Tuesday, January 29, 2013

January 28th Email

It was Super good hearing from you guys. Dad, Rodan hahahaha. That is way good! Being in this Trio is Preety much the best ever. We have Loads of fun, and we work super hard. We have some sweet ideas too. Like next P-day we are going to buy individual action figures for each of us haha. Elder Watt is way sweet!!!!!!! We have had some sweet jamming sessions together. (Musically, and Spiritually) He jokes a ton about Lochness, and It's hilarious! And on Saturday..... We ate Haggis!!!!! It actually wasn't too bad:-) Like it was pretty terrifying thinking of what it was, but it actiually didn't taste half bad. I have Hilarious Companions, and I have laughed more than probs my whole life! The work is moving a long. We Invited two people to Be Baptised. This guy we talked to walking his dog then a recent converts little brother. They both softly committed. But they are way cool. And unlike loads of our other Investigators the first guy Is Married!!!! We are teaching so many people who are living together. haha. So the Law of Chastity is like best ever. A cool story about some Investigators we got. So we went to the finch's for a DA (Dinner Appointment/Divine Access) then after went finding and we said a prayer to know where to go, then I thought of The Mcolley's in our ward. And There is a Macualay Drive so we went to that street and the first door we knocked on let us in and we taught The Restoration. Their Daughter was with them for the night because it had been snowing too hard and couldn't make it back to Boston where she lives. And she was reading through The Restoration Leaflet and read the bit in Amos about there being a famine for hearing The Words of The Lord. She told us that that is exactly how she feels. The Mom is SOOOO Cool! She is a choir Teacher and is like Mrs. Kirby! It's so Amazing how The Lord knows everything. I just can't comprehend how Loving God is. It's super tough out here, but I am feeling myself Stretch so much. I have been really blessed with my companions you guys. We were talking to this homeless guy asking what we could do for him and Elder Watt took off his gloves and gave them to him. That touched my heart. Elder Taylor, and Elder Watt have The Biggest Hearts. So life is really good here in Lincoln, I feel so deeply attatched to this place. When I first got here I didn't feel comfortable in England, and didn't think it could ever feel like home. But The Longer I am here the more I Love this Beautiful place. I have met so many Amazing people. There was a few days where I was tallying how much people we would tract into because I was curious, and on average we talk to over sixty people a day. So I was thinking that I have talked to so many people and tried to share The Gospel with them. And I ahve heard so many stories I am trying to write at least like one story I hear a day from people in my journal. It's tough because we try and invite them to Christ, and some times I feel like I'm not trying hard enough. Maybe I should have asked just one more Inspired Question. But I guess you can't dwell on that. There are people out there just waiting for "The Word of The Lord" Just like that girl said. This might sound Random but there is this lady crying on the computer next to me, and I want to help her! But I Don't know how! Thats why I started explaining about how I feel bad, I can do better. Sorry this is so random haha. I better get going I Love you guys. I think about you a lot, and it makes me smile and stuff:-) And it inspires me to be better. The Lord Lives. I know it because I have felt His Presence, and Heard His Voice By The Spirit. All My Love, Elder Wilson

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

January 23rd Email

Hey guys! I am getting a new Companion........ With Elder Taylor!!! WOoooooot!!!! :-) We are going to be in a trio, because President feels that we can really tear up Lincoln so he is giving us some Extra Power to get Lincoln rolling. His Name is Elder Watt. And He is a Scott!!!! We are pretty Excited about it, some members knew people who knew him haha. And they said he plays Guitar!!!!! It's gonna be Stupendous. I will write longer next week, but soon we have to go pick up our new Brother. Me, And Elder Taylor are hoping to stay together another few. We have had some of The Best Experiences I have ever had in my life the last few weeks. We got six new Investigators last week you guys. I am feeling really good about them too. Thomas got his call? That's way sweet:-) Elder Jones has a really good Friend in that Mission. I've heard it's pretty crazy:-) I Love hearing about you guys going to The Temple. This week I have been thinking about how Important it is to get Recent Converts To The Temple doing work. Because Generally Speaking They are going to have a whole network of Family who Needs those Ordinances. I guess because My Faith, And Knowledge of The Atonement is Deepening, So is my Emotional Attatchment to The Principle That The Worth of ALL Souls is Great in The Sight of God. So I got a call from Ashley last night!!!!! That was so Awesome to hear from him:-) I forgot how distinct The Leicester accent is haha. I Love that guy. So yeah, I have had some of the most Spiritual Experiences, and the most fun Experiences lately:-) Life is super Great:-) But I better ger going. I Love you guys. Keep up The Missionary work. We all have that Divine Mandate to Love, and Serve. I Know now more than ever that there is a God, and Indeed He Sent His Son to Save us all. My Master, My King, The Saviour Jesus Christ. Shall we not go on so Great a cause?:-) Sincerely, Elder Wilson

