Tuesday, August 20, 2013

July 22nd Email

Hey This week was way good. We started teaching this kid, he completely wants to change his life around and is preparing to get Baptised on 10 of August. Sounds like you guys had an eventful week...?:) Things have been crazy for us too, But whatever happens I know the Lord is in it. We have to do loads of stuff today it's crazy. With all of the new Missionaries coming in we have to help set up the flats before they get there so things are just crazy right now. But I am still Happy:) I am trying to think about the week to tell what happened? It feels lke i was just barely relating what happened last week. So crazy.... Hmmmm well bad news. i failed the TEST!!! it is so frustrating to me. I completely Aced the questonairre part of it but they have this thing called hazard pereption where they have a video and you have to click the mouse when you see a hazard. But if you click it too much it kicks you off and if it's too little you don't pass and I didn't click it enough. So i have been a bit flustered about that. But it's all good. This Morning I was reading President Uchtdorf's talk on Light and it Impacted me a lot. it helps me see my Purpose as a Missionary. I feel like I have been learning a lot about Ministering the last few weeks. And that makes sense about the card haha. No worries though I got it and everything is A-OK. I wrote a letter to you guys so hopefully you get that soon? Oh, and we did go to that place called Cwmcarn Forest. it was super Beautiful, bu it is just weird without wildlife. We saw an owl, and a pidgeon haha. The Pidgeon looked kind out of place in a forest though.... Well i am going to have to cut this short. i Love you guys so much. Missionary work is Amazing. Just doing The Lord's will/ well, i Love you guys. Thanks for everything. I Thank Heavenly Father Everyday for it. Elder Wilson

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