Tuesday, January 29, 2013

January 28th Email

It was Super good hearing from you guys. Dad, Rodan hahahaha. That is way good! Being in this Trio is Preety much the best ever. We have Loads of fun, and we work super hard. We have some sweet ideas too. Like next P-day we are going to buy individual action figures for each of us haha. Elder Watt is way sweet!!!!!!! We have had some sweet jamming sessions together. (Musically, and Spiritually) He jokes a ton about Lochness, and It's hilarious! And on Saturday..... We ate Haggis!!!!! It actually wasn't too bad:-) Like it was pretty terrifying thinking of what it was, but it actiually didn't taste half bad. I have Hilarious Companions, and I have laughed more than probs my whole life! The work is moving a long. We Invited two people to Be Baptised. This guy we talked to walking his dog then a recent converts little brother. They both softly committed. But they are way cool. And unlike loads of our other Investigators the first guy Is Married!!!! We are teaching so many people who are living together. haha. So the Law of Chastity is like best ever. A cool story about some Investigators we got. So we went to the finch's for a DA (Dinner Appointment/Divine Access) then after went finding and we said a prayer to know where to go, then I thought of The Mcolley's in our ward. And There is a Macualay Drive so we went to that street and the first door we knocked on let us in and we taught The Restoration. Their Daughter was with them for the night because it had been snowing too hard and couldn't make it back to Boston where she lives. And she was reading through The Restoration Leaflet and read the bit in Amos about there being a famine for hearing The Words of The Lord. She told us that that is exactly how she feels. The Mom is SOOOO Cool! She is a choir Teacher and is like Mrs. Kirby! It's so Amazing how The Lord knows everything. I just can't comprehend how Loving God is. It's super tough out here, but I am feeling myself Stretch so much. I have been really blessed with my companions you guys. We were talking to this homeless guy asking what we could do for him and Elder Watt took off his gloves and gave them to him. That touched my heart. Elder Taylor, and Elder Watt have The Biggest Hearts. So life is really good here in Lincoln, I feel so deeply attatched to this place. When I first got here I didn't feel comfortable in England, and didn't think it could ever feel like home. But The Longer I am here the more I Love this Beautiful place. I have met so many Amazing people. There was a few days where I was tallying how much people we would tract into because I was curious, and on average we talk to over sixty people a day. So I was thinking that I have talked to so many people and tried to share The Gospel with them. And I ahve heard so many stories I am trying to write at least like one story I hear a day from people in my journal. It's tough because we try and invite them to Christ, and some times I feel like I'm not trying hard enough. Maybe I should have asked just one more Inspired Question. But I guess you can't dwell on that. There are people out there just waiting for "The Word of The Lord" Just like that girl said. This might sound Random but there is this lady crying on the computer next to me, and I want to help her! But I Don't know how! Thats why I started explaining about how I feel bad, I can do better. Sorry this is so random haha. I better get going I Love you guys. I think about you a lot, and it makes me smile and stuff:-) And it inspires me to be better. The Lord Lives. I know it because I have felt His Presence, and Heard His Voice By The Spirit. All My Love, Elder Wilson

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