Monday, July 1, 2013

May 27th Email

Hey Family!!!! So it was a bit of a rough week. We had a really rough lesson with The investigator couple and they aren't too sure about the plan of Salvation. And turns out one of our investigators doesn't live in our boundaries. So we are pretty much starting over with teaching people. But we are still working hard, and are excited to get out there this week and work really hard. We had a really powerful zone conference!! President Rasmussen is super Amazing. So I have heard that Sister Merrill is in Nottingham:-) A Great place to be! I really don't know what to say though.... We had a pretty hardworking week. Oh! I didn't feel like we were being led By The Spirit one dat, and so I was praying for help. And I heard a song saying "Love The Higher Law" And Johnny cash was singing it:-) So we knocked on the door and the guy is Interested!!! It was pretty exciting. I really enjoyed your emails. I have been so Converted to Exact Obedience. When we are not a haze comes into our lives. So there is no way I can be happy while being disobedient. Me, and elder Matheus read a talk from the young Woman's conference from President Uchtdorf And He talked about Journey's, we were totally Loving it!!! Bilbo was spoke of in it!:-) I am sorry that this is so short!!!!! But I do know that Jesus Christ is The Son of God. My Testimony of The Plan Of Salvation has been Strenghtened so much. I know that losing myself is so Important. And I am Loving it. Well I Love you guys. Have an Amazing week. Love, elder wilson

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