Thursday, January 17, 2013

January 14th Email

One of our investigators watches Avatar!!!!!!!!! It was pretty Exciting:-) So for 2013 we are getting loads more Missionaries. We are going from 142 in 2012 to 244 or something like that for this year. Pretty crazy:-) It's been a great week. We had a lot of lessons, and picked up some new investigators:-) I just watched the new Mormon message about living up to your potential, It was hilarious!!! And............. It's SNOWING here tooooooo!!!!!! :-) Woooooooooooooohooooooooooooo!!!!!!:-) Not as much as you guys but it's still pretty awesome:-) These past few days have been very special to me, I have had Sacred experiences witnessing to me The Sanctity of Life, and how Powerful my calling is. I know that I am here for reasons.:-) That's so cool that you guys got to go to Bear lake!!!! Sounds Amazing:-) Yesterday at church they were getting rid of a lot of the stuff in the library so we got some good ensigns:-) I am excited to read them. We have Interviews this week, and I am really really excited to recieve Guidance from President Rasmussen. Because We are getting so much Missionaries, they are doing Transfers different now, you just go directly to your new area. But I am pretty positive both me, and Elder Taylor are staying together. I hope so, I like being with Companions for a long time. The Gospel helps create The Best Friendships. He is such a good guy:-) Well guys, keep reading The Scriptures, keep looking for oppurtunities to Preach The Gospel, and to serve others. Seeing the snow this morning reminded me of me, and dad going ans shoveling snow for people. That is the best feeling. My Heart is very full, and I feel so happy right now:-) The work is going really good. I Love you guys. have an Amazing week. TRUE LOVE Sincerely, Elder Wilson

January 7th Email

I Loved your Emails:-) I Laughed a lot hearing about Kit, and McKell reading and kit saying everything was Cheese:-) You guys didn't like the turkish delight?? hahahahaha. Yeah it was pretty gross. It's not even the real stuff though.... The real stuff is actually pretty good:-) How did you like the other Chocolate? The day I bought those I couldn't find any of the really good stuff. Chocolate here is SOOOOOOOOO Much Better!!! :-) This last week was really really good. For the past two or three weeks our finding wasn't availing to much. But The Lord really Blessed us, and this week we have a lot of really good potential. I am super Excited about it. I got the ward book thing, AND your guys Package!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been obsessed with that guitar Cd. At first I was kind afraid it was going to sound like random spanish stuff haha, but it's super goooood:-) Dad, Fish and Chips here are different in that they don't use tartar sauce. You put loads of vinegar on it, and have mushy peas. Which I have no idea how to explain that hahahaha. It's really good though:-) Those Kebabs are super nasty though.................. Ummm yeah, Things are super good. I have been thinking a lot about the events that led up to The Restoration. And it's just crazy how everything in The Scriptures ties back to eachother. God has set things so simple, but just like The Saviour's Parables you have multiple messages displayed in one verse, often even in just one word. I read Dallin H. Oaks talk called "Protect The Children" today that is so powerful. It is Amazing to think that we are all called to do this work and to Invite Humanity to come and partake of The Blessings that have once again been revealed to us through The Restoration:-) The Book of Mormon is powerful you guys. My Scriptures have become so close to me. They are what I rely on. They guide me in everything. I rely on them Because they are the Words of The Lord!!! Anyway, You guys are Great! Thanks so much for your prayers. I don't doubt that The Succes that The Lord is blessing us with is Because of your Prayers. "The Prayers of The Righteous" I Love you! Sincerely, Elder Wilson

January 1st Email

Hey, It was so good talking to you guys. I thought you guys would like Elder Taylor:-) He is an Amazing Elder. (He's from EBM What do you expect?:-) We have some really good times together. Christmas was Fantastic, Boxing day was slow... I am a way relaxed person but It was hard not going out and doing what I am learning to Love most. Talking with People about The Lord, and His Plan. By Wednsday I felt Like Bella when I would wind her up and get her excited to go out and play in the snow:-) So the work has been good. We are going to start teaching some Incredible People you guys. I have this Great feeling Of Love Balled up inside of me and when I try to say something it comes out all jumbled a lot of the time, But I can have The Spirit, so when I teach people they can understand that I Love them. The Lord Loves them, and He has a lot of blessings in store for them. As long as they know that what else matters?:-) We went to Skegness yesterday so I got to see The Northern sea. It was way Beautiful. Also had to have fish and chips there. Really good:-) I have been getting way more into my studies lately... It is Strengthening me Heaps, and Bounds. The old Testament is actually Super Amazing!!! It is crazy that it is 2013!:-) Dad, I hope you have a great Birthday. You Deserve it. Thanks for always being an almost seemingly perfect example to everyone. You always do things to help everybody and I am trying to do that too. Thats way good to hear you have some snow. I want some!!! We got permission to email at some members because the libraries are closed and stuff. The Finch's is their name. They are an Amazing Family. I have reflected on this last year. I can not believe how fast time is going. I want it to stop sometimes!!! The more I Serve here, The more people I meet. The more I Love this wonderful Country. England is becoming more and more like My Home. Well I best be off. I Love you guys so much. Talk to you soon. Love, Elder Wilson

