson

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