Monday, July 1, 2013

June 10th Email

SO a few things before I forget. Football (Soccer) is pretty huge here. When I was in Leicester on saturdays everyone would either be wearing blue for the Leicester foxes (Football) Or Green and red for the Leicester tigers (Rugby) It was super hard tracting because everyone was going to the games. Aston Vila is in our area now. But we don't go to the games. That is crazy that Jordan is in the young men's!! He will do way good. It's funny this morning I was thinking about the backpacking trip with Jord and Chad:) That is so crazy that you guys are all changing stuff around there. The Chiken coop?!!? Remember when we she had us laughing super hard about that swimming pool place? This week was Amazing. We got some awesome new Investigator's. There is guy from timor. The Lord has prepared him to revieve The Gospel. He wants to be Baptised but isn't sure he can because it could put his family in trouble. He has a heart of Gold. It is hard to find that today, but he is just an Amazing person. He Loves farming, and is going to go to North Carolina after finishing schooling to go learn how to farm there! I was super excited and was hoping Elder Brown could see him (I had High Hopes...) But it will be in Charlotte. But it is still really cool that he will be in North Carolina. The Lord is Blessing us a lot. We were at a families house this week for dinner and they listen to awesome music by the way. But we were Sharing our Spiritual thought about Hope, then their daughter told us she neeeded to hear it because she was trying to find a job and couldn't. So she asked for us to give her a blessing; we did. So that was on thursday then on friday night we got a call from her and she told us that she had a job. I have more and more Experiences and Tender Mercies of The Lord that Reassure me that this is in no way my work. We are able to be Instruments in an Eternal Orchestration. The Priesthood is so Powerful. We have so much Amazing experiences. So I have been reading The old Testament, and also about The Stripling Warriors. In the Old Testament I am in Samuel with David. It has been so Inspiring to me to see these examples. The Stripling Warriors were Just in Everything they did, and David when he was doing what The Lord wanted was protected. It has made me think how consequential our intentions, and thoughts are. When we desire only to do good things will NEVER go permanently wrong, but when you slip in maybe just one bad thought, habit, etc. Things can go wrong very fast. Just like with David. It is like that C.S. Lewis quote Sariah:) So Dad, and Jordan are right. Reading The Scriptures is so Important. So I have to take a driving theory test on wednsday morning, and I am going to need a lot of help for that. The Driving theory test is quite a lot harder here than it is in America and it is so hard to study when you are Preaching The Gospel too! I am actually studying for it while I am emailing. I will ask Elder Matheus to give me a Blessing I think:) We have had such a good few Transfers together, he is so funny. Oh so Tony is doing some Awesome Missionary work. There was this guy who was drunk who lives by him and he decided he needed help so when we went to go teach tony he had this drunk guy with him so we went and taught him with tony. It was super awesome. So I learned yesterday that the bishop of this ward who is french:) He is super into Mountaineering! That was pretty Exciting, he gave a really good talk yesterday. But things are good, I am Loving life in Beautiful England:) I better get gong. I know that Jesus Christ Lives, We can feel God's Love more and more through Obedience, and more Importantly we are Obedient because of Our Conviction, and Love to Heavenly Father. He does Live. These things are all true. Thank you for your prayers, I Love you guys so much. Happy Father's day dad. You are The Best. Seriously. Elder wilson

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