December 17th Email

It was a Great week. A lot of good experiences. So We have stopped teaching a lot of people that were being taught when I first got here so me and Elder Taylor have been finding, finding, finding!!!! We have Given out a lot of Book of Mormon's:-) A lot of people gave us wrong numbers and stuff, but it's alright. Sifting the wheat. I have really begun to Aprreciate The Saviour's Teachings regarding Learning how to become a Fisher of men. I will have to tell you guys sometime about my Spider web Finding thing I'm coming up with:-) (Still a work in Progress) Elder Taylor is such a good guy! He is really funny. A little guy from Idaho:-) We were tracting in this tiny little village called Cherry Willingham, and I accidentally knocked down a brick wall........ They have like 10 inch walls between driveways and you can step on top to go to the next house. But it just crumbled.... It wasn't too big but yeah helped put that back up and stuff. Then we talked to this Amazing Scottish guy who was in The Millitary in Scotland. He thought we were Jehova's Witnesses at first and didn't like that. But I just told him that I could see in him a really good guy then Elder Taylor thanked him for his service. I guess The Spirit worked on him because when we had finished knocking the area we started walking towards our bikes then he came running down the road after us. And Specifically asked "So your not Jehova's witnesses?" We Assured him we weren't. Then He said "And you are Definitley Christians?" We Assured him we were. Then he pulled this book out of his pocket. It was a New Testament and Psalms Given to Members of The Scotland Arms. For some reason that has stuck on my mind. He wouldn't take a Book of Mormon. But I still can't help but think that even though The Gospel wasn't accepted right then and there for him there was an Eternal Reason why we were there. Oh! And me and Elder Taylor got to go to a Service at the Cathedral. It was very very interesting. The Choir was absolutely astounding. And The Acoustics of that magnificent building was beyond words. But seeing that I couldn't help but think of The Restoration. In almost a Thousand years of History There has to have been someone who went there searching for answers. Seeking for Restored Truth's. And it is a big Hope of mine that we have Ancestors that have been there in Worship. Imagine how cool that would be? Good thoughts. Oh before I forget. Mom, I don't know why they sent a paper that says that I would have to pay money for packages. They just come hahaha. But it's totally cool:-) I already have everything I need. The letters are the good stuff anyway:-) But we are working hard here. We get to go sing as a Mission at the Bull ring in Birmingham on Friday!!! And I think I'll be singing and playing Hallelujah for everyone in The Mission:-) And! We are probably going to watch Chronicles of Narnia!!!!!!! President Rasmussen wants us to watch a move like that! Woohooo!!! Anyway. It's going to be a good week. I will Email you guys still on Christmas Eve. Thanks for being The Greatest. Maybe something you guys could think about. I am struggling with feeling like I am trying my best to Develop Christlike Attributes. And Being Worthy to Recieve Revelation. And Working hard Etc. But I feel like I am struggling the skills as a Missionary. President Jay E. Jensen came here and stated it as High in Atrributes but low in skills. I want to find People to come Back to The Fold. But it seems to be slowing down here. I am working really hard, and I have Faith. So this is probably just the Prepratory Stage for what is to come here. Lincoln can be a Stake, And I want to help be a Pioneer in that effort. President Rasmussen is called of God and is helping me become who God intends me to be:-) I Love you guys. Sincerely, Elder Wilson

December 13th Email

Sorry this is going to be a short letter. I am Companions with Elder Taylor from Idaho. We get a long Extremely well. He is from Idaho Falls area. Elder Thorup is in Burton on Trent:-) Don't worry about the package, I don't even know what i'll get myself anyway haha. Can you guys maybe try and find like Ancestor Journals though? That would probably be the best for me. I have been obsessed with it. I requested for a Patriarchal Blessing of Ann Palmer who I didn't get to read much about. I saw that she was from Cheltenham which was a part of My Mission. And a lot of our Ancestors are from Cambridgeshire, I would really like to visit there. It was Amazing hearing from you guys. The work is going really good. We are going to be getting a lot of new investigators:-) Hey Sariah, It's Cool!!! I Love you!! You guys are all Fantastic. I Love you so much. Have an Amazing week. Sincerely, Elder Wilson