Tuesday, July 16, 2013

July 15th Email

Hello!!! Things are crazy once again haha but this last week was pretty amazing. By like friday we were kind of down because we had no investigators but by yesterday we had 4 Investigators:) One thing I am learning a lot from Elder Thorup is just Managing things well. We are setting up an English class, so i am really excited about it. I don't know too much about the name dad or the fishing. But i would love to come here one day and fish. The Mountains are Awesome!!! today We might go to Cwmbran's area and go to a forest so i am super Excited about it. I was on an exchange in newport and we cycled up this massive mountain it was way cool but destroyed my body haha. The view was so good though. The Landscape kind of reminds me of like wyoming but SUPER green:) Although this last week was outrageously hot.... (Gimme Rain) Sounds like things are good for you guys though? I got an Email from Elder Brown and Elder Neumann! I would have asked you guys for thiers ages ago but I just thought they couldn't email!! But oh well:) It has been pretty cool at church because like half the ward for the last two weeks has been BYU students studying abroad for the English/Welsh Language. It is pretty crazy because the professor even got a calling. This ward needs a lot of Priesthood help. But I like Serving in wards like this. Ummmm my theory test is actually tomowrrow yay. I am super excited about everything in the work though, some great things will be happening i can feel it coming soon. There is going to be a big to do in Cardiff:) I am not sure what else to say? haha. Life is good, and we are just working a lot with the chinese people again so we are excited about that. I am serving in all of the cities of the Mission it's crazy:) Coventry is the only big city i haven't served in. well, there is Nottingham but I have been there plenty of times:) I bette get going but I know that God Loves us no matter what. Living an obedient Life is the only way to lasting happiness. I am so grateful to be able to be The Lord's Missionary, one of this Royal Army. it is an honour. I Love you guys, thank you for everything. God Bless. Elder Wilson

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