Thursday, January 17, 2013

December 13th Email

Sorry this is going to be a short letter. I am Companions with Elder Taylor from Idaho. We get a long Extremely well. He is from Idaho Falls area. Elder Thorup is in Burton on Trent:-) Don't worry about the package, I don't even know what i'll get myself anyway haha. Can you guys maybe try and find like Ancestor Journals though? That would probably be the best for me. I have been obsessed with it. I requested for a Patriarchal Blessing of Ann Palmer who I didn't get to read much about. I saw that she was from Cheltenham which was a part of My Mission. And a lot of our Ancestors are from Cambridgeshire, I would really like to visit there. It was Amazing hearing from you guys. The work is going really good. We are going to be getting a lot of new investigators:-) Hey Sariah, It's Cool!!! I Love you!! You guys are all Fantastic. I Love you so much. Have an Amazing week. Sincerely, Elder Wilson

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