Monday, July 1, 2013

May 13th Email

It was so Amazing talking to you guys!!! I Loved seeing my shirts hahaha. That was good stuff. I did think it was funny that Jord thought I seemed Happier. Looking in hindsight, the most problems I have faced on my Mission came after that and I just had to deal with them. And I guess Satisfaction, and fulfillment comes with that. I don't know:) And your right Dad. Your words about just doing the work rather than thinking about what you can do wrong is what I need to hear! I can not believe how big Kit is!!! That was a real treat to see:) Ummm after we called you guys we went and gave some cookies (That we baked!) to an Investigator. Pretty good. She was really happy, and that made me happy. It looked so warm there! It is slighly less rainy today, but I'm not too bothered. I actually still Love the rain. But it is crazy when you are cycling in it then have to go to an Appointment. Oh by the way, I absoulutely adore Cycling now. And I will figure what I can about the Birmingham Pidgeon's. You Should ask President Monson!:) This last week was good though. Finding, and Teaching. With some people we are teaching my Studies have been directed to why did Jesus have to do what He did. Could I maybe hear your guys thoughts on it? I also had another idea that I am going to ask Converts how they came to a Knowledge of The Divinity of The Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ, and record it in a little journal that I am entitling "The Music of Faith" and that will be really Powerful. I believe it will help me see how The Spirit works in our Lives. My thoughts have also been directed to how grateful I am to Jesus Christ. I don't think we see what we have. We are guided by a Prophet who is led By The Hand of God. We have The Holy Scriptures that have The Power to Ignite us to Conversion. And to me, The most wonderful thing. A Loving Father in Heaven, and Him Loving us enough to send His Son. We can see these things clearly because of what The Prohets have taught, teach, and will Always teach. Because this has been True, still is True, and will always be. I never realised how much I needed that one stable force in my life. No matter what goes wrong, I can hold onto that. "Be Still, and know that I am God" Thank you for everything. God will bless you for your goodness. I Love you so much. I hope you have a great week. God Lives! Love, Elder Wilson

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