Monday, July 1, 2013

June 24th Email

Sounds like some pretty crazy stuff happening. We didn't get to watch the fireside but we will soon and President Rasmussen sent us an email. That sounds insane, hopefully I will be here when they make those changes. It is so exciting to be a Missionary right now:) Oh so transfers are this week, and I will definitely be leaving in a car area, I have to take the test again and get my license really soon. I will figure out where I will be tonight so I am a bit Nervous about that:) It is crazy because President Rasmussen called me last monday after we went to bed to tell me I'm leaving and some other stuff haha. This week was super Awesome! We got quite a few new Investigators. the world war 2 guy is super sweet. You guys would Love him cause his profession was that he was an antique specialist. He knows loads about antiques. And he is like the biggest Gentleman, he came to a sisters home to dinner with us. It was pretty sweet. The Chinese people we are teaching are Amazing people. Unfortunately, they all were on vacation so they couldn't come to church!!! But it's all good:) We also ran into some other former Investigators! They are Jamaican, and the dad worked at the mission home for a while, so he knows quite a lot. Him, and his wife came to church I hope they enjoyed it and felt The Spirit. And there is this kid from Pakistan we started teaching but he lived in New York for five years. And He is really searching, he gives the best answers and has some really Amazing intentions. Also... He Loves Switchfoot. I was pretty much flippin' out. He is learning guitar and couldn't get it tuned so I tuned it and was asking what kind of music he liked. And boom. Switchfoot. Yes indeed. but he leaves this week. That is the bad thing about Teaching students.... But they are so receptive. He will be back though and then he can be taught around september. Hmmmmmmm So leaks and stuff? Pretty crazy. Poor dad. Hopefully this week goes better! This week was actually pretty warm too, but a few nights ago it was pretty warm but we got super drenched at night. It was like 8:20 so we still had a bit of finding and it had been clear and warm all day so I didn't have a jacket or anything. But then the clouds built up and we had a good 5 minutes of some Insane rain coming down and got completely soaked:) I heard from Elder Brown that his Mission might get split up? It is crazy with all of the Missions. Probably most of the sisters who came in last transfer will be training here! I feel Blessed to have been able to see what it was like before all the craziness then to just see how The Work is Truely Hastening. These new Missionaries have Great Attitudes about the work. And I have been really Impressed with This District. Lots of Hard work. So I am a bit sad leaving Elder Matheus. He is going to do some great things. But I guess you move on, and up. We have had a really good few Transfers. And I have learned so much the last few Months. I am excited for what is coming too, where will be emailing you guys next week??!!?!? Well I better get ready to get going. I am so so happy here in this wonderful Country. We had a wonderful oppurtunity to go with a Member of The High Council to help him Home teach a single German lady. She had had a very tough week. And We were able to go and share a brief Message, watch a Mormon Message on Brother Barran's Ipad, give her a Blessing. It was simple but The Spirit was so overwhelming. I thought that this is simply what The Lord's work is about. To Minister to someone's needs you don't necessarily need to just be a problem fixer. You can help bear them up, and give them that little courage to move on. It was a powerful Experience for me. Probably one of those moments that I will always look back on when thinking about The Lord's work. One of the many experiences, and way more to come too. I know that God Lives. He is in the biggest details of our lives, but somehow He is involved with all of the little things too. We were able to find that Jamaican couple who weren't even in our area book. But The Lord wanted us there because His Love is for Everyone. Every Soul is Precious in His sight. I Love you guys. Thanks for Bouying me up on this Mission; a Family Affair. I am Strengthened everyday, and am given the Energy and Courage to move forward because of you guys. I am very grateful for it. THANK YOU. I Love you. goots. Elder Wilson

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