Monday, July 1, 2013

May 20th Email

It has been a pretty crazy week for us too. It sounds way crazy for you guys. When it rains it pours eh? I am still in Harborne with Elder Matheus:) The work is good. A investigator couple came to church!!! We made a deal with them, we go to church with them and they come with us. So sure enough on saturday we went to church with them. Which was interesting. They really aprreciated us going i think. But they came to Stake Conference yesterday which was Broadcast to The UK from Salt Lake, and it was so Perfect for them. Me, and Elder Matheus have been pleading in Prayer that they felt The Spirit. It was so Bold about Standing up, and not conforming to The World. Elder Baxter from Scotland had such a powerful talk about fighting the evil in this world. Then Elder Richard G. Scott had a talk about Priesthood Bearers Protecting The Sanctity of Womanhood. It was all things they are already Buzzin' loads about:) So crazy stuff. We were trying to get Missionaries to our recent convert's Family in Guinea Bisau but it turs out there is no Missionaries there and only like ten Members from there. So he is going to be A Pioneer over there. He is such a solid guy, He can do Great things. So I got hit by a car a few days ago haha. This guy wasn't looking when he turned a corner and I was cycling where he was turning so he hit me and my bike is done for, and I did a pretty big number on his car. As for me, I'm perfectly fine. I didn't even fall of my bike haha. It was a Massive Miracle. The Lord Blessed us loads. I gave the guy a card, but I feel super bad about his car. But nothing much I could have done haha. The only thing that happened to me is my finger felt slightly sore:) It was a crazy experience, and when we took my bike to the shop to get it looked at. Seeing how hard of an impact it had on the bike the shopkeeper was really surprised I was fine. But right after I got hit a part member family drove up by us and said they wanted to feed us sometime! And I had met the wife who is a member like our first sunday at church but haven't seen her since and have been trying to figure out who they are to see if we can teach her husband:) So The Lord really does work in Mysterious ways. So I am not really sure what to do with the bike situation because I am getting my license but I think one of our Zone leaders, Elder Macarthur is going to let me borrow his bike so that is way nice of him. So yeah. We are teaching this awesome guy And he does tai boxing which is pretty crazy. He is super solid though. We taught him at the church and he is the reason why I was asking why Jesus had to suffer. He is a big thinker, which I like. I just saw that Frances Monson passed away. That is tough. What a Blessing it is to know of The Plan of Salvation. It is pretty crazy now that I think of it because this morning we prayed Specifically for President Monson and I haven't said a Prayer Specifically for The Prophet in a while. Just another Gentle Assurance that God is ever with us,and knows all of our needs. I think that is about it for the week. Life is great. I am really excited to be with Elder Matheus for one more. Oh, and I got a letter from all the boys. We are sending our letters all together. They are all doing Great. It gave me a big pump. I am so happy that all of us are getting Converted and not taking for granted The Wonderful oppurtunity to Serve The Lord full time. I Love The Lord, and I know God has His plan for us. I Love youguys thanks for everyrtthing. Elder Wilson

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