Tuesday, August 20, 2013

July 29th Email

Hey! Once again, not a lot of time to email. The Computers in the libraries aren't the greatest so yeah. That is so Awesome that The Mitchell's were over!!! Sister Mitchell Dyed her hair!!!! Hahahah she hates it when we call her sister Mitchell. I Love that family:) This week was crazy, I was on an exchange in Blackwood. Alex Boye served there so that is pretty cool. Oh and we have a Member in the ward who Elder Quentin L. Cook Baptised too. Bob Jones! He has a big white Beard:) So that is pretty fun facts. Oh, Cwmbran is spelled right haha. Welsh:) And Dad, yes I did see that picture it looks way good. There are some nice sun sets here too! It is good to hear about what is going on in the ward. I need to write Kaden.... The Work is good here, we got six new Investigators and the kid i talked about last week is doing good! We did some Service at the Bishops house and the Bishop here is so cool.... It was hilarious, we got this super random text from him the other day and we were way confused. When we got there he told us how he was texting random Lyrics from songs to his friend that he went to school with. But the one he sent to us was some Reggae romantic song hahaha it was way funny. But he listens to Radiohead, oasis and all that good stuff:) And he is a really hard working Bishop, I am super Grateful for him. And his wife's family is from Ireland. Irish people are so good! Lets see. What else? The Rain is back which is good. The hot weather was weirding me out. But it was nice to have a change. At The Library they have Halloween stuff so that got me pretty excited:) Oh something else Crazy is the Assistants dropped off all of the Furniture for the new flats that are opening up next Transfer. So our study room is chuck full of shannanigans and it is driving me a little crazy. So this week we get to go set the flats up which will be pretty good, get to go do some finding with the Districts too so I am super Excited about that as well. So we will be teaching that kid a ton getiing him ready for Baptism and then Setting up flats. So it should be a good week. We will have some good finding too:) So yeah things are good. I do feel that I am Learing a lot right now on My Mission. There are tons of things for me to work on, But it is so good to feel That I am doing The Lord's work and giving it my Best Efforts. I Believe all of these things in The Restored Gospel, and my Conviction grows surer, and surer Everyday. I Love The Lord, and I am Grateful for My Time in His Full Service. The Memories I have are so Precious and dear to my heart. I Love you guys. Elder Wilson

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