Wednesday, January 23, 2013

January 23rd Email

Hey guys! I am getting a new Companion........ With Elder Taylor!!! WOoooooot!!!! :-) We are going to be in a trio, because President feels that we can really tear up Lincoln so he is giving us some Extra Power to get Lincoln rolling. His Name is Elder Watt. And He is a Scott!!!! We are pretty Excited about it, some members knew people who knew him haha. And they said he plays Guitar!!!!! It's gonna be Stupendous. I will write longer next week, but soon we have to go pick up our new Brother. Me, And Elder Taylor are hoping to stay together another few. We have had some of The Best Experiences I have ever had in my life the last few weeks. We got six new Investigators last week you guys. I am feeling really good about them too. Thomas got his call? That's way sweet:-) Elder Jones has a really good Friend in that Mission. I've heard it's pretty crazy:-) I Love hearing about you guys going to The Temple. This week I have been thinking about how Important it is to get Recent Converts To The Temple doing work. Because Generally Speaking They are going to have a whole network of Family who Needs those Ordinances. I guess because My Faith, And Knowledge of The Atonement is Deepening, So is my Emotional Attatchment to The Principle That The Worth of ALL Souls is Great in The Sight of God. So I got a call from Ashley last night!!!!! That was so Awesome to hear from him:-) I forgot how distinct The Leicester accent is haha. I Love that guy. So yeah, I have had some of the most Spiritual Experiences, and the most fun Experiences lately:-) Life is super Great:-) But I better ger going. I Love you guys. Keep up The Missionary work. We all have that Divine Mandate to Love, and Serve. I Know now more than ever that there is a God, and Indeed He Sent His Son to Save us all. My Master, My King, The Saviour Jesus Christ. Shall we not go on so Great a cause?:-) Sincerely, Elder Wilson

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